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Jacques Cousteau gestures at his latest underwater research vessel, a rudderless diving saucer that could maneuver with thrusting nozzles like an underwater airplane. 1991-2000January 1993 -- Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago announces at Society headquarters the discovery of the world's earliest dinosaur.April 1995 -- Japanese edition of National Geographic magazine begins. Filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron holds the National Geographic Society flag after he successfully completed the first ever solo dive to the Mariana Trench.
Eta Carinae, one the galaxy's biggest stars, and the nebula formed by its enigmatic, 19th century Great Eruption. Called light echoes, these ancient reverberations bear the original signatures written into light by the explosion.
Other echoes are being used to solve the mystery of Eta Carinae, one of the weirdest and most tempestuous binary star systems in the galaxy. Located 7,500 light-years away, Eta Carinae lives in the Carina nebula, in the southern sky. Pulses of light produced by the stellar eruptions wafted off into space, passing through the burgeoning clouds of dust and gas that were gathering around the spasming star.
Light curves recorded by Herschel and others at the time showed peaks in 1837, 1843, and 1845. For years, astronomers considered Eta Carinae the prototype for a class of explosions known as “supernova impostors.” Rather than destroying the star, as any self-respecting supernova would, these impostor novae shine as brightly as their counterparts yet leave their stars intact. But light echoes from Eta Carinae’s 19th-century outbursts are challenging its status as the impostor nova poster child. The echoes reveal that the temperature of Eta Carinae’s Great Eruption was much cooler than expected – about 5,000 Kelvin, or 2,000 degrees cooler than anticipated. Most recently, in a paper uploaded to the arXiv on April 15, Rest and his colleagues report the presence of nitrogen-rich molecules in the light echoes – cyanide, in fact, which contains a carbon and a nitrogen atom.
Over time, Rest says, the characteristics of the light echoes are changing, indicating the expulsion of material and dense amounts of dust. Eta Carinae isn’t the only complex stellar object whose secrets hide in these aging glimmers. Rest and his colleagues used spectral lines to classify one of the remnants, in the Large Magellanic Cloud, as not only the result of a type Ia supernova (produced by an exploding white dwarf star), but a subtype of that class of explosion.
Teams have also looked to light echoes for information about Tycho’s supernova (a normal type 1a), which exploded in 1572, and for Cassiopeia A, a type IIb core-collapse supernova that exploded in 1680 and left a beautiful remnant in the Milky Way.
Light echoes can be fleeting and illusive, as demonstrated by the series of images below from another famous nova, known as V838 Monocerotis (watch a video here). Top picks You can sign up for The Ed’s Up—a weekly newsletter of my writing plus some of the best stuff from around the Internet. Nadia Drake is a science journalist who grew up thinking about cosmic questions and staring at Saturn through giant telescopes. Her work has also appeared in Science News, Nature, New Scientist, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and WIRED. DisclaimerThe views expressed are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the National Geographic Society. Durante la celebracion del Comic-Con de San Diego, California (EEUU), el canal National Geographic y Fox han anunciado el estreno global de 'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey', de cuya produccion se encargaran Ann Druyan y Seth Marcfarlane. Su emision, que busca conseguir el lanzamiento global mas importante de las cadenas involucradas, se ofrecera a principios del ano que viene en 170 paises y en 48 idiomas diferentes para llegar al maximo publico posible. Los hechos han ocurrido esta manana a las 7.30 en la A3 cerca del km 67, en sentido Madrid.

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This 1963 painting depicts the founders signing their names to the new organizations's charter.
Cousteau received a total of 37 grants from National Geographic and took its magazine readers along on a dozen expeditions. The dive was part of DEEPSEA CHALLENGE, a joint scientific expedition by Cameron, the National Geographic Society and Rolex to conduct deep-ocean research.
But instead of ricocheting off damp cavern walls, light traveling through the universe bounces off soft, dusty clouds. On Earth, most of the light we’d see from one of these exploding stars would have come directly here.
In some echoes, astronomers have deciphered details that reveal which kinds of stars exploded in the 16th and 17th centuries – information that would otherwise be lost to the cosmos, since telescopes of the time didn’t have the spectrometers needed to read the chemical inscriptions in the light. Circling that crazy huge star is a giant companion, but it wasn’t until 1996 that a Brazilian astronomer named Augusto Damineli realized it was there.
What conclusions are we to draw as to the comfort or habitability of a system depending for its supply of light and heat on so uncertain a source?” Herschel would write in 1847. That relatively frigid temperature suggests the mechanism of the eruption is nothing like what scientists had surmised; instead of being the result of an energetic stellar wind, the explosion could have been triggered by a blast from the star’s surface or by an interaction with its binary companion. But Eta Carinae’s massive size and repeated outbursts portend the death of the system, which promises to be a spectacular cataclysm – a hypernova, or superdupernova – well worth the price of a ticket to the southern hemisphere to check it out when it does blow. Light from supernovas that shined in Earth’s skies centuries ago is also bouncing off dust clouds. Known as an overluminous type Ia, the explosion that produced remnant SNR 0509-67.5 likely resulted from the merger of two white dwarfs. Other light echoes have been identified in the Large Magellanic Cloud that correspond to explosions that aren’t as well known, as well as the echoes from supernova 1987a, which form concentric rings around the explosion site. What looks like an expanding cloud is actually the light from the explosion traveling outward and being reflected by the already existing cloud’s shells and cavities. This is her space to talk about space -- from other worlds to exploding stars to the fabric of the universe. Phenomena is hosted by National Geographic magazine, which invites you to join the conversation. Ademas, el estreno internacional de esta famosa serie que pretende descubrir a su publico las maravillas que encierra el universo, presentada en su edicion anterior por el fallecido divulgador cientifico Carl Sagan y ganadora de tres Premios Emmy y un Peabody, coincidira con el lanzamiento de la misma en EEUU en la proxima primavera. Segun el parte de la Guardia Civil, el agente, de 31 anos, que iba de paisano y estaba de dia libre, ha disparado a un conductor con el que ha tenido una discusion de trafico.
This leads off a series of stunning followups, the Society assisting Ballard in finding the remains of the battleship Bismarckand the liner Lusitania. For a turn, Eta Carinae became the second-brightest star in the sky; astronomer John Herschel (William’s son), observed the first brightening in late 1837 from South Africa, and kept track of the flare-up. It lost more than 10 solar masses of material, and was shrouded by a double-lobed, organic-looking structure called the Homunculus Nebula – the cosmic consequence of the giant star’s spectacular tantrums, and the chaotic shroud that hid its companion until recently. Since 2011, a team of astronomers has been monitoring and measuring these light echoes, the first of which was accidentally captured in an image from 2003. The shape of the light curve from the echoes fit the shape of the historical light curve, which rose over a few hundred days, plateaued, and then dropped. These fading echoes are like time capsules that preserve information about the temperature and chemical spectrum of the original explosion; by reading the clues inscribed into the echoes, astronomers have been able to identify exactly what kind of stellar explosion produced long burnt-out remnants. Contara con 13 episodios y la participacion de los colaboradores originales de Carl Sagan, –la productora y guionista Ann Druyan y el coguionista y astronomo Steven Soter–, ademas de sumar en su elenco al dibujante, guionista, productor, actor y director estadounidense Seth Woodbury MacFarlane, quien apuntaba: "Quiero que esto sea tan entretenido, llamativo y fascinante que la gente que no tiene interes por la ciencia lo vea".

El hombre, de 39 anos y nacionalidad marroqui, ha recibido 3 tiros y ha muerto en el acto. 7, 1898 -- Alexander Graham Bell assumes National Geographic Society's presidency.1901-1920February 1903 -- Gilbert H. Byrd achieves man's first flight over South Pole; photographs 60,000square miles of Antarctica from the air. Team members include Peter Hillary, Jamling Norgay and Brent Bishop, sons of Everest pioneers.July 2002 -- Robert Ballard announces discovery of what is believed to be the wreck of John F. The only trouble is, the team isn’t seeing the next peak in the eruption, which happened in 1845. En esta busqueda del conocimiento cientifico, la investigacion y el estudio del cosmos, sera el astrofisico Neil de Grasse Tyson, el encargado de presentar este renovado proyecto que aspira a ser, una vez mas, y 30 anos despues, un referente en la television documental. Ademas, los 13 episodios se convirtieron en la sexta opcion el pago en su franja de competencia y se convirtio en el lider absoluto del genero factual. Grosvenor becomes editor of National Geographic.January 1905 -- Grosvenor fills 11 pages of the magazine with photos of Lhasa in Tibet. If the geometry is right, some of the light zooming away from Earth might run into a cloud and end up being redirected toward us – kind of like a billiard ball bouncing off the cushion and rolling cleanly into the pocket. 1941National Geographic Society opens its storehouse of photographs, maps and other cartographic data to President Roosevelt and the U.S. Classroom magazine National Geographic for Kids is renamed National Geographic Explorer.November 2002 -- National Geographic-Roper Geographic Literacy Survey of some 3,000 18- to 24-year-olds in nine countries showed young Americans were outperformed by most of their international counterparts. Because it took a more circuitous route through the cosmos, this rerouted light arrives at Earth after the light from the original explosion. He thinks they could be seeing echoes from the earlier, 1837 outburst that Herschel noticed, or perhaps the reverberations from a previous explosion that went unnoticed. Durante los tres meses que ha durado la emision de “Cosmos”, los fans de National Geographic Channel en Facebook han crecido un 24,62% y los seguidores en Twitter han aumentado un 31,83%.“Cosmos” ha sido todo un fenomeno para NGCI estableciendo un nuevo hito en la television 30 anos despues de que se estrenara la serie original. Often, it’s delayed by centuries, arriving long after the supernova’s embers have been extinguished.
Mount Everest is now officially 29,035 feet (8,850 meters), 7 feet taller than the previously accepted height determined in 1954.November 1999 -- Giant plant-eating dinosaur from the Sahara, Jobaria tiguidensis, is unveiled by paleontologist Paul Sereno at the Society. La Sociedad de Criticos de EEUU eligio a “Cosmos” como la Mejor Serie Reality y tambien destaco el trabajo de Neil deGrasse Tyson como Mejor Presentador.
The primitive, long-necked dinosaur weighed an estimated 20 tons and grew to a length of 70 feet (21 meters).April 2000 -- National Geographic assembles first class of Explorers-in-Residence to redefine exploration for the new millennium. Grosvenor celebrates his 50th anniversary at National Geographic and is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Como la serie original, la nueva “Cosmos” reinventa la narracion cientifica para revelar la grandeza del universo, y moderniza algunos elementos de la serie original como el calendario cosmico y la nave de la imaginacion. Selected annually, they are gifted adventurers, scientists and researchers making an important contribution to world knowledge while still early in their careers.October 2004 -- Honduras becomes first country to adopt National Geographic's Geotourism Charter, committing to be a sustainable destination, managing tourism development wisely. Geotourism is defined as tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place. Druyan, MacFarlane, el presidente de Cosmos Studios, Mitchell Cannold y Brannon Braga (“Star Trek”, “24”) son los productores ejecutivos; y Jason Clark (“Ted”, “42”, “A Million Ways to Die in the West”) es uno de los productores. May 2005 -- National Geographic sponsors two teams to recreate the face of King Tut using information from the CT scans obtained in January 2005.

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