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Because we’re talking here about a choose your own path type of adventure with many twists and turns, with many zombies along the way and, very important, with many ways to lose. And humor you get, as you will early on consider your garden hose to be a snake (and many similar things that I won’t tell you about not to spoil too much of the game). However, funny things aside, Could You Survive: Zombies is a good game and overall an enjoyable adventure. So head over to Google Play and download Could You Survive: Zombies to see how would you do during the zombie apocalypse.
Winter is a great time to get out and have fun and to stay active this season you need to stay happy, well and flu virus free. Many of you have this info from last year but a revision is always good to help you adjust 'your sails'a€¦.. Two to three serves of green leafy vegetables daily will help keep up your Vitamin C - as will fresh fruit. For those of you more at home with supplements than fruit and vegetables, an effective way to increase your intake of Vitamin C without stomach upsets and loose stools is to mix 2000-5000mg (Adult dose) Vitamin C powder into 1 litre of filtered water and sip it during the day. For those of you who embrace the Winter Yuletide festivities and refuse to entertain even the faintest possibility of catching a flu - here is our Mulled Wine Recipe and subsequent Hang-Over Cure - by request. Drink 1 glass before retiring (Perhaps you should think ahead and prepare this before you venture out as it could be interesting getting this all together when really inebriated.
I hope this will be of some help in keeping the nasties away or bouncing you back from some self-imposed 'nasties'.
If you need a tonic as a preventative (or you catch a flu and need one for treatment) I can make one for you. Red Nose Day, held annually on the last Friday in June, is the major fundraiser for SIDS and Kids. SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and to supporting bereaved families. I am currently on Long Service Leave from the NSWDEC until mid August, subsequently travelling here and there and catching up with people.
Those of you who know me well, also know that the Winter Magic Festival at Katoomba is upon us (20th June).
General Discussion This area contains general discussion regarding the Toyota FJ Cruiser that does not fit into the other technical discussion forums. Thanks to franchises like Resident Evil and The Walking Dead, the idea of dead people reanimating and craving the taste of human flesh has somehow become a part of the public consciousness. Normally, we talk about how you can lead a smarter life when it comes to more everyday situations, but what about leading a smarter life when you are surrounded by undead zombies at every turn?
Sure, your Samsung Galaxy or Motorola DROID might be a great smartphone under regular circumstances, but when your life is constantly in danger, you want something a little tougher.
Staying in contact with your group is critical and sometimes regular laser pointers won’t do. Chances are that you’ll be traveling around with your gear during the zombie apocalypse, so having a good backpack is probably going to be pretty useful. Your regular laptop is likely going to have a hard time surviving the rough and tumble circumstances of a zombie-infested world, so you need something tougher. Having various gadgets to survive the zombie apocalypse is nice and all, but they need some source of electricity.
Killing one zombie at a time can leave you vulnerable when the horde descends upon your group. Okay, this last gadget is a little far-fetched, but so are the realistic chances of a zombie apocalypse.
A freelance writer and professional blogger based out of Vancouver, Canada, Michael Kwan focuses primarily in the areas of consumer electronics, entrepreneurship, and personal development. We could spend billions of dollars to make a 100 percent safe grid, but would we still be able to afford the electricity that’s travelling on it?
The biggest threat to the grid is weather, but cyber attacks are of increasing concern to its security.
The plan includes things like building a culture where security is top of mind, monitoring the latest risks so attacks can be prevented, having systems that can continue operating if we do have a cyber attack, and continuing to play nice with another in the name of safety (i.e. It’s easy to let our imaginations run wild, but as with my zombie attack nightmares, it’s important to stay grounded (energy pun absolutely intended).
Are there any utility folks out there who have some insight on what the best local approach is?

It's important to be informed and knowledgeable about what we can all do to keep energy affordable. Would you have what it takes to survive and get to see the next day or, even better, to be part of the rebuilding process of the new civilization?
So this really tests your skills in the zombie infested world, throwing in the mix a bit of fun, because any game that takes itself too seriously is just… boring.
Not too hardcore so the diehard zombie fans like myself could consider this too light, but as a giggle and a nice coffee break adventure, this game does wonders.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. After the age of 30 the number starts to decrease to about two per year (there is a definite upside to getting older!!) So, now that I have you feeling less than optimistic, what should you do for treatment if a cold snags youa€¦..
This includes not only milk, but ice cream, all yoghurt except plain, and especially cheese. Research has shown that zinc reduces the severity and duration of cold symptoms particularly a sore throat. Where possible buy seasonal and organic or if gardening appeals you could try applying some good Permaculture techniques.
If you are congested and cana€™t breathe very well because your nose is plugged upa€¦a€¦.there is a great variety of herbs which can help build your immune system and address specific symptoms. Surprisingly, there is very little garlic breath with this a€“ possibly something to do with the lemons. For you risk takersa€¦think of it like a healthier version of touching your nose or walking a straight line - please be careful with sharp knives or get a friend to help). If you have recently been to clinic and I have all your current information, you can just ring ahead and we probably wona€™t need to bring you in for a consultation. Funds raised through Red Nose Day activities assist SIDS and Kids in providing vital services and programs to the Australian community.Follow the link for mor information on how you can help.
I find it better in some ways than regularly attacking your emails as I personally spend way too much time each morning deleting trade ads and info mails.
All information offered in this newsletter is for general interest only and is NOT to take the place of recommendations by qualified health practitioners with access to your complete medical history.
Yep, my favourite little festival of the year, when Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains resonates with all sorts of interesting a€?stuffa€™! And from that, more and more people are starting to wonder if they would be able to survive the zombie apocalypse should such a scenario really happen in the real world. It’s a solar charger than you can then use to charge a wide range of electrical gadgets. Sure, you could use a baseball bat or an axe, but it just seems so much more interesting to consider the BodyGuard instead.
The Caterpillar CAT B10 is a Android smartphone that adheres the IP67 specification for ruggedness.
You may run into the situation where you need to stab a zombie, but even more day-to-day tasks require a sharp knife.
The Getac V200 is a fully rugged notebook that can convert into a tablet with a 12.1-inch touchscreen display.
There’s a distinct possibility that your utility company is going to get overrun with zombies, so simply plugging into the wall might not work. This is what Could You Survive: Zombies tries to answer with a fun approach to the survival genre. However there is a direct relation between your risk of catching a cold and the amount of time spent in contact with an infected person.
Chicken contains a natural amino acid called cysteine.A  Cysteine can thin the mucus in the lungs and make it less sticky so you can expel it more easily. The benefits of a good nights sleep should never be under-rated, it's when your body gets a chance to repair and build up those components necessary for the next days onslaught! This step is helpful to decrease the extra mucous that dairy products can cause you to produce.A  Other normally wonderful foods like bananas and avocado can also aggravate the mucous condition. It has been suggested that zinc is ,directly toxic to the virus and stimulates your body to produce antibodies to destroy the virus. Generally we all head straight for oranges, however other juices such as pineapple and grapefruit are very useful. However, it is advisable to seek professional advice before self-administering these as some may not be suitable for your particular condition or clash nastily with any existing medication you are taking.

Sunshine has been getting a raw deal over the last decade due to fear of melanomas and skin cancers (hey I've had few burnt off myself), however recent research has shown that Vitamin D can have a very positive affect on immunity and resistance. Patients can also be given this as part of a maintenance program to prevent sinus build-up, or as a preventative for colds during winter and changes of season. Bring to the boil with the lid on, then simmer for 30 minutes, occasionally mashing the garlic and lemon with a potato masher while simmering. Drink another glass on rising and continue every hour or so, or until you feel more alive than zombie. If however, I have not seen you for a while and there are some gaps I need to know about, a short 30 minute consultation should be sufficient to get us up to speed. Bookings can continue to be made by email, facebook or phone (as I will be checking my messages even when away).
With the Hybrid Light HL120, you get a super bright flash light (120 lumens) that can comfortably charge up in the sun. It comes with 9 different adapter tips and a USB master cable, so everything from an iPod to a PSP can get some much needed juice. This is a StunGun glove that wraps to the upper half of your arm and it’s able to deliver 300,000 volts of power. The chassis is virtually indestructible and the laser beam itself can actually be used to burn through things. The CardSharp2 from Iain Sinclair is interesting, in this regard, because it can be folded up into a credit card when not in use. It started its life as a standard issue AK-47, but then it gained a battery-charged chainsaw and a biohazard-themed sight.
We have previously offered information on a€?Winters Blues and Depression and this is still available via the following link: Types of Depression . The time you are ill may be longer if you do not allow yourself to recuperate and recover completely.
If you are caring for a child with a cold, PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS every time you have to wipe their nose. Pineapple juice actually contains more Vitamin C than oranges and is considerably less acidic and breaks down mucous plugs faster, while grapefruit also helps to detoxify the liver. The best way to get Vitamin D is to be outside for as little as 5 - 10 minutes without sun block, as this inhibits the body's ability to absorb this essential little vitamin. Also if you have been down the antibiotic path recently we may need to consider a probiotic.
You can then use it to charge your various devices; you can even detach the charging station as needed. It was originally designed to clear out heavy weeds and hard to reach brush, but you can see how useful it would be to survive the zombie apocalypse too. The most common route of infection is not from coughing or sneezing, or walking barefoot in the rain, but from hand-to-hand contact. If you exercise regularly, you should definitely cut back on the intensity until you feel better. The likelihood of you becoming a victim of the cold virus increases however, if you are overtired or physically exhausted.
It might not sound as scary as a zombie attack, but if something ever happened, it would impact our lives more than you might think. Two old standards, Chamomile and Peppermint are very useful for clearing and warming the sinuses. Antibiotics, including penicillin, DO NOT have any effect on viruses - which is why doctors prescribe them, to treat the secondary bacterial infections that can complicate a cold. Don't stop at chicken soup, be creative with soups and casseroles that utilise a range of legumes and root vegetables, and don't forget to keep up your intake of raw fruit and vegetables to help your body build and maintain the necessary white blood cells. NB I know we don't associate dehydration with Winter but most us spend a great deal of time in doors, centrally heated and this can be very 'drying'! Most uncomplicated colds last between eight and nine days, but about 25% last two weeks, and 5-10% last three weeks.

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