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While the three all become close friends and screw around by flying around and moving cars in parking lots, Andrew’s home life seems to be getting worse as his very ill mother is dying while Andrew must answer to his abusive father.
As Andrew struggles with his life at school and at home, he starts to become angrier at others and soon his dark side begins to take over. Although I watched a screener DVD, the picture looked great and the sound was very good so I can only imagine how great the blu ray must look and sound.
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I want to see this movie because you both had a piece of this review, and the last paragraph is thought-provoking. For over 30 years Mark has served the Christian community as a high school teacher, college professor, essayist, curriculum writer, faith-learning integration leader, and international speaker. No written content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused in any manner without permission.
Mit seinem Kurzfilm STABBING AT LEIA’S 22ND BIRTHDAY hatte er schon die Internetgemeinde und Studio-Manager von Fox neugierig gemacht.
CHRONICLE geht bewusst auf Abstand zu Marvel- oder DC-Filmen, deren Budgets jenseits der 100-Millionen-Dollar-Grenze liegen. Dass Parkour das Coolste ist, was Extremsport in den letzten Jahren zu bieten hatte, sollte klar sein.
Ich finde ihn im Allgemein echt gut gemacht, vor allem die Kameraeinstellungen und die Schauspieler haben mir gefallen, aber leider ist die Story meiner Meinung nach nicht bis zum Ende durchdacht. It seems as if audiences can’t get enough of these shaky camera films or men running around in tights saving the world. To help Andrew out, Steve gets Andrew to perform at the talent show at school where he uses his powers for a magic show which somehow changes everyone’s perception of him, instantly becoming cool. Not having enough money for his mom’s pills, he robs a convenient store and attacks a bunch of punks on the street for money. Because Andrew has psychic abilities, he is able to make the camera fly around so we all can see what is going on at all times. The blu ray also contains two versions of the film, the theatrical cut (which is what I saw) and a longer cut by only a few minutes.

Andrew becomes what he calls the ‘apex predator’, an organism at the top of the food chain: this becomes Andrew’s basis for morality. First timers both, Trank and Landis take a cast of relative unknowns and some fantastic special effects to engineer a thoughtful tale. Chronicle asks society to consider its impact on the bullied and his retaliation on society, whether armed with superhuman abilities or a handgun. Students everywhere should engage the ideas in this movie, as mine will, at Crossroads Bible College. The intersection and unification of everything is the tapestry of life under the Lordship of Jesus.
Egal ob Skydive, krasse Kletteraction oder ein Motorradsprung über ein Flugzeug – hier kriegt man schon beim Zuschauen Herzflattern. While I can go with the fact that these teens can fly around and move things, I had to really suspend my disbelief that this nerd who everyone hated is now the coolest kid around because he was able to juggle. When he accidentally kills Steve, Andrew is all but out of his mind and only his cousin Matt has the power and ability to possibly stop him before he goes too far. Reminiscent of other films (think a combination of Cloverfield, Blair Witch Project, Medussa Touch, and Full Metal Jacket), Chronicle asks probing questions.
Aber so problemlos wie die Produktion verlief,  so unangestrengt wirkt auch das ganze Projekt am Ende auf der Leinwand! Genauso bekommen Andrew, Steve und Matt den Mega-Adrenalinschub, als sie ihre neuen Superkräfte ausprobieren. Told from multiple cameras, the story of three teens gaining superhero-like powers could have been a decent film had the writer Max Landis (John’s son) decided to just write a straight forward film.
While at the party, Andrew goes upstairs with a girl but ends up throwing up on himself because he doesn’t drink. Not only does this not make much sense but it is completely distracting and pulls the viewer out of the movie. A world without transcendent order, without a moral center, cannot hope to control supermen, turned human monsters.
Ich finde es eine Zumutung (ich bin studierte Pädagogin und Psychologin) so etwas Kinder zuzumuten.

But the use of video cameras and such doesn’t work at all and becomes very distracting as the film goes along. Like a flip of a coin, he’s back to being picked on once again by everyone because he threw up. One can’t focus what is taking place because of the constant cutting from cameras and for that reason alone, Chronicle fails. Bully, a 2011 documentary, shows on screen the horrors of everyday life in any public school. Dan Grant takes a look at his greatest films and most iconic roles.Posted On 09 Oct 2012, By Dan GrantTop 10 Family FunniesLorena Benchis takes a look at her favourite family comedy. Anti-bullying laws have been passed in various locales as a result of educators’ initiatives. Andrew is unable to realize that others care about him, having been treated so poorly for so long.
Her faves include time travel adventure in Back To The Future and Robin Williams dressing up as an old woman in Mrs Doubtfire.Posted On 07 Oct 2012, By Dan StephensVisiting Warner Bros.
While at a rave, Andrew is asked by student body president Steve to come with him and Matt into the woods and record something they found.
For the thousands of kids who quiver going to school every day, a movie now joins pop music in response to social mistreatment—Chronicle.
In a moment of clarity Andrew acknowledges “the thing had a power he could not control.” But Andrew cannot sustain any altruistic motives. In what is the most interesting part of the film, the three find a hole in the ground and climb down to what may be a spaceship. While down there they contact some sort of supernatural powers that can make them do anything such as move objects and fly.

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