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A collaborative initiative created to develop exceptional educational resources to assist in transforming learning to be relevant to life in the 21st century.
The 21st Century Fluency Project is a collaborative initiative that was created to develop exceptional educational resources to assist in transforming learning to be relevant to life in the 21st century. C21U supports programs to bring together teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in driving change in higher education.
C21U explores change-oriented ideas in higher education and engages collaborators in their design and validation. C21U develops and tests technology-mediated learning environments, including MOOCs and virtual communities of practice. The Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) is Georgia Tech's living laboratory for fundamental change in higher education. Today, traditional colleges and universities face escalating operational challenges, including reduced funding, changing student demographics, questions regarding quality and value, and increased competition.

In today’s world we face technological applications in daily living the likes of which, even a few short years ago, would have been inconceivable.
In this work Rich provided several tips and pieces of advice that were proven to help children develop the basic values and character strengths they need to succeed in school and beyond. As higher education rapidly evolves, Georgia Tech is committed to leading the initiatives that will define the next generation of educational practices and technologies. This is a digital age, with interactive devices storing and recording our life experience and containing overwhelming amounts of knowledge. With this in mind, we’re proud to present several resources to help with the challenge of change, from books and handouts to video to a series of interactive curriculum integration kits. It  includes an emphasis on focusing attention and thinking toward a goal - to help build critical abilities essential in the age of information.
Working in tandem with campus administrators and faculty, the center develops and tests new educational platforms and techniques.

By testing educational techniques in actual classrooms, C21U develops proven technology-driven solutions that result in optimal student outcomes through creative institutional change. This has become the essence of life in the 21st Century, but more specifically the lives of our children.
All these tools are designed to accompany you in your journey forward as you gain a better understanding of what’s happening in our digital world. Combining technological solutions with practice and process modifications, C21U leverages beneficial industry and educational connections, offering important first steps toward defining the university of the 21st century. As students, they have a whole new way of thinking and learning that many educators are unable to understand, and that most schools are unable to accommodate.

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