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When the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel, Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case. Cockroaches: The Second Inspector Harry Hole Novel ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. Based on this BugGuide image, we believe this is a female Florida Sand Cockroach, Arenivaga floridensis.  Like other species in the genus, the male has wings and can fly while the female is flightless.
It looked to me like a moth at first, but it’s wings were more like that of a cockroach. I called the landlord and told them we had bugs… The exterminator said there was no sign of. PS- As the bug split in half in the extraction, I’ve sent you one photo without the bottom half, another with it (and the detached leg) in their place, and finally, a photo that shows the doctor irrigating, and the bug after it got into reach. But once he arrives Harry discovers that this case is about much more than one random murder. They've got the highest quality of life in the world, thanks to a non-insane attitude toward social welfare and state paternalism. Or, put another way, for every cockroach you see in your hotel room, there are hundreds behind the walls.

Surrounded by round-the-clock traffic noise, Harry wanders the streets of Bangkok lined with go-go bars, temples, opium dens, and tourist traps, trying to piece together the story of the ambassador’s death even though no one asked him to, and no one wants him to—not even Harry himself. And yet, culturally, the Nordic countries are among the world's leading merchants of despair, doom and destruction. Their musicians are primarily known for burning down churches, stabbing people and drinking pig blood. It had burrowed around the corner of the ear canal and out of sight before it died by drowning. And their most popular cultural exports are brooding crime novels and TV shows populated by serial killers, drunks, sadists, girls who forcibly tattoo their rapists, Nazis, more serial killers and detectives who need to eat more salad.
This piece first ran in Printers Row Journal, delivered to Printers Row members with the Sunday Chicago Tribune and by digital edition via email.
I love black metal, which is hardly reducible to its moronic criminal contingent, and there are plenty of Nordic comedies. Consider how many Scandinavian crime writers there are in English translation alone, and how creepy are the stories they tell.
He's a stereotype, sure — the hardened noir detective who's looked into and been looked into by the abyss, who tries to fill the vacuum with drink, who can't get his life together and alienates his colleagues, who nevertheless respect his Holmes-like deductive genius.

The bags under his eyes, with their light-blue alcohol-washed irises, would disappear after his face had been ministered to with hot water, a towel and breakfast. Officers are dispatched to retrieve Hole from "a venerable old watering hole" in Oslo, "more old than venerable, to be honest." The watering hole is "located at [a] crossroads," as is Harry, fresh off the wagon after successfully resolving a horrific case in Australia (detailed in the first Hole novel, "The Bat," published here last year).
Harry punches one of his colleagues in the nose and is soon in Thailand, where he discovers that, naturally, the case is much more complex than it appears. The ambassador's murder leads Hole down a rabbit, uh, warren, where he discovers that "there are probably more perverts in Thailand per square inch than in the whole world." Bangkok spills its secrets for Hole in "narrow alleyways where pavements served as extensions of living rooms" and house addresses don't follow numerical order.
When the first two books in a series are translated last, you can guess that they show their author still finding his legs, and, sure enough, "Cockroaches" is the least compelling of the Hole novels I've read.

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