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Legal disclaimer: If you are prone to squeamishness I suggest putting down your chai tea latte and raspberry muffin! Although I have an adventurous spirit my wanderlust seems to abandon me when it comes to what I put in my mouth! I found my way into an Urt (a traditional Mongolian tent) in the middle of the Gobi desert and it was here that I was given an innocuous looking cup of fresh camel milk.
On another occasion whilst traveling through India I had the misfortune of eating "Rice 'ala' ant." Yes, my rice dish was infested with dead ants.
The funny thing about this story was that the restaurant was the only one in the village and I stayed in that village for one week!
I learned valuable lessons after my close encounters with the flies, the cockroaches and the ants. The German cockroach, known by the scientific name Blattella germanica L., is one of the most highly adaptable species of insect. The main concern humans face with German cockroach infestations is the risk of food contamination.
Technology Changes, Experience Doesn’tProtecting homes from pests for over 120 years, Waltham Services home care plan offers a complete, environmentally friendly pest control solution, designed to keep pest problems at bay and protect your home, family and pets. The method of cockroach pest control depends on what species of cockroaches we are trying to control.
The most important point of difference between Micropest pest control Sydney and the majority of pest control companies in Sydney is that all Micropest pest control technicians have being in the industry for over twenty years. The cockroach control operators of today are a lot more educated on the biology and living habits of cockroaches therefore making it easier to control cockroaches.
The most common, dirty and economically destructive cockroaches found in many commercial kitchens and homes are the German cockroaches species.Their botanical name being Blatella Germanica. The German cockroaches can sense the sprays and therefore leave their normal hiding places and spread because of the repellent nature of the cockroach sprays.
Please understand me quite clearly German cockroaches generally localize themselves close to their food and water source which generally is going to be in your kitchen or bathroom, close to the sink or dishwasher and especially behind fridges and microwaves and many other warm electrical appliances.
Now we cant spray German cockroaches so we use a cockroach gel called Maxforce gold which is made by Bayer environmental science.The cockroach gel is a food and it is placed in strategic areas around the kitchen and bathroom and there is no need to empty out kitchen or bathroom cupboards.
The active constituent in Maxforce Gold is Hydramethylnon, it is part of the aminohydrazine insecticide group and it comes in 30 g syringe. The Key features for maxforce cockroaches control gel are economical, excellent playability, formulation has good viscosity, highly safe method of cockroaches control, unobtrusive application technique, and bait matrix provides faster control than other hydramethylnon gels.Application rate and delivery is approximately 1 to 2 spots or in a band of 75 mm 215 mm long per square meter of a surface.

Generally speaking German cockroaches are a very social insect and at night time they have very big party’s,they eat the cockroach gel and communicate it throughout the colony with their mouth-parts. The safest and most effective way of conducting a cockroach pest control treatment on American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches and Smokey Brown cockroaches is to treat them with a cockroach pest control treatment called cislin25. It is a safe, effective,water based, non staining , no odor rain fast and uv light resistant cockroach pest control treatment.Areas of use. When Micropest carry’s out one of these cockroach control treatments we treat around the foundation of the building in question,window frames, door frames,vegetation,garages,fences,outbuildings and internal scirtings. The most effective and environmentally friendly cockroach control method is to introduce a dehumidifier in to the cockroaches environment. I am not the type of traveler who revels in eating fried cockroaches on the streets of Thailand, pickled bees in Mongolia or the crispy locusts on offer in Vietnam.
Each night I was forced to go back, in order to 'sustain life,' and my friends 'the ants' were waiting for me in my food.
I was on a container ship traveling through the Panama Canal on my way to Puerto Bolivar in Ecuador and the Captain insisted I eat at his table. The German cockroach primarily inhabits indoor spaces, predominantly in urban and suburban areas with dense populations. Once fertilized by a male, females produce a small sack or capsule which holds between 30 and 50 eggs at a time.
Cockroaches notoriously congregate in garbage, mold, and other materials potentially hazardous to human health.
In the old days a lot of sprays, dusts and all sorts of nasty chemicals were used for cockroach pest control in Australia. We have found to spray German cockroaches will spread them throughout the restaurants houses,factories hospitals, offices, restaurants,store rooms,homes and kitchens.
This can be quite embarrassing for the restaurant owner or any guests staying at your house. Domestic,commercial,industrial,and public buildings such as hospitals,barracks, private houses, storerooms,offices,ships,factories,shops and any external areas associated with such establishments.
The cislin 25 leaves behind an invisible residual of microencapsulated pyrethroid in which is non repellent (undetectable by the cockroaches).
Make sure there are no cracks and crevices that the cockroaches can crawl through,insect brushes on the bottom of the doors and it is very important to have effective fly screens. Cockroaches need humidity and dehumidifiers take the moisture out of the air making it very uncomfortable for the cockroaches to want to live in your house or building.I personally have a dehumidifier at home and never see cockroaches.

Adult specimens generally feature tan or light-brown coloration, large wings, six legs, two long antennae protruding from the head, and two black stripes just behind the pronotum that run the length of the thorax. If German cockroaches are seen during the day, then the population within the structure is large enough that ideal hiding places are not available for all cockroaches.
The pests regularly inhabit kitchens and, due to eating many similar foods as humans, may spread illnesses through unattended foods. The three main methods of action for cockroaches control in the modern world are baiting, spraying and building out. In the old days pyre-thrum sprays and pyre-thrum dusts were utilized to control this species of cockroaches. Cislin is made by Bayer Environmental Science and has proven to be a highly effective and safe cockroach control method over the last twenty years. There is something about my fear of getting violently sick that has kept me from venturing too far from the staples of western food. New England serves as a prime region for German cockroaches due to extreme population densities, including several major cities, which provide damp and dark living spaces with adequate food sources. Males tend to have skinnier bodies with more defined abdominal and terminal segments, while females boast thicker frames, rounder abdomens, and an extra set of wings. Garbage cans or dumpsters serve as main food sources for cockroaches, especially those left unattended. The foul odor produced by the insect is also known to change the taste of foods that have come in contact with German cockroaches.
During developmental or nymph stages, German varieties appear darker brown or even black in color. The insects then go through6-7 nymphal cycles lasting around 40-125 days, on average, before reaching adulthood.
Migration patterns usually include moving from building to building, home to home, or room to room within a home.
Reported cases also exist of allergic reactions to cockroach shells and wastes left behind by the insect. The cockroaches may migrate outdoors during warm, humid summer months before finding shelter in a new building or structure once food or adequate shelter is needed.

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