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In the event of a fire or evacuation announcement, evacuate through the main conference center door and go to the visitora€™s center. In the event of a fire or evacuation announcement, listen for brief instructions about evacuation and relocation. Furniture may NOT be moved within or removed from conference rooms without the prior permission of building management. The 2013 Legislature allocated $10 million in competitive grant capital funds to help school districts with implementing an emergency response system (Second Substitute Senate Bill 5197). In addition to the competitive grants, the legislation also required school districts to collaborate with local law enforcement agencies and school security personnel to develop an emergency response system using evolving technology. Defining Emergency Terms for Schools is a 5-minute video tutorial (YouTube) for Washington schools to assist them in their preparedness efforts.

Teacher-Classroom Resources Helping children prepare for untimely, possibly traumatic events can decrease their anxiety, and give them a feeling of power in a difficult situation or save their lives.
Fire and evacuation alarms are intended to alert building occupants that a fire or other life-threatening situation exists. Smoking is permitted no closer than 15 feet northeast of the main conference center entry doors. Staying calm will also help you to be able to think more clearly, and if necessary to help yourself or your loved one until personnel arrives. A dispatcher is sending help your way while the Call Taker takes additional information from you. We will ask you a lot of questions.Try to keep in mind that asking those questions will not delay help.

The help has already been dispatched, but additional information may be crucial for your situation or for responding personnel.
About 911 hang-ups:Our policy is to respond to ALL 911 hang up calls if we do not receive an answer on a call back or get a response indicating a problem. If you change your mind about needing assistance, stay on the line and explain that to the 911 Call Taker. Playing on the phone puts those who do need immediate help in danger and puts you in danger of being prosecuted for making a false report.

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