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If your company’s team of emergency responders is not also medically trained and certified, they are incomplete! We’ll customize a course to meet your needs, that fits your time schedule, on your specific budget, and we can bring it to you.
We can also provide your emergency responder teams with surprise exercises that match your company’s possible disasters.
Minuteman Disaster Response - Minuteman Disaster Response is a first-responder comprised of a well-trained, certified, credentialed group of volunteers who are backed by our local emergency officials. On December 26, 2015 at 12:51p the Minuteman Disaster Response team activated a code yellow status which indicated that our Storm Warn Unit was on the road tracking storms within the region and that our team would be on standby.

Tracy Rath has recently left her position with McKinney-based Minuteman Disaster Response to work full-time on her political campaign for McKinney’s City Council At-Large seat. Stay up to date with all of the meetings, events and trainings that are happening with Minuteman. Our goal is to provide significant aid to disaster victims and emergency personnel utilizing the NIMS ICS management system. When disasters occur and devastate neighborhoods and cities, first responders are usually overwhelmed.
We’ll develop an empowered team of professional, certified Emergency Medical Responders.

This affords the opportunity to keep your teams ready and sharp within a controlled environment.
Our ambitious goals make it imperative for us to become a highly efficient and effective team.

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