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Time travel, we’ve all thought about it, it’s a fantasy of most everyone really, what if we could go back and change history for the better, or for the worse.  A first person shooter based on that premise might be rather good right?
Classic Game Room HD reviews DARKEST OF DAYS for Xbox 360 where you fight your way through history in this very interesting and bizarre first person shooter!
Time manipulation is old hat when it comes to shooters, but time travel is still fair game.
Darkest of Days mostly takes place during two eras: the American Civil War, and World War I Germany. If there's one thing that Darkest of Days gets right, it's the way that it communicates that old fashioned rifles can be plenty deadly, even when you're armed to the teeth with futuristic weaponry.
Battles will be fought with a variety of weapons including period-specific weapons such as a six-shooter and a musket. Even though Darkest of Days is a single-person game, it has the feel of an online massive multiplayer. The safari aspect is evident in Pompeii where thousands of people are fleeing for their lives amidst the chaos of the volcano. You will fight against the Confederates (and the Union at times), facing a staggering number of troops, all fighting in unison. Play From Opposing Sides Of Conflicts: Nearly every time period offers game play from each side of the conflict.
Unleash Hell With Futuristic Weaponry: What could you have done with an automatic rifle during the Civil War, or some futuristic laser sighted pulse cannon in the trenches of WW I?
I agree that the upgrade system is extremely weak and the ending gave you a half done feeling because of the shortness of the game, and lack of emotion in what little story there was. Darkest of Days tries to capitalize on this vacuum with an adventure that spans some of the most dramatic moments in human history. You'll spend one lengthy sequence in World War II, and endure the laborious endgame set in ancient Pompeii during the eruption of Mt. You'll be using this comparatively primitive stuff most of the time, and it can be interesting to experience of the mechanics of a muzzle-loaded musket, given that shooters set before World War II are few and far between.
You take part in any or all of five major battles including the Civil War, Little Big Horn, WW1, WWII, and Pompeii. In Darkest of Days you can take weapons of the future back in time just to see what kind of carnage you can create.
You can also bring along machine guns, assault rifles, and even a rocket launcher; whatever it takes to get the job done. Frontline soldiers push through enemy territory while the Calvary invades from different angles. Here it's a foregone conclusion that most of these people will die, so load up your weapons and have at it. What if you could go back to the Civil War with a pulse cannon and kick some butt, or back to another part of history and change the tide of war, in the game I have for review today you can do that and more. Is it a journey worth taking, or should this experience be stricken from the books?The story kicks off at the Battle of Little Bighorn during the American Civil War.
There's even a sequence where the game flips the script, and puts you up against a Civil War dude strapped with a future era assault rifle.
It's all part of the thrill in Darkest of Days where you are commissioned to go back in time and take part in some of the bloodiest battles in history.
They monitor the number of kills, but more specifically, they restrict the people that can and can't be killed. That will involve non-lethal action such as shooting them in the leg or shoulder, or incapacitating them with a futuristic stun weapon. The huge mountains in the distance are not painted walls; they are part of the environment.

Strategy plays an integral role in the gameplay, especially when it comes to using the environment to your advantage.
You play as Alexander Morris, a Union soldier whose role in the battle is cut short by Indian cavalry. There's no multiplayer to speak of, and apart from letting you choose from two or three missions to take on, the proceedings are strictly linear.Missions usually involve tracking down historical VIPs by embedding yourself in their units and making sure they don't die. But ultimately, the cool moments in Darkest of Days are fleeting.The game ends up running into most of the problems that can foil a shooter. Your mission is not just to kill the enemy but to assist key characters from meeting their demise. Yeah, while the volcano is spewing lava and poisonous gases, you'll be fighting for more than just your life. Well you don't have to imagine, in Darkest of Days you can actually see firsthand what impact you and your weapons will have on the battlefield. If you accidentally kill one of the restricted characters, the game will freeze and you might have to come back as the enemy to fix that mistake.
Employing the newly developed Marmoset engine, the game is capable of rendering huge battlefields along with 300 characters onscreen at the same time. A half done… if that, not even half done game.Now I got it for PC, and the problems you describe having, I have the opposite, it looks as if the game was meant for PC, and the conversion over to Console, destroyed a lot of the codeing or something?
Of course, all of your technical gripes would be null if you had played it on the PC, but most people game on 360s. The AI is usually utterly dumb, often times taking several long seconds before it notices you're there. They live to affect future events through their actions or through the actions of their offspring. According to the developers, extensive research went into each time period to make everything as accurate as possible including the environments, costumes, and weapons. Caves, caverns, trees, and buildings offer cover, and with hundreds of characters taking place in any one battle, you will have to find a lot of hiding places if you want to stay alive.
Each character can be engaged individually on the battlefield and will react accordingly, especially during melee combat.
The environments tend toward the wide-open, and you typically run from battle to battle as your partner Dexter barks orders to drive home the imperative nature of your quest.
Enemies will stand still as you lay into them with your awkward melee attacks, and sometimes even take a few shots to the body before turning around and returning fire.
On the PC, it always loads in about 5 seconds.Way to be the better man in the review world, save your grammar. You're now part of the time police.You soon learn that, thanks to messy paper shuffling on the part of the Union army, you're essentially MIA as far as the history books go.
The main problem is that in spite of their openness, the environments are built to contain you on an arbitrary critical path.Often, the most logical path from point A to B will be blocked off by an invisible wall. It's bad.Technical problems are also prevalent, and they frequently overwhelm the game experience.
Few details are overlooked including the concentrated smoke from the muskets to the individual blades of grass blowing in the wind. If you manage to reduce their numbers, some of them will get the hint and start to retreat, demonstrating that they have the capacity to think for themselves. But you can decide for yourself in the early days of September when Darkest of Days is available for the Xbox 360 and your PC.
This makes you a perfect candidate for KronoteK, a corporation from the future founded by the guy who invented time travel. When you're merely trying to reach your next objective, this is little more than an annoyance; it's easy enough to just backtrack, and figure out where the game wants you to go.

Lucky for you, this fact often seems lost on your victims.The story is more or less absurd. When you need to figure out where to go, your character, literally pulls out a map in real time, Far Cry 2-style.
The scant exciting moments do not redeem it.Darkest of Days suffers from a barebones presentation that often looks downright ugly. It's an odd design choice and an increasingly puzzling one when you consider the game's context. The animations look puppet-like during odd moments, the particle effects look cheap and crude, and the environments rough and repetitive.
Koell, the inventor of time travel, but when you do, he acts deranged and senile for no reason. KronoteK is able to zip you through time and arm you with devastatingly powerful weapons, but they won't give to a wrist-mounted PDA that works as a mini-map?Darkest of Days is a trim, straightforward package, clocking in at around 10 to 12 hours from start to finish.
Meanwhile, the sinister lady who's giving you orders on the computer screen in your headquarters in the future sees her role just fizzle out at the end. There isn't much in the way of bonuses, apart from a mildly amusing hidden level that you can unlock if you stand in the right place during the ending sequence.
There are a few moments that might be memorable, but you can live without experiencing them.
If given an opportunity to embark on this journey through time, do yourself a favor and step away from the portal.Reviewed on Microsoft Xbox 360. He's actually voiced well, and all things considered, serves as the story's sole shred of believability. Luckily for us those people are lit up like Christmas Trees, or more specifically they glow a bright blue, an aura it’s called. These people cannot die, you can wound them to get t6hem out of the way, or you can use a special weapons, these little balls are attracted to the special people and you can knock them out with them.
Cool concept and a good way to knock out a bunch of enemies at once.Like any fighting game you’ve got to reload your weapon at times, in Darkest of Days a meter appears on your screen with a sweet spot in it, if you hit the sweet spot your reload will be faster, if you miss the gun will jam. I mentioned Dexter is your partner, for many missions he’ll be there to help you, but he doesn’t help, not at all. You’ll get shot and killed and he’ll be standing there watching it happen, he does nothing but get on your nerves really.
I tried to shoot him just to shut him up many times, sadly you can’t kill him… and Dexter is just like you, an MIA, but he’s from 2001, specifically 9-11, he was a fireman, but he wasn’t on duty, so he’s listed as MIA. For the most part this isn’t a bad thing, but for many people it still might hit a nerve and they won’t appreciate the reference at all. It’s a gamble…The actual gameplay isn’t too bad once you get past the stuttering and frame ripping that goes on quite a bit. There are parts in the game where things just slow down a bit too much, and the you’ll see the frame just splitting, not good for continuity at all. Of course they leave the game opened ended as well, once you finish you’ll be left with you jaw open saying ‘what?’. Obviously they left it open for a second part, but it would have been much better had the entire storyline been included.A saving grace for this game would have been a multiplayer option, I think it could have been done well and it could have saved the game truly.
I know I would have loved to be able to be fighting other players on line in certain time periods, it could have been a great game really…Back to shooting people, there’s going to be two videos below, watch them and see what happens when you shoot someone, there are times when I can blatantly miss the target and it’ll fall down. The game can also be frustrating as well in regards to missing other things, there was one point where I had to run back across a log, I must have fell off and died 10 times before I finally made it across the log.

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