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On October 21, 2015, one hour before his past self would arrive with Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker, Emmett Brown went back in time to prevent a nuclear holocaust in 2045.
A new timeline was created, and most things that they originally witnessed in 2015 never existed. By this time in history, technology had progressed as much during the 30 years since 1985 as it had during the previous 30 years from 1955 to 1985.
Flying cars, once they were invented and perfected, had become so common that drivers no longer needed roads — except perhaps for short journeys. Life was lived at a quicker pace than before, in evidence by the speed that people walked down the street, the time it took to cook dinner, and the swiftness of court trials. Hoverboards like the Mattel hoverboard, No Tech hoverboard, Pit Bull, the Rising Sun hoverboard, and the Question Mark hoverboard. Monday, October 26: Doc and Einstein arrive in the future (assuming they went exactly 30 years ahead from October 26, 1985).
Wednesday, October 28: Marty's daughter Marlene attempts to break her brother out of prison. Dates unknownNote: The following section is considered non-canon or is disputed in canonicity.
Doc travels to 2015 or beyond to undergo personal rejuvenation surgery and learn as much as he can about Marty Jr.'s meeting with Griff on October 21. 2015 Biff Tannen steals the DeLorean time machine and heads back to 1955 with the sports almanac, then returns the DeLorean without either Doc or Marty noticing.
The 47-year-old Marty, dared by Needles, illegally lets Needles scan his card, and subsequently gets fired by Mr.
Thursday, October 22: Griff and his gang are sent to jail for wrecking the Courthouse Mall. Wednesday, October 21: Biff Tannen is erased from history, as his changing the past has caused him to run Hill Valley in the 1985A timeline. Friday, October 16: Statler Toyota airs a commercial featuring Jimmy Joe Statler, so the business is still operating in this timeline.
After changing the timeline where Biff ran Hill Valley, and refusing to race Needles in 1985, the fax machine no longer prints that Marty McFly was fired from his job on this date, as Jennifer Parker witnessed the words being erased in 1985. One hour before his past self would arrive with Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker, Emmett Brown set up a video camera to capture video of a space time correction. Griff and his gang crash into the Courthouse Mall, and Griff Tannen tries to unsuccessfully implicate Marty McFly Jr., implying that Marty and Jennifer allowed their son to get involved with Griff, knowing that their past selves would come to the future to help him.
Thursday, October 22: Griff and his gang are convicted and imprisoned for crashing into the Courthouse.
Date unknown: After being accidentally sent to 1885, where he settled to raise a family, Doc managed to create a time travelling train, and went to 2015 (or beyond) to have it hover converted.
Wednesday, October 7: The original date that Marty, Jennifer and Doc would travel to as opposed to the 21st. Saturday, May 30: World premiere of Back to the Future Live in Concert in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Sunday, September 27: The video game LEGO Dimensions, which includes Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History is first published by Harper Design in the US. Universal Studios re-releases the films to theaters across the United States and United Kingdom. In 2015, in real life, there were no widely-produced flying cars, auto-adjusting and auto-drying jackets, power-lacing shoes, etc. In reality, in 2015, the basic concept of watching multiple channels at once, as exhibited by Marty Jr., technically existed. Almost all of the billboards shown around Courthouse Square are holographic billboards, which were yet to be widely adopted in reality. The commercial "shows Wayne Rooney volleying a football towards Sir Bobby Charlton's head, with goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar saving the shot just in time. We chose to continue economic growth, partially under the guise that continuing growth would raise more people out of poverty and continue to increase our standard of living (happiness) all around. Ask yourself, “Should we rely on a system that requires more and more if my needs only truly require a certain level?” Do you really need to buy more apples this week than last week, a new car every year, or move every year into a bigger house?
Current economic theory (neoclassical economics) states that perpetual  growth is the one and only factor that determines a thriving society.
The Genuine Progress Index (GPI) is a measurement of a multitude of things that takes into account costs and profits in a realistic way (profits minus costs); as well as including such factors as crime, pollution, resource depletion, wealth allocation, financial debts and deficits, changes in leisure time (happiness), average lifespans, et cetera, et cetera.
As shown by Redefining Process, the GPI has steadily decreased since the 1980s, even as GDP as increased. If the system no longer provides us when happiness and increased well-being, shouldn’t we reevaluate the system? As Bill McKibben points out in his book, Deep Economy, for most of human history we have essentially been in a steady state economy. We cannot deny that, for those of us in the developed world, the quality of our lives has significantly increased from the days before the steam engine and fossil fuels.
A Steady State Economy changes the focus from economic growth to societal development (e.g.
Read more about the Steady State Economy by reading my posts, going to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, checking out the resource section or reading some books.
Steady State Revolution is a sustainable economics blog funded by your generous donations and my elbow grease. With an increased concern for the environment, the Courthouse Square was landscaped with a large artificial lake (with the surrounding road having NO LANDING markings applied to dissuade drivers of flying cars from bringing their vehicles down near the lake), and businesses were brought back with the construction of an underground Courthouse Mall.
After picking several new copies of the first issue of Action Comics, Doc returns to an unknown time in 2015 or beyond to sell the issue. However, it is unknown whether it still occupies the plot of land it did in 1985, where the Pontiac dealership operated in the second timeline, or if it had always remained in business, yet simply moved some time after 1985.Non-canon or disputable information ends here. Fusion are erased from from existence, as Doc Brown traveled to an unknown point in time to prevent these inventions from being available by 2015 to prevent a nuclear holocaust in 2045. The only technology that was shown to exist in the new timeline was tablet computers, the internet, self tracking video cameras, and digital versions of newspapers.

Nike had produced prototype power-lacing shoes, there were prototype flying cars, such as the Transition road-able aircraft by Terrafugia, and Falyon Wearable Tech created a prototype auto-drying jacket. Televisions offered picture-in-picture functionality and various satellite TV packages offering overviews of certain groups of channels based on genre – like sports or family channels – which could be viewed all at once. Growth meant more than just increased material wealth, it improved our standard of living by giving more people access to better health care, food, housing, and leisure time. What is wrong with eating the same amount of apples, using your car long enough to pay it off (or better yet, buying it with cash saved up, or even better, riding a bike)? This is always measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which accounts only for the amount of economic transactions (both profits and losses) – it is quantitative measurement. In fact, research has clearly shown that the quality of your life is only improved by increasing income until a certain point.
There are many different renditions of this index, some being instituted by countries and even a few US states (Maryland recently). Many scientists (and some enlightened economists) have already concluded that our current economic growth is using our future generation’s resources and costing us more than it benefits us. However, while this increase in living standards was related to our economic growth in the past, it is not solely dependent on continued economic growth in the future. Cultural influences from other countries, particularly Japan, were more often seen in food and clothing. Some smart TVs also supported simple voice commands which allow the viewer to control functions such as turning the TV on and off, changing channels, accessing apps, and navigating the internet.
Climate destabilization has already begun and could easily be pushed into overdrive if we don’t stop emitting greenhouse gases. It is simply a change of our focus: from bigger to better, quantitative expansion to qualitative development. However, GDP has come to be thought of by most of us, as well as our trusted economists, as both a quantitative and qualitative measurement. After this point, more money does not bring more happiness – it can actually decrease happiness. We have enjoyed growth as long as we can, but we live in a finite world, with finite resources and we have reached our carrying capacity. Before history began we’d learned about fire, language, cattle, the wheel, the plow, the sail, the pot.
Fusion, he searches the internet for the best investment to make, then travels back to April 18, 1938 to pick up several new copies of the first issue of Action Comics.Non-canon or disputable information ends here. And in doing so we will focus on the quality of our lives, redistribute wealth fairly, and sustain our environment for our children’s future.

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