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Chemical tanker Tong Zhou 6 (3,034dwt, built 2010) suffered from leakage while it was loading propylene on Wednesday at Basuo Port in Dong Fang, an emerging coastal city in Hainan. There were no casualties from the incident, and local authorities started a contingency plan and contained the leakage at the port. Tong Zhou 6 is operated by Ningbo Litian Shipping, which mainly operates oil and chemical tankers in the domestic market. Basuo Port has two hazardous cargo terminals with two berths, one each for 5,000-ton and 10,000-ton class vessels. Please contact us if you require further information about press release and advertising publishing on our web site. The NTI Nuclear Security Index is a first-of-its-kind public benchmarking of nuclear materials security.
Did you know over 83% of the world's nuclear material is categorized as "military" and therefore not subject to international guidelines ans regulations? A Syrian state television image purported to show government troops fighting against opposition forces in Damascus on Wednesday.
The report came alongside reports of intense fighting in the Syrian capital and a Wednesday suicide bombing that killed three top government officials, including the defense minister.
The Obama administration fears the escalating fighting could push the government to use chemical warfare agents against its foes or that terrorists might he able to obtain lethal mustard or nerve agents if security around the stockpiles is compromised. White House national security adviser Thomas Donilon traveled to Israel this past weekend for talks that addressed the Syria situation, according to an Obama official.
The current Brookings Institution Foreign Policy Program head and certain Obama officials believe the Syrian government would only mount chemical attacks if it has no other options. Washington is urging Moscow to ensure Assad understands what the international ramifications will be should his government employ weapons of mass destruction, according to a CNN report.
Jordan, Syria's neighbor, is also greatly worried about the potential for chemical-weapon usage. Syria's official armed opposition is also seriously concerned about the potential for chemical weapons to be used, Agence France-Presse reported. Storage facilities are also strengthened against airstrikes, meaning weapons developed to destroy such structures would have to be used in any attack. Additionally, the Syrian regime possesses advanced air defenses that could include the Russian-manufactured S-300 antimissile systems. The regime is thought to keep its chemical arms in separated form with precursor materials kept in different containers, which makes them safer to move.

The five sanctioned companies have dealings with the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center, which Treasury said manages production of missiles, their delivery components, and possible biological weapons. Penalties include barring the people or organizations from accessing any funds or other goods that have been placed within U.S. NTI has developed interactive educational tools for anyone who wants to learn more about the threat posed by nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.
All kinds of emergencies, such as floods, tornadoes or chemical spills, can make it necessary for people to evacuate their home.
In 2013, an estimated 369,500 home structure fires resulted in the death of 2,755 people, as well as an additional 12,200 injured, according to National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) in Quincy, Mass. Unless you are personally faced with a disaster, you probably haven't given too much thought about how often or even what type of disasters happen in Pennsylvania, but statistics show they do happen. With family home for the summer, it’s the perfect time to pull everyone together to make an emergency escape plan.
First, take a walk through the home and inspect and consider all exits and possible escape routes, and remember to also make sure the escape routes are clear and doors and windows can be opened easily, she said. Make sure to check for emergency release devices on the inside of any windows or doors covered with security bars, so they can be opened immediately in an emergency.
Also, the NFPA recommends marking the location of each smoke alarm and drawing a floor plan of the home and marking two ways out of each room, including windows and doors. Make sure to mark the location of the meeting place on your escape plan and discuss the place picked as the meeting place, so everyone is on the same page about where to meet. You should also go outside to see if your street number and address sign are clearly visible from the road to ensure that responding emergency personnel can find your home.
Make sure every member of the household knows to call 911 for any emergency, so anyone can make the call from a neighbor's home or a cellular phone once safely outside.
A sleeping bag, a complete change of clothing, including a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, sturdy shoes and a rain poncho should also be included in everyone's bag, Keegan said. Copies of your important documents such as insurance cards, house deed, photo ID or state driver's license, passport, bank information, physician contact information and family contact information stored in a waterproof container to save time and lessen stress in the event of an emergency evacuation from your home.
Many times when an area is evacuated because of fire or flood, law enforcement will require you to show proof of residency in order to be able to go back into the area to survey the damage or gather personal belongings, Keegan said.
Keegan suggested scanning all your important papers and documents and saving them to a USB flash drive.
The American Defense Council suggested when packing your bag to include $50 to $100 in small bills, an extra set of car and house keys, bottled water and nonperishable food such as energy or granola bars and an LED flashlight.

When packing for children, don't forget they are going through a stressful time, the same as you, so make sure you pack something familiar for them, such as a stuffed animal, favorite book and a few snacks as well as a sleeping bag and a favorite blanket if they have one.
The environment department has also been monitoring the air condition within a 3km radius around the port for the past 24 hours. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and his British equivalent, Philip Hammond, discussed the Syria situation in Washington on Wednesday. Security Council resolution intended to increase pressure on the Assad regime, Agence France-Presse reported.
They understand the stakes get much higher and their moral ground gets much lower" if chemical agents are employed, an unidentified senior Obama official told CNN. The intent of the reported recent transport of some chemical weapons out of their depots remains to be seen. The chemical agents are produced at facilities spread across the country so destroying them would necessitate a large-scale bombing effort, according to Wired magazine. Treasury Department on Wednesday announced new financial penalties against 29 Assad regime personnel and five firms with connections to Syria's unconventional weapons program. 5 spot on the list of states with the highest number of hazardous-material incidents in the nation. Involving the children in making the floor plan is a great way to get children involved in the emergency plan in a nonthreatening way, Keegan said. Get out of the building and make the call and then go to the designated meeting place," she said. Also matches and a first aid kit with a list of medication each member of your household takes. Israel in 2007 used an air attack to destroy a Syrian structure that is widely suspected to have housed an unfinished plutonium production reactor (see GSN, June 6). During 2014 Pennsylvania experienced nine tornadoes with the largest one sweeping a 500-foot path and traveling just short of 11 miles of ground. The White House is not pushing for another similar strike out of worry it could enable Damascus to refresh its strength on the basis of outside meddling.

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