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Four episodes in, FX’s “American Horror Story” has performed well above the expectations of many. The series revolves around a family who has recently moved into a Los Angeles Victorian mansion that is infamous for murders and ghostly happenings. With a twisting plot and a handful of colorful characters, “American Horror Story” is a Frankenstein of horror cliches and other tried-and-tested tools of the trade, and that’s exactly what makes it good. Violet (below) is very similar to Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice” (above), right down to the wide brim hat. The character Larry (below), played by Denis O’Hare has a striking resemblance to another disfigured and burnt character named Freddy (above).
Jessica Lange’s character Constance (below), is just as intriguing and creepy as Minnie in “Rosemary’s Baby” (below). In “The Shining” Jack Nicholson makes out with a naked young women who becomes increasingly old to the point of becoming a rotting corpse.

Whether it's new music release announcements, previews of art events or musings on the latest entertainment news, Culture Shot is the spot to find out what's going on in the world of Arts & Entertainment, Bay Area and beyond. Ravens caw at the dawn of the day, slowly the sun sets into the deep horizon, leaving the earth at rest and peace, those of high society fall into the daily slumber of sleep, leaving those hated dark hearted ones to roam without trouble, to claim the night life as their own and become a coven all themselves. Join and be not afraid, for the worst to happen when a day walker joins, but thou shall not be discouraged by this poor soul, yet try as you might, to get him on our side. Ryan Murphy used the leading ladies from his tv shows and recreated scenes from classic horror movies.
Have you seen any of these movies?I've only seen The Birds, When A Stranger Calls and Carrie.
Garnering positive reviews from sources like Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post, the show has proved to be nothing short of a guilty pleasure. Both are neighbors with a knack to stick their noses in everyone’s business, often resulting in demonic happenings.

In “AHS” Ben, played by Dylan McDermott, is constantly tempted by a young attractive housekeeper. Unlike a film that can potentially take up multiple hours of my life, “AHS” only steals 40 minutes (considering you DVR it and skip the commercials). Like any wise student would do, “AHS” has sought guidance from those that have come before and succeeded, in this case classic horror films of the past.
Unfortunately he’s the only one who see’s a young attractive housekeeper, everyone else see’s an elderly women with a really bad right eye.

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