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ROCKFORD, MI — Nearly 1,900 Consumers Energy customers were without power in Kent County after separate incidents in which trees fell on power lines. Utility spokesman Roger Morgenstern said a falling tree knocked down three power poles in Plainfield Township on Wednesday afternoon, putting 410 customers in the dark. A convenient way to wash your twists or budding locs without them uravelling is to place pantyhose over your hair before you wash them. To create a shiny smooth crown when wearing a puff - dampen your crown thoroughly and brush through to create your puff.
If you have been a part of the natural movement as long as I have, you would have seen hundreds of a€?naturala€? hair products come and go. There are many factors to take into account when you are trying to decide if you should enroll in School 1 BIG CHOP or School 2 TRANSITION. Severe thunderstorms swept across Central Florida for much of Tuesday afternoon, as winds and furious rains left flooding and damage in its wake. One of the hardest hit areas Tuesday was DeBary, where trees fell onto a home and brought down power lines. Florida Power and Light cut off power at Glenview Road, where homeowners said the down power lines sent sparks into the air as it continued to rain.
No one was injured, and homeowners said they didn't lose any power, but it was a very dangerous situation as they were kept away while workers repaired the power line. In neighboring DeLand, an oak tree was uprooted and came crashing down onto the side of a home. Florida Power and Light said only a handful of homes lost power during the storms, but none were due to the downed power line in DeBary. Lightning may have started a fire at the Evander Square Apertments in Celebration, which opened less than a year ago.
Lake County: A tractor-trailer has jackknifed on Florida's Turnpike blocking all southbound lanes near US-27 in Clermont. Volusia County: Heavy thunderstorms knocked down a tree and power lines on Glenview Road in DeBary. Orlando police are responding to calls of tree branches and debris on roadways, as well as disabled vehicles. In the 200 block of Ridgewood Avenue, there is a report of a large tree and power lines in the roadway. As the front moves through and then south of the area Tuesday, most of the heaviest showers will move away to the south and east as northwest winds develop behind the front. Expect a few light showers in forecast this evening, with overnight lows dropping into the lower to middle 50s, and some of our typically cooler locations falling into the upper 40s.

Look for a mix of sun and clouds on Wednesday, with breezy northeast winds and an ongoing chance for rain along the coastal counties, particularly Brevard County.
The cold front to our south will become stationary on Wednesday, and then begin to lift back north on Thursday and Friday, producing lots of clouds during this period and a good chance for rain. With the front stalled over Central Florida on Thursday and Friday, our skies will be cloudy and temperatures will only climb to near 80s degrees with all of the expected wet weather. Download the News 13+ app for the latest News, Weather and Real Time Traffic at your fingertips. Get instant Breaking News, Weather & Traffic alerts delivered directly to your cell phone or email with News 13 NOW.
Every Monday, News 13 salutes an Everyday Hero making a positive difference in Central Florida.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Bright House Networks. Highly textured, natural, afro, kinky, nappy, coily, twisted, locked up African-American hair.No gimmicks.
Wash in the shower, not the sink and gently squeeze the shampoo and conditioner through the pantyhose into your hair. Soak a cotton ball in Seabreeze and dab your scalp, then follow up with a light grapeseed or jojoba oil spritz with lavender EO to bring the moisture back that the Seabreeze will remove.
Many, many thousands of African American women and women of African descent all over the world have stopped relaxing their hair and are wearing their natural hair proudly.
We're transitioning, or wearing braids or weaves and thinking about transitioning -- and some of us have just cut off the relaxer and are beginning to learn how to care for napptural hair in the real world. From having nothing specifically geared towards our natural hair in 2000 to 2012 and having the choice of hundreds of hair products has been quite a surge, and a goldmine for those jumping on the natural bandwagon to try to get us to purchase their hair care lines.
There are some great companies out there who supply raw ingredients for homemade hair products. Many natural haired women have begun exploring ways to make their own healthy hair products. Tuesday, the Sheriff's Office dispatch center was inundated with calls about trees and power lines down around the county. Florida Power & Light cut downed power lines and will repair them, Brevard County Fire Rescue said. The breezy, northwesterly flow will allow for a brief cool down in our weather pattern, but will also lift what moisture is still in place with the front to our south.
Some coastal showers might transition inland as high temperatures only climb into the lower to middle 70s at the beaches and the upper 70s inland.

Training of cells off of the Atlantic may result in some pockets of very heavy rainfall along the coast on Thursday and Friday.
This meandering boundary should finally be pushed out of the area late Friday and early Saturday, with a gradual decrease in rain through the middle of the day on Saturday, and a nice and warm day expected Easter Sunday.
That's why News 13 created Project Weather to help provide kids with the information they need to stay safe. Buy specific haircutting scissors from the beauty supply store and use them only to trim your hair.
Using your fingers, wind each twist around your thumb and index finger, smoothing it as you go all the way to the ends. Wrap your head in a satin scarf for a little while to let it do its work and your head will stop itching.
All have different reasons for doing it -- damage, scalp problems, illness, hair loss, finances, curiosity or maybe simply being tired of wasting all day Saturday waiting in a salon. A lot of this has to do with those who go natural starting to pay attention to what is actually in the products they purchase for their hair and skin.
Project Weather is made up of interactive educational resources to help prepare students for the future.
Our goal is to give you all the info and support you need to get you on the road to natural and keep you there as long as you like. Trimming hair with other types of scissors can badly damage your ends, leading to split ends and no length retention.
Place a satin scarf lightly around your hair for 10 minutes, then remove, fluff yout twists and go!
You can leave your ends out if you wish and retwist them wet with a little gel for extra hold. Others saw someone on the train wearing a fierce set of locs, coils or twists and started to rethink their choices. We are turning away from chemicals so naturally we dona€™t want any dangerous ones, or too many of them, in our personal care products. Note that your results don't mean you HAVE to transition a certain way, it's a guide to what you may be able to do.

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