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Keep in mind that in both the Obama administration, as well as the Cameron government, they have deceitfully presented Islam as a "religion of peace," not wanting to offend anyone, but Islam is having none of it.
DeTillio apparently lives in Vermont and he continued to blast America before his account suspension tweeting, "Dawlah has defeated all comers. According to Islam, dawlah means, "country or state" and khilafah is another form of the word caliphate, which is the Islamic state, headed by Muslims.
The irony in all of this is, as I've pointed out before, that Barack Obama's own DHS advisor Mohamed Elibiary has said the US is an Islamic country with an Islamic compliant Constitution and that the best antidote to terrorism is Islam. Personally, though I believe Barack Obama is guilty of treason and should be tried and if found guilty executed, I do not believe such threats as these being made are anything but lawless animals spewing bile, who need to also be tried and then executed if found guilty and eliminated from the world. Sounds like the Muslims will indeed be the final catalyst to end the human race on this planet. The amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu transits the San Diego Bay on Tuesday on its way to Hawaii, where it will participate in the multi-national Rim of the Pacific exercise. The People’s Liberation Army of China will participate in the exercise for the first time, sending ships that include the missile destroyer Haikou, the missile frigate Yueyang, the oiler Qiandaohu and the hospital ship Peace Ark. But the engagement, which starts June 26, comes at an awkward time following a series of controversial moves by China within the last year.
Earlier this month, Japanese and Chinese leaders traded barbs over how close Chinese jets flew to a Japanese aircraft over the East China Sea. The close call came in an area where China unexpectedly and unilaterally established an air defense identification zone in November, a diplomatic show of aggression that rattled Japan and other countries in the region.
China also has been accused repeatedly of stealing military secrets from the United States, using both computer hacking and espionage as it builds its own military. But it appears Washington is still pinning its hopes on China’s rise remaining peaceful. WTF is up with our “government with Osama Obama and a congress with their heads up their asses? Franklin Lamb, an international lawyer based in Beirut and Damascus, said the move is part of the ISIS aim of creating a caliphate under strict Islamic law, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq.
Israeli officials are meeting with American counterparts to urge them not to let Iran benefit from the battlefield successes of an al-Qaeda offshoot in Iraq, an aide in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said. The aide provided no details and spoke yesterday by phone on condition of anonymity to discuss confidential diplomacy.
Understand I am NOT comparing anyone to Hitler or the Nazis when I say this, but making the point that when madmen threatens to annihilate a group of people, the world should take note and make the appropriate preparations to deal with the possibility that the madmen will carry through their threats, especially those that have already proven how brutal they are.
According to multiple reports, the group ISIS, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, claim to have access to nuclear weapons and are threatening to a nuclear strike on Israel. ISIS access to nuclear weapons could come from Sunni Pakistan, which is home to more than 30 terrorist groups. The Saudis, who also have provided billions of dollars to ISIS, have threatened to acquire nuclear weapons if Iran were to develop its own. SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that international intelligence agencies have once again green-lit a Chinese-based nuclear attack on the United States of America. The impending Pearl Harbor-like surprise attack will likely commence with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on U.S.
Prior to a high-profile Asian based West Coast attack on the United States, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Something virtually no one is talking about is that in three days November 19, 2015 GRID-EX III will be taking place here in the U.S. With all that has been going on in France and with the man in the whitehouse not shutting our borders it is conceivable to me that ISIS cells inside the U.S. If an EMP were to occur, the major catastrophic threat would come in the form of nuclear power plants that would go into meltdown.
I have written about various alphabet soup agency people and their families who have gone into hiding in specially prepared enclaves with their colleagues in anticipation to what is coming.
Everyone from Congressman Franks to the Naval War College have stated that in the event of a major EMP attack, the United States would lose 90% of its citizens within two years. According to Judy Haar, a recognized expert in nuclear plant failure analyses, when a nuclear power plant loses access to off-grid electricity, the event is referred to as a “station blackout”. A long-term loss of outside electrical power will most certainly interrupt the circulation of cooling water to the pools.
In the event of an EMP attack upon the power grid, the greatest danger to American lives would be the resulting melt down of nuclear power plants. None of the NERC, or the Nuclear Regulatory tests of handling a prolonged blackout at a nuclear power plant have answered two critical questions, “What happens when these nuclear power plants run out of diesel fuel needed to run the generators”, and “What happens when some of these generators fail”? If the globalists are not able to collapse America through debt and false flag terrorist events, I am convinced that, through their minions, they will unleash holy hell upon the country through a devastating false flag event. If an imminent false flag event is not forthcoming in the near future, then what is coming? The United States is facing crushing debt to the tune of $19 trillion dollar debt and a minimum of a $1.5 quadrillion dollar credit swap derivatives debt.
Phthalates Might Be Making Us Fat — Now Will People Start Caring About These Chemicals Found Almost Everywhere? Will The DEA Legalize Marijuana Across America If PTSD Study Shows ‘Acceptable Medical Use’? In a related report by the Inquisitr, experts are already predicting the Chinese Navy will be larger than the U.S.

According to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, China’s nuclear weapons was tested recently, and it was based upon a deploying multiple independently targetable reentry (MIRV) design that can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads. In addition, China’s nuclear submarine forces will each carry five Jin-class submarine-launched ballistic missiles, which have an effective range of 4,598 miles.
Drew Barrymore Talks Divorce With Husband Will Kopelman, Admits She Is The Reason For Split? Experts on Capitol Hill Thursday warned that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack aimed at the nation’s electrical grid could leave the majority of Americans dead. Navy has dispatched numerous ships to Hawaii as it prepares for Rim of the Pacific 2014, the world’s largest international maritime exercise. Japanese officials said that two Chinese SU27 fighters had buzzed Japanese planes, flying as close as 30 meters away.
There is not a treaty alliance between the countries, but there relationship has been deepening for years and they conduct military exercises together.
Pakistan possibly has transferred nuclear weapons to the chief bankroller of its nuclear development program, Sunni Saudi Arabia, as WND previously has reported. Coincidentally, on November 12, 2013, it was reported that the University of Toronto demonstrated an active invisibility cloak for the first time.
Many have contacted me believing that November 18th will mark the beginning of a devastating false flag event in which the power grid will be taken down. There is no question that this event could potentially have “false flag” written all over it. Of course the main street news does not mention it but beyond that, the so called alternative media has been virtually silent about this drill. Many, including one FEMA family that I knew personally, have repeatedly spoken about  the taking down of the power grid. The leading causes of death would be death from diseases resulting from drinking contaminated water, starvation, and murder resulting from the arising level of violence perpetrated by people in search of life-sustaining resources.
Haar states that all 104 US nuclear power plants are built to withstand electrical outages without experiencing any core damage, through the activation of an automatic start up of emergency generators powered by diesel. Another one of my Palo Verde nuclear power plant sources informed me that there is no long term solution to a power blackout and that all bets are off if the blackout is due to an EMP attack. In the event of an EMP attack, can tanker trucks with diesel fuel get to all of the nuclear power plants in the US in time to re-fuel them before they stop running? The moment that the debt paralyzes the country, food and medical shipments will cease and the country would be immediately thrown into chaos because it takes the availability of credit to move product across the country. If the FBI projections that 10% of Muslims are radicalized, then Obama just placed 1,000 terrorists in the “Big Easy”.
But is China actually saber-rattling for World War 3 or are they simply trying to modernize their military now that they’ve become the world’s largest economy? It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. But anyway, here again we see a convert to Islam turn against his nation and people, and cheer on their subjugation. Beijing rejected that, releasing video that it said showed Japanese planes deliberately flying close to the Chinese jets. Vietnamese officials say the rig is operating too close too Vietnam, while China contends that the company is simply doing its job. Locklear has raised concerns about both China’s lack of transparency and attempts to stifle movement in international waterways, but said there is plenty on which the two nations can collaborate militarily. Iran and world powers are trying to reach a final nuclear deal by July 20, and are due to meet again in Vienna next week.
Shortly thereafter, autonomous drones armed with nuclear weapons will likely be launched from Chinese ships and nuclear subs in the Pacific Ocean.
Therefore, until Obama is ousted from public office, the world will be under the threat of state-sponsored nuclear terrorism.
This was all but confirmed on December 14, 2013, when China allegedly became the third country to land on moon. Many have expressed grave concern over the timing of GRID EX and what just took place in Paris.
If you recall a couple years ago when the GRIX-EX II drill took place the alternative media was all over it. And that is when I believe that the globalists will take down the American grid if they have not been able to collapse the country before this date.
For DHS head, Janet Napolitano knows what’s coming as she stated in her farewell address, “It is not a matter of if, but when the power grid will be taken down”.  Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) has been issuing the same exact warnings. Further, when emergency power kicks in, an automatic shutdown of the nuclear power plant commences. A more detailed analysis reveals that the spent fuel pools carry depleted fuel for the reactor. An analysis of individual plant risks released in 2003 by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shows that for 39 of the 104 nuclear reactors, the risk of core damage from a blackout was greater than 1 in 100,000. What if the reason for the blackout is an EMP burst caused by a high altitude nuclear blast and transportation comes to a standstill? Please keep in mind that as far as we know, the Paris attacks were carried out by only 7 people.
China recently launched its first aircraft carrier, and they plan on unveiling new designs for jets, destroyers, and amphibious assault vessels. Pacific Command, and will do so now as Chinese President Xi Jinping pushes an overhaul and expansion of the Chinese military.

Although targets are always subject to change, twin nuclear drone strikes against the West Coast cities of San Diego and San Francisco, California are the most likely attack scenario. In the aftermath of a Chinese or Iranian nuclear attack, Obama will institute martial law and declare himself dictator. A few weeks later on December 17, 2013, a Chinese space rover advert showed Europe being nuked, another ominous sign that a Chinese nuclear strike against the West is imminent.
Obama is such a traitor that he previously allowed the Russians and the Chinese, our enemies who have threatened to nuke America, to participate in Grid Ex II. The dangerous control rods are dropped into the core, while water is pumped by the diesel power generators into the reactor to reduce the heat and thus, prevent a meltdown. Normally, this spent fuel has had time to considerably decay and therefore, reducing radioactivity and heat. At 45 other plants the risk is greater than 1 in 1 million, the threshold NRC is using to determine which severe accidents should be evaluated in its latest analysis.
And in the event of an EMP attack, it is not likely that any plant which runs low on fuel, or has a generator malfunctions, will ever get any help to mitigate the crisis prior to a plethora of meltdowns occurring.
Suffice it for now, that I cannot totally discount the possiblity of a false flag event commencing tomorrow which would result in a grid takedown, I just do not think it is likely.
Experts believe the only way to guard against such a threat is to increase the size of a country’s nuclear arsenal.
According to a report published on February 6, 2014, new Chinese-based submarine patrols have put Hawaii and Alaska within nuclear attack range, further foreshadowing a West Coast nuclear attack by China. A month later on January 29, 2014, defense experts warned that China has boosted its space warfare capabilities.
Four days later on February 15, 2014, a North Korean ship which had previously transported illegal weapons to Cuba returned to the island, unabated.
Navy and the State of Hawaii are the victims of a surprise attack, by transformer-like machines. In other words, we gave our enemies the keys to our house and car by showing them how our infrastructure is organized. Here is the catch in this process, the spent fuel rods are encased in both a primary and secondary containment structure which is designed to withstand a core meltdown. However, the newer discharged fuel still produces heat and needs cooling. Housed in high density storage racks, contained in buildings that vent directly into the atmosphere, radiation containment is not accounted for with regard to the spent fuel racks.
According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1, in Pennsylvania has the greatest risk of experiencing a core meltdown, 6.5 in 100,000, according to the analysis.
Thus, every nuclear power plant in the country has the potential to cause a Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident if our country is hit by an EMP attack.
Adding fuel to the fire lies in the fact that the power transformers presently take at least one year to replace. We have a growing 5th column force in America and Jade Helm has been deployed to handle something. That event is the fail safe- fall-back position of the globalists and 2017 would be a more realistic date.
Four days later on February 10, 2014, China reportedly showed off its new mobile ICBM on the internet, suggesting that China will soon be using her nuclear weapons in a mobile and offensive manner. A few weeks later on February 26, 2014, it was reported that a Russian spy ship was docked in Havana, Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of America. However, should the pumps stop because either the generators fail or diesel fuel is not available, the fuel rods are subsequently uncovered and a Fukushima type of core meltdown commences immediately. These odds don’t sound like much until you consider that we have 124 nuclear power generating plants in the US and Canada and when we consider each individual facility, the odds of failure climb. Today, there is a three year backlog on ordering because so many have been ordered by China. At this point, I took Judy Haar’s comments to a source of mine at the Palo Verde Nuclear power plant.
In this scenario, accompanied by a lengthy electrical outage, and with the emergency power waning due to either generator failure or a lack of diesel needed to power the generators, the plant could lose the ability to provide cooling. How many meltdowns would it take in this country before our citizens would be condemned to the hellish nightmare, or worse, being experienced by the Japanese? This makes one wonder what the Chinese are preparing for with these multiple orders for both transformers and generators. My source informed me that as per NERC policy, nuclear power plants are required to have enough diesel fuel to run for a period of seven days. The water will subsequently heat up, boil away and uncover the spent fuel rods which required being covered in at least 25 feet of water to remain benign from any deleterious effects.
Ultimately, this would lead to fires as well and the release of radioactivity into the atmosphere.
As a byproduct of my investigation, I have discovered that most, if not all, of the nuclear power plants are on known earthquake fault lines. Can anyone tell me why would anyone in their right mind build a nuclear power plant on a fault line?

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