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It looks like its mostly rice and beans with some soup and some milk and cereal for breakfast.
You should check out the specs on that water filter so you know whether it will make ground water safe to drink. Not something I would store (type of food and poor calorie count), but for $20 a pop I would go all in and clear their pallet. This isn't a matter of if it the absolute best thing out there or not, it is a matter of it's 20 freaking dollars. The chicken salad with apples and pecans from Costco food court is a safe bet as long as you take a pass on a side of fries.
The chicken salad with apples and pecans is the best bet in Costco's food court - just don't add a side of fries. Shoppers pushing carts piled high with deals jostle to place orders, there are line-ups to fill cups with fountain soda and ita€™s hard to find an empty table where you can sit to eat. It feels somewhat like a Saturday night at the bar, and ita€™s all a bit of a surprise to a first-time Costco shopper.
Besides, the enticing smell of French fries and gravy wafting over the checkout line makes it hard to ignore. Monica, a Costco club member and regular reader of The Dish, wanted to know if the chicken salad with apples and pecans a€” a standout among an assortment of familiar fast food fare a€” was a smart choice. The Costco salad is a big bowl of greens topped with an array of yummy-looking toppings: chopped chicken breast, shredded cheese, slices of celery, apple wedges, whole pecans and a handful of ruby red dried cranberries. But registered dietitian Carol Harrison says the nutrition-rich toppings, coupled with a few calorie-reducing tweaks, make the salad a nourishing meal. In other words, the salad is better for your body than fries and gravy a€” even if both contain a similar amount of calories.
To reduce the salt levels even more, it may be wise to leave a little chicken (which Monica notes has a salty, processed taste) behind. Be the real food hero at potlucks and parties with recipes that taste amazing and won't break the bank! I’ve had conversations on Facebook recently about the quality of produce at Costco in various parts of the country, for example.
The Bonus Items (the stuff I probably shouldn’t be buying, but do, because it tastes so good.
This series is generously sponsored by Plan to Eat, where you can use the Grocery Store Menu to organize your shopping by grocery store and even set defaults for certain items to go on the list where it’s least expensive. This is why I love Costco a€“ lots of well-sourced foods at good prices that I can’t find anywhere else.
Foolish of me, I know, but I didn’t read the ingredients until I got home and had used it a few times.
Canned tuna and salmon in BPA-free cans a€“ still kind of expensive, but the BPA-free cans and well-sourced Alaskan salmon are worth it to me. Bottled lemon juice a€“ I was so excited to find this organic lemon juice with zero extra ingredients after I realized all the junk in other bottled lemon juice that I had been using in dressings and such for years. Butter a€“ Kerrygold butter is grassfed and a gorgeous yellow; I got the Costco membership to get the sticks of Kerrygold butter in the gold packages. Rice a€“ most kinds are a better price than even bulk ordering at Country Life, but I do need to finish my price book to really get a handle on all the different kinds. Dates are a good price, as are some other dried fruits, but I don’t get raisins there, and you really need to watch the ingredients. Freeze-dried fruit in individual packages a€“ this was a great option, although sadly not organic, for emergency quick snacks for John (and the other kids love them too). Frozen fruit a€“ when our U-pick blueberries for homemade yogurt ran out recently, a 3-pound bag of organic raspberries called my name. Organic salsa a€“ we love Mexican food, and Kirkland brand organic salsa is delicious and quite hot, the way we like it.
Walnuts and pecans a€“ I get a better deal elsewhere on almonds, which are chemically pasteurized at Costco, and cashews, but walnuts and pecans are my best price point currently. Note: Produce is probably the area most of all that you need to know price points and sale prices from other grocery stores, particularly fruits like berries.

Let Erin show you how she makes TWENTY freezer-to-slow-cooker meals, spending $150 on the whole lot of it at Costco! String cheese a€“ good to have on hand for emergency snacks, preschool classroom-wide snacks, and sporting events (see above). Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price.
Do you remember the Modern Family episode when Cam introduces Mitchell to warehouse shopping at Costco? My little story has to do with Costco, free samples, lunch and a big cultural difference between France and America. So when my mom suggested a stop in Costco with the crazy crew (the swarm of kids) during our thrift store adventure day, we zipped in the parking lot and headed inside.
As I walked around the aisles of Costco last week I was struck by the whole American-ess of this experience.
So next time you are in Costco and see all these samples to try, allow yourself one or two. Mary Brighton MS, RD is a registered dietitian nutritionist in America, France and United Kingdom. Subscribe and get your Free E-Report on "10 Simple Ways to Eat Like the French Without Having a Food Snob Attitude." Your email will always remain private. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. After an hour of warehouse shopping, sniffing out sales and travelling kilometres of concrete floor, a quick detour to the very affordable food court would be, to many, a welcome reward.
It contains 650 calories and has 33 grams of fat, about half of the suggested daily allotment for the average woman. She recommends diners only use half the packet of balsamic dressing a€” maybe even less a€” to cut calories, fat and sodium. She already ate the salad without the dressing a€” a€?Ia€™m just not a dressing persona€? a€” and usually didna€™t finish all the greens.
It’s a membership site, like Costco is a membership store, but you can browse for as long as you want before placing your first order. Case in point: I fell for some Acai berry juice that I read about in the Costco magazine and how wonderful the company is, sustainable, super food, all that jazz. Two pounds for $5 and slightly less guilt about my biggest compromise convenience food, since at least I’m hoping to avoid GMOs this way. Chicken breasts are my splurge convenience food a€“ when other people would order a pizza, I cook with organic chicken breasts. We bought some black rice once that was supposed to have as many antioxidants as blueberries, and it was marvelous and such a FUN little experiment.
I grabbed some dried blueberries once only to find out that they were practically candy because of the added sugar. Unfortunately, it’s in a plastic jar and contains sugar, so Meijer Naturals, no GMO, in a glass jar, with no sugar, is awfully good competition.
Organic lettuce, spinach, carrots, and sometimes fresh broccoli, and non-organic pea pods (my newest addiction!!
Also, consider seriously whether you’ll get through four pounds of broccoli or raspberries before it goes bad. Country Life and our local health foods store have really good spice prices, so it’s a balance. I do still need to do my price book for string cheese and make sure I’m not being hoodwinked into paying more than a regular sale at Meijer.
They have these sea salt caramelsa€¦and these macadamia nut caramel thingysa€¦anda€¦oh, dear. There are affiliate links to Thrive Market from which I will earn a commission if you make a purchase. Content written and approved by a dietitian nutritionist who grew up on the Jersey Shore, now lives in the South of France and eats as often as possible in Bella Italy. But while my experience last week in Costco in New Jersey was very pleasant, the staff extremely helpful and nice, there was one part of the shopping trip that made me uncomfortable.

It lives in Manahawkin, NJ and is a very close distance to the other warehouse store that I know better, called BJ’s. Warehouse food shopping is truly an American thing, or at least I can say it doesn’t exist in France (as far as I know). And with your shopping experience you get smiling employees who encourage you to taste and try. She received her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Colorado State University. I finished my diploma in gastronomy, taste and fine dining program with the Hautes Etudes du Gout and Le Cordon Bleu. That’s much higher than Canola Oil at 425 F, Virgin Avocado Oil at 400 F and Extra Virgin Olive Oil at 375 F. The 929 mg of sodium is 62 per cent of what the body needs in a day, a lot for a single meal.
I use lemon juice regularly to make water kefir, so this is a HUGE timesaver, and not even very expensive. Neither are optimal, but they’re the best I can get locally without resorting to online ordering. We don’t get those anymore, but the Easter Bunny did get some sugary mixed dried fruit to fill the eggs. I might not buy the Kirkland stuff anymore now that I really registered the sugar during Lent and couldn’t eat the salsa in our house! So good for the munchies!), cucumbers (they’re expensive though), colored peppers, oranges, pineapple, bananas, garlic (from California), and avocados, which are always under $1 each and a good deal.
I noticed the garlic powder was from California, not China, so I got some…and then got home and remembered I should check about spices being irradiated before I buy.
I still buy my EVOO and coconut oil from here, but many Costco stores also have organic virgin coconut oil for a very competitive price. You’ll save that much in both time and groceries even if you only prepare half the plan. We get tempted by other fun chips every so often too, like sweet potato chips, that I KNOW aren’t good for us, but are a fun indulgence. I don’t have any official complaint with these types of stores except for the large square feel and white lights, both of which make me feel tiny and weird. Your email will remain private and you won’t miss an article or the monthly newsletters. She currently lives in France, is learning Italian and loves to travel, cook and spoil her kids with good food. The organic pre-sliced colby jack is a total convenience splurge, but nice for a super busy week. If they have organic apples, sometimes I spring for those, but I cringe at the plastic packaging. There’s nothing good for you about the candy at Costco, but it does have slightly better ingredients than your average mass-produced candy. And I don’t particularly like the extra big sizes that are sold, even if the prices are low for what you get. In France, a food culture with very strict no snacking meal discipline, would a Costco store with sample heaven have the Frenchies milling around eating between meals?
But maybe I am being too picky. If you have a ton of kids or need to buy a ton of things for a party, why not do warehouse food shopping? We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself.

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