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The most famous person related to professional sports to be on the show before is former Cowboys and Dolphins head football coach Jimmy Johnson. Johnson ran into issues with some tribemates -- one in particular, named Marty -- wanting to get him out of the way due to his fame. It worked, as Johnson was ousted early.So, knowing this -- as Kent said he's watched every season of the show -- shouldn't Kent go in with the plan of lying about, or at least hiding, his history?"I was prepared for both, and I could either play with my history or against it," he explained.

That is, he is known for being a fiery competitor and rubbed people the wrong way at times in his career.
Kent obviously can't answer any questions about how he fared in the game, but what about if he is invited to compete on a future installment?"I'd have to scratch my head," he said.
I went in ready and I want to win this dang thing."We'll see if he has the ability to work through the obvious built-in disadvantage that is his monetary situation and high-profile past.

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