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Oak Ridge TN January 7, 2015; Cold weather and winter driving conditions can reduce your fuel economy significantly. With the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class having been launched back in 2011, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it is slowly but surely heading towards its mid-cycle facelift.
The refresh is expected to be presented this Fall at the Paris Motor Show 2014, with both the model's exterior and interior to get under the knife.
The front of the Mercedes-Benz MPV will receive a slightly more upright engine grille, a reshaped bumper and new headlights, which may get optional full LED lamps and become more in line with the current Mercedes-Benz design language. The rear will receive less styling modifications, with a new rear bumper to integrate restyled exhaust exits somewhat similar to the ones from the C-Class W205, while the taillights will keep their overall shape but feature a different design. Interior-wise, the upcoming B-Class W246 facelift will remain largely the same, but a new head-up display system might make it as an option along with the recently-introduced touchpad on the center console.
None of the above information is confirmed, obviously, so stay tuned for more details about the car in the upcoming months as it gets nearer its reveal date. Snow and ice on the road can make for a slippery drive home, and the snowflakes falling from the sky can limit your visibility, so it’s no wonder that there’s a definite increase in insurance claims once winter starts. She points out that the number one habit that winter drivers should be following is to drive according to weather conditions. Finally, Thomas explains that it might be handy to have a winter-survival kit to be prepared if anything happens. The car may start to shudder or shake if this happens, but the most frightening thing is the sense of no control as your car goes forward rather than turning.
Another scary bit of driving occurs when the rear wheels lose traction, something called oversteer. Finally, he demonstrates the importance of winter tires, which are softer in colder temperatures, allowing them to have more grip than all-season or summer tires.
If there’s one important skill to come away with about winter driving, it’s that you should keep your cool. The winter season can be quite challenging for drivers because roads during this time are really slippery and unclear.
I suggest to find an empty mall parking lot and practice steering, breaking, skidding and sliding – no speeding, just experimenting with steering into the skid. Despite how similar the Kia and Nissan may appear on paper, they are very different in execution. Not all crossovers have to succumb to the stereotype of being boring, family-hauling transportation appliances. Does the high-tech new Acura NSX stay true to the formula that made the original an automotive icon? We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Wood burns in a stove as Pascal Prokop drives his totally baller 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon during cold winter weather on a road near the town of Mettmenstetten, some 25 kilometres south of Zurich, on February 9, 2012. Mechanical engineering students from The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology built this fantastic Rube Goldberg machine last year to tell the story of Passover, the Jewish holiday starting the evening of April 22 that celebrates the biblical story of the Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt.
Alec Smecher built a wireless electronmechanical system that enables him to robotically raise and waggle his eyebrows via remote control. Starting up an online business can seem simple, especially when you stack it next to brick-and-mortar startups. You don’t contribute to climate change by using a wood-burning stove, that’s illiterate !

Heating with wood from controlled forests has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of humanity. Heating with wood from controlled forests has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of humanity. Most of the time it should run with the door shut so the air inlet valve to the burner is probably only about 3″ diameter.
There’s a guy in Whitehorse, Yukon who lives in a big Chevy van who has a woodstove in it. But the heater works like a sonofabitch, and even the seats and rearview mirrors are heated.
I wish that they made cars with cooling packages instead of heating packages for sale here on Arrakis. Heck, dealer-installed remote start systems have been around for years, but some automakers are starting to include the system from the factory. Also, to work properly, that stove needs at least two meters and a half of flue pipes above to generate enough depression. I had noticed (for probably the tenth time) just last week, that the stovepipe on my wood stove looked like it had been installed upside down for the last six years.  Then I remembered that I have double-wall pipe. I met a guy in Seattle a number of years back that had a truck with a wood burning furnace in it that somehow powered the engine. Taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - the area is famous for its long, cold and snowy winters - the redesigned F-150 was tested, stored and cold started at temperatures below -9 Fahrenheit (-22 Celsius). Ford says it tried to identify and fix any issues that the customers may be facing in the real world. The 2015 Ford F-150 is scheduled to go on sale later this year in five trim levels and with a choice of four engines under the hood. The new truck features an aluminum body and no less than eleven class-exclusive features, including Trailer Hitch Assist, S,art Trailer Tow Module, 360-degree camera view, integrated loading lamps and remote tailgate. In related 2015 Ford F-150 news, the manufacturer has just revealed the King Ranch version of the truck, which will come with unique exterior and interior features and two-tone body color schemes with Caribou as an accent hue. Fuel economy tests show that, in short-trip city driving, a conventional gasoline car's gas mileage is about 12% lower at 20°F than it would be at 77°F. This affects shorter trips more, since your car spends more of your trip at less-than-optimal temperatures.
With just about every car out there outfitted with stability control and ABS, many drivers begin to feel invincible when driving, even in the snow, especially when they have all-wheel drive. Her suggestions are not too expensive, and include mostly around-the-house items: sand or cat litter for melting snow. As a professional drift racer, Max Pourier has an intimate knowledge of how to control a car at its limits and gave a rundown on the basics, first hand. When turning, oversteer is quite dangerous because it can cause a car to do a complete spin.
Since the front tires still have grip, you need to use them to your advantage and control the car. Panicking on the ice and snow isn’t going to help you stop or turn any quicker and can be dangerous. Prokob built in the stove by himself and got an operating permit by the Swiss technical inspection authority. Those trees you see through the window look like managed plantations, which is as you’d expect near the largest city in Swizerland.

Germans built a wood fueled bug in WWII when fossil fules were running short, doing something similar seems right up this guy’s alley. Moved into a VW Bug that spring, lived in it till the holidays, San Diego to Port Townsend WA. As long as it has a reasonably sealed chimney as soon as the vehicle moves there will be a suction that will draw all the smoke out the chimney. That would have been typical for Chicago winters when I had a Volvo 850 sedan back in the 1990s. I seem to remember reading that there are quite a few wood burning trucks used in North Korea due to the lack of fuel. I seem to recall the smoke was piped into the engine and becomes combustible under pressure, but I’m not the most mechanically inclined person in the world so I may have the details wrong. The vehicle was put through low fiction loop tests, incline traction and stability control tests, as well as basic ride and handling road tests.
Having any part of your windows obscured by snow or ice is a serious risk. Clearing snow is a safety measure for other drivers too.
Be sure to drive according to winter conditions and plan ahead by buying a set of winter tires. With only this tool, Florida man Ryan Hein was able to reel in a 400-pound Goliath grouper while fishing in the St. This tent had a wood stove much, much smaller than the one in this picture and even with a small amount of wood in it, you were easily sweating through your shirt, unless it was a very cold night.
I could prefer he keep the door shut and have proper pyrolisys of the wood, because there is a bunch of bad NO and other crap coming out, but that aside, I see nothing here but pragmatic, viable alternatives.
The vehicle will actually have quite a bit of ventilation, they all do hidden away in the boot and exiting under the bumper. I suppose the best way to check would be for you to run a hose from your exhaust into the interior of your car. Or he should have pulled out all the stops and made his car run on wood gas like people did during WWII. Although it had a flaky electrical system, the heating system ( + seat heaters) worked just fine. This extensive kit has 1 pair of 250 AMP 10 gauge jumper cables, a tow strap, a roadside safety triangle and a tire pressure gauge.
It even comes with an ice scraper, a pair of hand warmers and a rain poncho for when the weather really wona€™t cooperate. The only clear memories I have of the thing that were that you held your breath, flipped to position 1 for a moment, then flipped to position 2. These conclusions are based on an analysis by Oak Ridge National Laboratory comparing EPA Federal Test Procedure (FTP) results for 600 conventional vehicles and 14 hybrids under "normal" temperatures (around 77°F) and cold-weather conditions (20°F). Finally, keep a pencil and a notepad in your car in case you get into an accident, since pencils work fine in the cold, unlike pens where the ink might freeze or not flow.

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