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Faraday Future is already making big waves with its idea of a Tesla-rivaling automobile, scheduled to be unveiled at CES, but if these images turn out to depict the real concept, then the California-based, Chinese-backed car company is aiming for a slightly different clientele. The app descriptions says that the car offers unprecedented performance through conscientiously crafted, state-of-the-art transportation technologies, and the vision of the car was in record time through the pioneering collaboration of passion-fueled automotive experts and imaginative tech innovators. Coming up with a verdict on a single car is relatively easy, but one example does not reflect on the automaker as a whole. The Shell Drive feature on the Shell Motorist app uses GPS to track your driving style and advises how you may better maximise mileage. Faraday Future is going to build a real electric car at some point, and even they’ll tell you straight up it won’t be that Batmobile redux they showed the other night.

Faraday Future is staffed with former executives from Tesla, BMW and other prestigious auto brands. Nevertheless, the images depicting a possible concept do resemble some of the teasers released by the company. For as mysterious as the company is, they’ve been dropping hints about their production car buried in official releases.First came the teaser of the rear end of the car. The blue rendering looked something like a high-riding sedan, or perhaps a sleeker SUV “coupe” like the X6 or GLE Coupe. Shell V-Power is a premium 98 octane unleaded fuel designed to defend your car’s engine against gunk and corrosion.

Not much to go off of there, but it’s an indication that the company’s first car would be some kind of crossover, which makes sense given how hot crossovers are right now. Both center on the company’s “skateboard” chassis with a vague outline of a body rendered above it. A wire frame image suggests a coupe-like SUV, and an animated drawing flashed during a promotional video for the FFZERO1 seems to confirm it.Based on these images, we’re pretty confident Faraday Future’s actual car, whenever it’s actually revealed, will be a sleek, coupe-like crossover.

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