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Unlike other bags, Digi-Guard pouches are reusable and have double-fold Velcro closures, making them very cost-effective.
With our varied line of TRITECHFORENSICS Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches, we can supply you with a pouch to fit your specific needs.
This one is actually more about etiquette and good manners than hi-tech, but it does involve a smart accessory – a phonekerchief.
The idea behind the tech accessory is quite simple: the phonekerchief is a simple cloth with ultrafine silver threads in it, which create a Faraday cage around your smartphone, irrespective of the brand, be it iPhone or BlackBerry, or any regular to high-end Android. Phonekerchief blocks your smartphone from any wireless connection displaying a polite “My Phone is Off for You” message for everyone present at the meeting, or family gathering.
Think about family gatherings, when teenagers are glued to their smartphones, and husbands are sort of on urgent calls and messages from the office (on a Thanksgiving night, really?). I am not saying this accessory is going to be widely adopted, but it may make a fine St.Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. Apple Maps is displayed with a dark skin during the night, courtesy of a featured known as Night Mode.
We recently installed a zBoost cell phone signal booster in the office after reading John Biggs’ review of it at the New York Times.

I am disappointed that another company would make vague negative comments about another company’s products. Answering these questions, I am confident that consumers will find (as you have) that zBoost from Wi-Ex is a valuable addition to homes and small offices. John, Just to be clear, Spotwave didn’t say anything negative about your products, on the contrary, the person I spoke with was pretty positive and almost acknowledged that they were behind in this area. You could put the antenna on a pole on your roof (as we did) (make sure to ground it properly)….
You can determine the direction of your signal easily (for any network) using any cellular repeaters.
Hi, Wondering if this product can be used by more than one phone of the same carrier at the same time, as we have 4 phones in the house. This is so typical of multi national corporations (read, the networks) – there is a genuine solution for cell signal – yet they do not promote it as their is no money in it for them! They allow the law enforcement officer to preserve digital evidence on cell phones, PDAs, smart phones, laptops, and GPS units by preventing such devices from logging onto an active network. In addition to a traditional design, we offer a Digi-Guard Touch Screen Signal Blocking Faraday Pouch with see-through window that allows the investigator to analyze the device while it is still secured inside the bag.

Faraday Cage was invented in 1836, but this implementation is something ingeniously simple and yet, new.
For one, think about business meetings and presentations, when you cannot avoid turning your phone off. It may be a nice idea just to ask everyone to shut the devices down and have a nice family dinner, sharing, re-connecting and being human, not droids, benefiting the relationships and family bonds.
The reported downside is so far only one – the missed calls are not recorded unless the caller leaves a message. Using our Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches enables data on portable devices to be secured on-site.
If you put phonekerchiefs on the table, you display a smart compromise: everyone blocks their phones at the table while being free to text, call and browse afterwards. With phonekerchief, you cut your phone off when you need it to remain silent while when the meeting is over, you simply fold the cloth and recover your connectivity.

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