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Carry this in your pocket for powerful personal protection against negative people and EMF radiation.   Place near Smart Meters outside your home, place under power lines.
Many of our clients are always asking about the healing properties of certain crystals and stones. Amethyst- It is well known to cleanse and purify the aura and open one up to spiritual experiences. Aquamarine– This is a calm and soothing stone that is very helpful for emotional stability, especially when one is afraid to speak their needs and wants. Aventurine– This is a great stone to protect against pessimistic and negative people. Black Tourmaline– One of the best stones for protection as it repels and protects against negativity. Bloodstone– Historically is one of the oldest stones on the planet and has been used by warriors for centuries as a protection stone.
Blue Calcite– Traditionally used for relaxation and recuperation from broken bones or surgery. Blue Goldstone– This stone is used to attract success and bring better job opportunities. Blue Tiger Eye– Enhances psychic abilities and brings focus when dealing with day to day practical matters.
Blue Topaz– This is called the writers stone as it brings clarity to the written word.
Botswana Agate– This one is often used for those who are battling addictions, mainly cigarettes.
Celestite– A beautiful stone that invokes guardian angel energy and is the most effective stone to help you reconnect with loved ones who have passed on. Charoite –  An incredible stone of the Violet Ray with an almost tangible movement of energy flowing in magnificent swirls of violet, lavender and purple.
Citrine– this is called the Stone of Prosperity and Manifestation and you can place it in the prosperity Feng shui corner of your home to bring abundance and wealth. Dalmatian Jasper –  Also known as Dalmation Stone, this is a stone that aids you to break down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself. Danburite- A powerful stone of light and energy, these stones are often used in meditation and prayer. Desert Rose – A variety of Selenite, as such it has its own energies as well as those of Selenite in general. Goldstone– This is a manmade stone created with copper, feldspar quartz and other minerals. Green Calcite– this is a great stone for growing plants in the garden and in the home. Green Moss Agate – Excellent qualities including grounding of excess spiritual energy down through the base and earth chakra to Mother Gaia.
Herkimer Diamonds– These special crystals are found only in the area of Herkimer, New York. Hypersthene – Arranges both energy and thought in a more organized manner so we can have a clearer idea of the way forward and realize solutions to problems.
Kambaba Jasper – A stone of Peace and Tranquility imbued with the nourishing green energy of Nature. Blue Kyanite– A very popular stone for cleansing and cleaning other crystals of the energies they have absorbed. Lapis Lazuli – A beautiful blue stone that has been used for centuries in Greece as the original “Evil Eye”. Lemurian Seed Quartz – These special quartz crystals are said to be the “Seeds” of Lemurian consciousness.
This is a stone of deep magic- formed from the knowledge of wizards, shamans, and elementals.
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It is also great for detoxifying our physical and subtle bodies while strengthening the immune system and providing pain relief and defense against disease. Black Tourmaline - Gold NecklaceBlack Tourmaline (approx 1-inch long) on 18-inch gold-finished chain. Black Tourmaline - Silver NecklaceBlack Tourmaline (approx 1-inch long) on 18-inch silver-finished chain. Black Tourmaline in SilverBlack Tourmaline in Silver on an 18" silver-finished chain.
Black Tourmaline EMF Protection Cell Phone PlugProtect yourself from harmful electromagnetic cell frequencies with Black Tourmaline while preventing dust, sand, etc. The Iron shavings attract the EMF waves and the Amethyst Quartz Crystal, Shungite and Black Tourmaline encased in the resin creates a Pizoelectric effect, which filters out the negative emf waves and turns it into positive Orgone, Chi, Life Force Energy. Amazonite is a popular stone for helping to create boundaries with other people and to speak your truth. It is helpful to transmute negative energy and is often used for meditation and for people looking to open up their own spiritual intuitions.
The story of Apache tears goes back to when there was a small band of Apache Warriors who were fighting against Western Calvary and found themselves surrounded while standing on the edge of a cliff. Most often used as a meditation tool, it acts as a window into another world of interdimensional travel.
It is a creative stone and often used in meditation as it quiets the mind and reduces stress.

It is often worn or kept in the pocket to shield the wearer from other people’s negative thoughts, especially if they are directed at the one who wears the stone. You can keep one in your pocket to remind you to look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems.
This stone is particularly helpful when placed next to the bed of young children if they are prone to night terrors and nightmares. It is rare and complex, one of nature’s best dream stones and illuminators allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present, and for opening to spiritual guidance for the future. Quartz has the ability to clear all chakras, clear the mind and bring light into ones energy field. It may also relieve the need to take revenge on anyone who you feel has done you wrong, as its vibration helps you to release any lack of trust in other people. It is professed to enhance one’s ability to relax and bring tranquility, comfort, wholeness, healing, and gentle endings.
It can be very helpful in relieving headaches, especially when placed at the base of the head or massaged gently on the temples. It inspires passion, boldness, courage, vitality and stimulates life force energy within the body. It is a revitalizing and energizing stone to help encourage a positive attitude and individualism.
It resonates a lovely heart based vibration that most of you will find useful to have in your life. They amplify whatever stone they are around and are particularly useful in healing work sessions. By calming, grounding and protecting it is an excellent aid to deep meditation, profound inner reflection, and can take you on journeys into other dimensions of consciousness, traveling beyond the limitations of body and mind.
These beautiful blue violet crystals may stimulate the imagination and this may aid in their use as shamanic stones. It is a stone used for bodhisattvas and those attracted to Kwan Yin energy of mercy and love for all.
Its dark mystic circles and deep green swirls comforts and protects, calms and relaxes troubled minds and restores balance to the body and spirit.
In palest pink to light violet hues it is a Stone of Emotion opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two.
This stone can bring serenity, stimulates creativity, encourages going with the flow of life and useful for stress relief. A form of Gabbro, Mystic Merlinite opens metaphysical abilities, helps us connect to the elemental realms, assists in healing past life karma, clears a channel to our higher self, shields against EMF pollution, and firmly grounds the soul into the body. It allows you to work with nature spirits and gives you the tools to see and communicate with them. This is a perfect stone for unlocking your past in order to manifest the future you desire.
The encased and crystals that are bonded in the resin activate and accelerate the natural properties of the crystals to filter out and absorb the negative effects of EMF waves.  Always Hand made, crystals are cleared with Pacific ocean water under the moonlight and cleared with Palo Santo wood for blessings and guidance.
Instead of being killed at the sword of the Calvary they chose to sacrifice themselves and jumped off the cliff with their horses and warriors together. Having them in your home can bring in a sense of peace and serenity while also bringing in guardian angel energy.
It is a great stone to protect against psychic attack, and clears negative thoughts and ill wishing against the wearer of the stone. It is also used to block your own psychic impressions or psychic feelings if they are unwanted.
This stone embodies a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart Chakras, bringing high spiritual energy into union with unconditional love from the physical plane, and grounding it here on Earth where it is needed most.
It promotes emotional balance, healing for the thymus and throat allowing one to release sadness, grief and fear from the emotional body. It also fills the aura with golden light and stimulates the solar plexus chakra for boosting confidence and will power. Cobaltocalcite raises consciousness, links to higher spiritual states and awakens psychic abilities.
It is a stone for angelic communication and can be placed under the pillow at night to help reduce mind chatter. It is said to bring mental ability and clarity, as well as perception of all kinds, including intuitive perception. You can add it to your bath to cleanse the aura and is helpful in soothing arthritis and strengthens bones. It has balanced enduring energy and grounding ability with sound metaphysical properties that are known to aid abundance and prosperity and stimulate creativity. As it calms without drowsiness, it can be effective in situations of stress where one needs to remain alert and express oneself clearly, such as in making a presentation. Its slow steady frequency expands one’s ability to focus and is a remarkable aid in meditation granting the release of negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that plague one’s consciousness on a continual basis.
Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love.
It is often worn to protect the wearer from negative influences and deflects any negative energy from the aura.
It is a very psychic stone and healing for the throat chakra helping one to speak up for yourself and others. It holds a joyful, childlike energy of play similar to dolphins and opens the one wearing it to peace and harmony in their heart. They lived in a high vibration with compassion, love, feminine grace and were said to be telepathic beings.

When the women of the tribe heard the news they cried with grief and as their tears fell to the ground they turned to stone.
They are helpful in nourishing the chakras, improve concentration and are considered one of the best stones for maintaining an optimistic attitude. It also is used to interpret emotions that are beneath the surface that need to be understood and accepted. It is often called the Stone of Optimism and encourages the wearer to be lighthearted, open to new things in life and trust in their hearts dreams and desires. You can put a black tourmaline next to the computer or wear one to minimize the computer’s harmful EMF’s. It shuts down the psychic centers allowing you to not be so distracted by external influences. You can give it to someone who has had trauma in the throat area from this life or the last. The energy of Botswana Agate is a soothing energy that provides a sense of security and a feeling that everything will be okay. You can use this stone to align your energetic bodies and to enhance your psychic perceptions. This stone is very helpful for women to connect to the goddess within and heal from any past abuse in the body, emotions or mind. It brings light and goodness on all levels, and keeps the wearer protected from negativity. It can help release one from grief, fear, anxiety, resentment and anger, especially when worn. Desert rose is used in crystal healing to quiet worries and still the mind from distractions and disruptions. In mystical healing lore, jasper is said to be good for the liver, gallbladder, and soothing to the stomach.
This green stone may assist you to correct imbalances between the two sides of the brain and it is a spiritual stone. It has a powerful connection to the blood and can purify, restore and soothe any blood conditions. They also help in clearing the energy field around one’s body and transforming negative energy into light. Their energy will aid the process of connecting with angels and will take you to a higher level spiritually. Stimulating the Heart Chakra, Kambaba Jasper draws wisdom from its ancient life energies and encourages one to open the heart to loving the self and others more fully and increases the ability to receive love in return. Wearing amber cleanses and purifies the heart chakra while stimulating the body to heal itself.
It is also very good for healing past love pain and opens one to new love and new relationships.
Another thing you can do with black tourmaline is place it next to your bed if you are being visited at night by entities or having strange and disturbing dreams. It is a very good grounding stone and was used by the Druids in magical ceremonies to protect against any evil spirits.
It is also called the stone of negotiators and mediators as it promotes a peaceful agreement under stressful situations. It aids in releasing anger and resentment and accepting ones real feelings and honoring them. The black spots are Black Tourmaline, and so it also embodies the energy of this stone, and will aid you with spiritual grounding and psychic protection. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.  Fancy Jasper is known to be particularly good at bringing energies of wholeness and healing to an environment or situation. The vibration of this stone brings you strength and courage and will help to lessen fear and stress and may aid you in attracting nature spirits. This is also a good stone to help you come to terms with issues from your past and brings attention to any unfulfilled desires you may have in life. These crystals are third eye chakra stones and produce an electrical charge when in contact with your aura. This stone is also known to help the kidneys and you can place a piece in your water to make a gem elixir.
They radiate a sense of peace rapidly expand one’s consciousness and embodies the soft loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms.
It clears the auric field of any entities and protects the healer from taking on other people’s pain and suffering. They are a form of obsidian and help us to release any pain or memory that is no longer serving us, so we can grow and move forward in our lives. It is beneficial for removing destructive tendencies; helps activate creativity and allowing you to be less sensitive to criticism. This is a great stone for people suffering from ADD and you can keep in in your pocket or wear around the neck. This stone can also be used under the pillow to help relieve any sleep disorders, especially combined with Howlite and Lepidolite. It enhances individuality and is excellent in overcoming fears and phobias, allowing you to feel more confident and radiant.

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