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Britain's spy agencies like MI6 have gained popularity through the James Bond series of books and films. When mushers line up with their dogs in Anchorage this weekend for the 975-mile Iditarod, they probably won't be worrying about the temperature. With much of the rest of the nation engulfed in Alaska-like weather, we asked two competitors for their tips on staying warm. Layer: Layering is especially crucial for athletes who are sometimes running and sometimes standing still.
Use Tech: DeeDee Jonrowe, competing in her 32nd Iditarod, uses a battery-operated heated vest during training.
Be Innovative: Beals made dozens of fleece neck warmers that he leaves at various checkpoints.
Whether you’re cleaning a fish or clearing a campsite, there is nothing like the legendary Gerber knives and the tough Gerber multitools.

Months of preparation and years of experience have readied them for everything from last year's mild climes to temperatures down to 60-below and gale-force winds. For Beals, 22, that means long underwear, fleece pants, fleece top, snow bibs, a jacket that reflects body heat, a down parka -- and a big white outer shell on top of that. For races in which batteries wona€™t stay charged, she uses chemical warmers for hands, feet and back. To keep his feet warm, Beals adds foam-based snowboarding-style liners and waterproof neoprene covers to his boots. Combined with goggles and a heavy emollient Jonrowe helped develop, Ididacreme, her face stays protected from frostbite. The foxtails are attached on each end to the harness and strung across the dogs' undersides-- covering their members. Only expensive surface polishes have been eliminated.Instead, the blade has a rich black epoxy powder coat to help protect the AUS8A steel from the elements.

You know you’ve wanted a Gerber knife and Gerber multitool for your own outdoor adventures.
Plus, every blade is hand honed to a superb edge that is hair flinging sharp!The SRK's® handle is made of black Kraton® rubber.
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