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Kinetisys has been a preferred vendor and warranty service provider for PSAP sites around the country since 1992. Wholesale price, fast shipping from Washington USA and British Columbia Canada!12 Tips Computer Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver Magnetized Set12 Tips mini screw driver set for watch, small electronics, mobile phone, tablet and notebook repair. Often times the screen is physically damaged from being dropped, stepped on or being handled in an awkward manner. We’ve been the primary resource for the sites, providing immediate response and fast exchange for sometimes difficult to find hardware and components. This screw driver set comes with 6 metal magnetized rods, each rod has a two different tips at each end. Screwdriver set comes comfortable plastic handle surrounded by rubberized grip for unti-slip, better grip and protection from static.

Always know where your connection cables are!Power cords, USB cables, Mice and other lines dangling from your laptop are a tripping hazard. Handle end turn design gives you the ability to turn the screwdriver while holding it still. Using Velcro zip ties for temporary cable management is ideal, but using something as simple as a garbage bag wire tie is just as effective. Each screwdriver rod has magnetized tips that helps to hold the screw or to avoid dropping the tiny parts.
NEVER carry your laptop by the screen.When picking up your laptop, always pick the system up from the bottom.
Lifting your laptop by the display screen is not only bad for the screen, but can damage the hinges that hold the screen firmly in place.3.

It only takes closing the lid once to find yourself with that lovely display full of shattered pixels.4. Nothing on the lid.Never place anything heavier than a sheet of paper on top of your laptop lid. Heavy objects on top of a closed laptop can lead to bent and broken laptop display screens.Too late?

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