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March 9, 2015 By Shannon Entin Spring break season is coming up and you many be packing your car for a road trip – and not necessarily to warmer climates.
Since we spend so much time in the car – and sometimes in sketchy weather conditions – we’re always sure to have an emergency kit in our car. This comprehensive 7-piece kit includes a number of essential items to ensure you stay safe and warm in the event of an emergency this winter.
All essential products required to ensure you are Safe & Legal are available onboard from all the major ferry companies and cross-channel operators.
Depending on the emergency and location, the level of preparation will always be different. We bought these for our sales people on the road and gave them away as gifts at our sales conference. I go to work everyday on I-95 and I can't tell you how many stupid nails and screws and stuff on the road giving people flats. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

You may have one, too, but do you reevaluate your kit before a trip to ensure it’s seasonally appropriate? During our Colorado road trip we drove a Mitsubishi Outlander that was equipped with a “snow mode.” With “Super All Wheel Control,” a simple push of a button allowed me to transfer more control to the rear wheels to keep us gripping – and not slipping – on the road. Just like when your mom wanted you call her when your teenage self arrived at your destination, have someone to check in with if you know you’ll be driving in potentially bad weather and be sure that person knows what route you are taking.
Don’t frighten them, but be sure they know what to do and who to call in case of an emergency. Passionate about road trips, her goal is to drive through all 50 states in America, chronicling her adventures at 100 Routes Across America. I’ve got some tips for staying safe on the road in the winter, as well as a checklist for your winter car emergency kit.
All we really want is to keep them warm, safe and happy in the car – no matter what the weather! This Justin Case Auto Safely Kit includes such items as jumper cables, tjow rope, flashlight, batteries, first aid emergency kit, gloves, poncho and much more.

This will make the difference between becoming stranded on the side of a dangerous highway or making a quick fix and continuing on your way. But I learned that if you have a couple tire sealer fix a flats that you can put them in your tire just enough to get off the highway. Give yourself some piece of mind and stock your car with an all-important Justin Case auto emergency kit.
Also this auto emergency kit had extra things that my boyfriend told me I will probably need too.

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