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This entry was posted in Digital Identity, tic104 and tagged tic104 on September 11, 2014 by ErinRadar. The cards themselves only contain the minimum amount of private data necessary for identification. This article cites the reasons the digital ID has failed in other countries being the governments careless keeping of sensitive data.
This entry was posted in Digital Identity, tic104 and tagged tic104 on September 4, 2014 by ErinRadar.
Published by American Banker, author Sean Sposito wrote an article titled “Digitally ID’ing Customers: An Inexact Science” explaining the current conflict between digital identities and an economy attempting to adapt.
Balancing the brand risk and financial risk of transitioning to virtual banking will not be simple but there is ample demand, which can drive a movement. Presented at the International Conference on Digital Society in 2014, this paper by Eric Holm explores the relationship between social networking and identity crime. A digital identity refers to the information one chooses to share about themselves online, in this case specifically, social networks. Due to their increased presence on social media, and perhaps their naivety, teens fifteen to eighteen are 43% more likely to fall victim to an identity crime. Holm explains it can be difficult to prosecute cyber criminals for crimes committed using information obtained through social networks. Referring to the Internet as the medium that allows digital identities to flourish, Koosel explains the medium creates a platform for new cultures and forms of interaction and expression to emerge. The amount of control and power that is coupled with digital anonymity plays a large role in the reasoning behind multiple virtual identities. This paper specifically addresses the concept of a “private” digital identity (in reference to users who have ‘private’ security settings on their social networks). Koosel explains the phenomenon of Internet fame, which can result in a digital identity being introduced to the physical world.
Similarly, Koosel argues the power of digital anonymity and creation of digital identities results in information in the hands of everyone – this means anyone can claim to be an expert on anything. This document is a white paper published by Microsoft in 2005 at a time when the Internet was rapidly expanding but Internet security was underdeveloped. The white paper was written to suggest an identity metasystem, but this paper was also written prior to the emergence of social networks into society.
User Control and Consent – The user must be aware of any parties requesting information at anytime and must consent to any information being collected.
Minimal Disclosure for a Constrained Use – The least amount of information necessary for identification is disclosed to approved parties. Pluralism of Operators and Technologies – This refers to users right to have multiple virtual identities. Human Integration – By recognizing human interaction, cooperation, and participation as a key solution to solving the current ambiguity issue, it’s important for the identity system to relate to humans rather than other networks. Consistent Experience Across Contexts – All users should feel comfortable using one identity to make purchases, browse the web, at work, and at home, without feeling like they’re compromising their personal security.
Cameron’s argument from 2005 is extremely important because it shows the foundations for a digital identity that had yet to even flourish. This paper presented at the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) in 2014 investigates the construction of virtual identities on social networking sites. The study performed sought to understand the motivation behind the construction of various virtual identities.

About this CourseThis is the homepage for Computer Science 104 (also known as "The Internet Course") taught by Jim Groom and Paul Bond at the University of Mary Washington.
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Amazon River is the second longest river in the world with a length of 6400 kilometers (4000 miles), the Nile is the longest river in the world.
Vicente Yanez Pinzon was the first European to sail through the river in 1500.Orang Amazon in Europe who sailed the Amazon River track was Francisco de Orellana in 1542. Amazon River has more than 1,100 tributaries, 17 of which have a length of more than 1,500 kilometers. Similarly, the Estonians had prior framework for a government that did promote a surveillance society, evoking trust from their citizens which is opposite to that of most countries.
The specific ID’s make ecommerce safer and less vulnerable to fraud, something too common to home businesses before the system was implemented. The author of the article concludes by arguing the main point is that a government or digital identity is no longer reliant upon location. This article specifically addresses a digitally identity consisting of what information users supply as a consumer. Sposito ultimately argues the process of aggregating the information that comprises a digital identity makes the prospect of a completely virtual economy nearly impossible.
Holm begins by highlighting the positive aspects of social media such as creating new relationships, connecting with estranged relatives, and exploring new interest. Holm states that social networks are the main platform for sharing any and all information.
Holm suggest users ages fifteen to eighteen are also more attractive to cyber thieves because their more likely to have an income than say a twelve year old. Firstly, the “Right to Privacy” creates a legal gray area considering the user shared the information pulbic even if it was attained without consent.
He explains it’s important for users to be aware of what information is sensitive and where they share information if they choose to. However, she explains this can be a completely new identity, a subtype of a persons existing identity, or even who someone thinks they are. Users have the power to selectively display parts of their identity online, something not possible in the physical world. Users who create a digital identity wish to be heard and contribute and participate in an online community, which is driving the need for privacy settings – users no longer trust sharing certain information online to various parties, but the fear of missing out and not being included outweighs the risks of compromised information. With news stories going viral by the minute, it’s easy for anyone to fabricate information and gain a small following. Digital identities wouldn’t last in the physical world because a surveillance society doesn’t allow them to thrive the way the anonymity of the Internet does. Cyber crime was flourishing and the public was beginning to grow wary of the new Internet frontier. She states that Governments and Enterprises need to distinguish themselves and their consumers online – a hierarchy is necessary – something she argues wouldn’t be possible with a universal identity. Although the concept of this metasystem is interesting, an outcome of this concept was the creation of the Laws of Identity creating a foundation for what information should be allowed to define your digital identity.
The law protects private entities connecting to public beacons potentially compromising personal information. If someone wanted to use a different identity than their work identity, they may be attempting to protect their tax information from their monitored work computer. However, it’s also important users realize they have the right to multiple digital identities.
At this time, there was no concept of social media which completely changed users outlook on sharing personal information and what information was worthy to be shared. The paper begins by introducing social networking sites as a place for users to connect over common interests. The first, “self-discrepancy theory” argues that the concept of identity is based on three domains of ones self: actual, ideal, and ought.
The researchers found that users often reconstructed their identity online because they were given the chance to create their “ideal self”. Palmer created this hand-colored lithograph during the construction of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad, which established a route from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1869. We encourage visitors to use the images and text on this website for non-commercial, educational purposes, such as lesson plans and school reports. Students are given the tools to set their imaginations free, learning how to get the very most from their camera and lighting equipment, as well as shot composition and interaction with models. The workshop took place on 30th of November and was instructed by Photoion founder Ion Paciu. Mod Design 1 is for Minecraft players ages 8-14 and it teaches them java programming so that they can create things for their game. We definitely suggest having more than one: one for professional stuff (work and school) and one for personal stuff (Disney gifs). How about your sign-off?How are the tones of the emails different?Is the information different, or just the way you present it?

After my 3 month stint with ETI and Udit Sir, I am confident of my knowledge of the subject matter. The digital ID comes in the form of a small ID card used in electronic banking and ecommerce, health care, public transportation, email encryption and even voting. Estonia is currently working with other countries in the European Union so that other member states can interact with their different digital ID’s. This is only moving society closer to the concept of a universal identity but it also highlights the flaws of a virtual universe that is divorced from location. The example given was of a bank consumer connecting to business partners on social media, unknowingly providing information to their bank, becoming a part of their digital identity. We are working on EMV chip cards, one-time passwords and app-based security technology,” said Mark Nelsen, Visa’s head of rick and authentication of products.” Donna Turner of Bank of American however argues that consumers expect a completely virtual banking experience, something the bank industry isn’t equipped for.
He also highlights the increase in identity related cyber crimes as a result of the growth of social networking. He explains the obvious draws of social networking and why users are more likely to share their information under the guise of  “privacy”. Secondly, it can be hard to attain evidence against cyber criminals operating through social networks because of the rapid transfers of data, essentially destroying evidence. Similarly it is important for parents to monitor the content their children share and teach why it’s important to protect your digital identity. Koosel points out the sometimes overlooked complication with online identities – although they only exist in a virtual reality, their actions still affect the reality in the physical world. The idea of protecting already public information in the name of Internet safety seems redundant. Once the anonymous blogger has to integrate into the physical world, they will no longer be anonymous and their name will be clearly printed on the cover of the book.
This also creates the channel for users to decide what news is worthy of recognition by what information they choose to share. Cameron clearly states that the issue with the Internet lies within its ambiguity saying, “The Internet was built without a way to know who and what you are connecting to.” She explains how users have become numb to websites requesting personal information because it’s become so common. Immediately, the concept of a virtual identity is introduced as what information the user contributes to their “profile” on various sites. The actual self refers to the qualities or characteristics one (or others) believes they possess. Others stated changing or altering their identity online was too simple making it more appealing.
Read our Copyright and Permissions information or read more about the Digital Collections for the Classroom site. After just twelve modules, students will have an understanding of java and a completed mod pack to play with in Minecraft. You might even have a third one where you get all your spam-ish stuff sent…coupons, offers, all that jazz.
Turner states that transferring sensitive data required for banking requires “accountability, responsibility, and liability” of unprotected data. Common information such as location, name, and age don’t seem all that personal, but it’s enough for someone to steal your identity – something cyber thieves are very aware of. Younger children are more likely to have their identity stolen so thieves can commit fraud.
Thirdly, the Internet is universal; meaning anyone anywhere could be looking at your information. Koosel refers to the commonality of changing ones personal identity as “plastic surgery of the psyche”. Users willingness to put their lives, or digital identity, on display only under the condition that it’s private is quite ironic. The equal opportunity that the Internet provides creates a platform for users to assume any digital identity. There is no way to authenticate sites so users find themselves disclosing personal information to unreliable sources.
And that's why we want to introduce you to Shmoop's #1 Rule for Email:Assume that everything you write in an email will end up on the front page of the New York Times the next day.
This is more for you-sent-the-email-complaining-about-homework-to-your-teacher-instead-of-your-friend-and-realized-just-as-you-clicked-send moments. Children and teens are often aware they shouldn’t tell individuals their address, but often sharing information when prompted to “create a profile” seems second nature.
Similarly, with so many sites requesting information, users are failing to keep track of their digital identities and what information was given to what sites. Online, users can assume the role of (ex.) Jim, Sears employee or provide different information making him Jim, soccer player or Jim, dad of three. Lastly, the ought self refers to the representation of the attributions such as personal responsibilities or obligations that someone ought to have acquired.
These notions support the self discrepancy theory because it allows users to control the three domains of their self (actual, ideal, and ought). Anyone you're emailing (or who's emailing you) should know your name already anyway—or you should want them to. Children and teens are also sometimes unaware of what information is sensitive and should never be shared. All of the information about Jim, the Dad of three who plays soccer and works at Sears may be true, but his ability to selectively share information online changes his virtual identity.
The second theory, the “social capital theory “ can also be broken down into three domains: the structural, the relational, and the cognitive. Some participants of the studies admitted to altering their personality in order to diversify their virtual social scene.
It might sounds cynical, but Every Politician Ever would probably have appreciated a reminder.
Cameron predicted that at the growing rate the Internet would lose its credibility and would lose it’s new found reputation as a place for the economy to flourish. The structural social capital refers to the general pattern of connections between individuals. The example given was of a nurse whose social network was saturated with other nurse and doctor coworkers; she went on another social network to connect with writers and diversify her virtual social scene in the process changing her identity from nurse to writer. All email clients give you the ability to archive emails, which means you can save stuff without it getting in your way—fancy folder names included. The ability to have different identities on different sites supports the social capital theory because it allows users to expand their social networks and relationships as well as create new relationships based on different interests. I could never afford this EVER and it would really be amazing to be able to give this to him!! The relational social capital refers to specific individual relationships and their combined assets as a result of the specific relationship.

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