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NCDP developed the “5 Action Steps to Personal Preparedness” model for the purpose of providing an easy way to think about preparedness that applies to any emergency or disaster. Having a personal and family preparedness plan increases your chances of staying safe and helps you to be resilient during and after a disaster.
What risks do you face?  are the risks for you and your family where you live and where you go to school or work?
Below you will find a collection of resources which will not only help you bring your plan together, but will help you remain active and thoughtful throughout the process.
MADISON – Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) is seeking community-minded individuals to serve as part-time or full-time AmeriCorps members in emergency management offices throughout the state from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016. Now in its third year, the ReadyWisconsin AmeriCorps Disaster Preparedness Program aims to increase community emergency readiness by delivering preparedness training to organizations and businesses and by recruiting and training local volunteers who can help with response and recovery activities during disasters.
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This service is provided to you at no charge by the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs. By joining a disaster response organization and receiving the proper training before an emergency hits, you can support first responders and keep your community safe. Well-meaning volunteers who show up to disaster sites unprepared and unassigned can make things more difficult for professional responders. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) promotes a neighbors helping neighbors approach to emergency preparedness. There are more than 100 CERTs throughout Massachusetts, so check the website to find a CERT program near you. Medical Reserve Corps — The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of volunteers organized by local units. Massachusetts Responds — MA Responds is a statewide registration, credentialing, and notification system that works in partnership with local MRCs and response organizations across the Commonwealth. For more volunteer opportunities, contact your local Emergency Management Director (EMD) or public safety officials.

This is a guest blog post from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR).
Brenda Francis, the director of the Greater New Bedford Career Center, discusses the services available to job seekers across the Commonwealth at One-Stop Career Centers, including job training, job search help, career counseling, and more.
General inquiries are handled by The Secretary of the Commonwealth's Citizen Information Service (CIS). To ‘live with resilience’ means that no matter what obstacles you will face, you will survive and get back to normal. These can be very different places and different risks. Your family members, or other key people in your social network, may attend school, work or attend camp in a very different place than your home, even in different cities. Do you have infants, nursing mothers, children, elderly, anyone with special health care needs or mobility or developmental challenges?
To stay, means you will “ride out” the storm or emergency at home or go to a friend or family member’s home and “hunker down”. To go means you may have to evacuate to an emergency shelter if emergency officials determine that your area is at risk for more severe damage or you may leave town entirely.
Irwin Redlener speaks on fragility, conflict, and disaster risk pertaining to children in the global migration crisis at the World Bank Group’s Fragility, Conflict, and Violence Forum on March 1. AmeriCorps, often referred to as a domestic Peace Corps, places individuals who make a commitment to serving their communities.
The 2015-16 host communities include  Bayfield County, Clark County, Polk County, Price County, Richland County, Sawyer County, Shawano County, Washburn County, Waukesha County, and Wisconsin Emergency Management.
The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)  encourages residents to become trained volunteers who can help quickly in times of need. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training can prepare you to help your community before professional responders arrive.
The MRC responds to emergencies that affect public health, such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks.
Being a part of MA Responds isn’t a commitment to respond to every disaster — it just indicates that you are willing to lend a hand in the event of a public health emergency. Earlier this month, the Children’s Trust joined with Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito to announce April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Using this framework of 5 critical action steps will help you think through, plan, and create a family emergency plan. A well thought out plan also enables you and your family to be as comfortable as possible during and after a disaster.
There is a third possibility, one we don’t often think about: if you are at work or school or on the road and a disaster strikes and you have to shelter-in-place, meaning you must stay wherever you  are until it is safe to leave.
This could mean meeting your neighbors for the first time, forming or joining informal community groups, speaking to local emergency officials, or volunteering with preparedness organizations such as the American Red Cross or your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
Members receive a modest living allowance and earn an educational award granted upon the successful completion of their terms of service. MEMA provides tips for getting involved in emergency preparedness and response with local organizations before disaster strikes. Volunteers may be called in to assist with health screenings or vaccination efforts, or to provide administrative support.
While a health care background is a plus, anyone who is interested in helping is encouraged to register for MA Responds.
And, if you are an emergency responder, or you have an emergency role at your work place, you will want to be assured that your family is taken care of before you answer your agency’s call to report to work. Being prepared requires planning based on thinking–thinking about the risks you face, the needs of your household and the way you and your family live and work day-to-day.
Your family plan will help you at home and at work and does not have to be long or complex to be effective.
It is best to know your risks now and plan according to your household needs before a disaster strikes. It also means thinking about how you want to live during the days immediately following a disaster when government and community services may not be available, for days or weeks.

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