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The Infection appears to cause loss of personality, fluent speech and complex thought, accompanied by a massive increase in violent aggression. When passive and unstimulated, Zombies will roam around aimlessly (occasionally varying their walking direction and field of vision).
Although they have varying levels of speed and physical capability, most Zombies can move as fast as a healthy Survivor and they do not appear to get tired * as of .55 they do tire rather easily -- presumably due to the Infection. There are different types of Zombies, including Walkers and Crawlers; and while they have a variety of appearances in their clothing and gender, they all behave in approximately the same fashion. Military infected will be seen mostly around military installations, recognizable by their military uniforms; their camouflaged clothing, body armor and headgear makes them tougher to take down. When a zombie detects a player, they will chase after them relentlessly but will soon grow tired and run slower, and eventually lose interest . Break away from their line of sight – breaking a zombie's line of sight will cause them to slowly wander around the player's last known location for a few minutes. Knock them unconscious – punching zombies in the head will knock them out for a short period of time, giving you an opportunity to get away safely.
Get off the ground – If a pick up truck is close by or an abandoned Military Ambulance, get in the back. Hold up in a building - If you can enter a building and shut all the entrances quick enough, you will be safe from them. When fighting zombies, it is advised that players stick to melee weapons such as the Hunting Knife or Brass Knuckles. Zombie attack animations are slow to reset (with infected maneuvers being slow in general).
Zombies have less of a chance to notice you if you are behind their field of vision, making it easy to sneak up behind them and hit them in the head. AI\Pathfinding - Zombies are spawned by the server and every client receives their position from the server.
Due to issues with the client becoming desynced with the server for a number of different reasons, it is possible that your player's hitbox may be somewhere other than where you look like you are.
Zombies are still in on-going development, and being in the early stages of the DayZ Standalone development, many features and functionality have been disabled as part of the testing process.
Dean Hall has decided to scrap the year’s work on the zombie AI system and, instead, write a new one. Hall claims that the new system won’t delay the launch of the alpha because they can launch the game with the old system and switch it out with the new one when it’s ready. The change was announced in a new dev blog where Hall also showed off item degradation, changes to the inventory, animation transitions, and how items in your pockets can be damaged by being shot. The alpha still has no release date but the final feature that needs to be implemented before they can go are the changes to network architecture.

Blizzard let loose details of their next unimaginably evil expansion to Hearthstone called Whispers of the Old Gods.
Preview – (Direct X 11) New Renderer February 14, 2016 0 Here is a preview of the new renderer for DayZ.
Little is known about the infection that has devastated most of the world's population but a few survivors; except that upon becoming infected, the victims become highly aggressive, attempting to attack any uninfected human they find. The infected can still see and hear, and will attack any uninfected human who has attracted their attention through noise, movement, or displaying bright lights at night. Once they are alerted to a Survivor's presence, they will become aggressive and actively start chasing them (this is usually referred to as "aggro"). They lack normal human biological requirements such as the need to sleep, and are able to survive exposed to the elements in conditions that a non-Infected human wouldn't.
Becoming trapped by zombies in a small area is possible, and loud weapons can easily exacerbate a zombie problem. The line of sight can be broken by running around corners, through buildings, and through evergreen trees. Zombies can make a great distraction when turned against other players who may mean to do you harm, but you could also have a friend or travel companion purposely gain a zombie's attention to increase your odds of escape.
Sidestepping around them and attacking after they miss an attack can be a very safe combat strategy in melee.
Once Zombies are alerted to your presence and actively start chasing you, your client takes over their pathfinding; this is sent to the server and relayed to other players. This is in contrast to a Survivor who has 5000 health when they are in their best condition. The development team has expressed an interest in upping that count to as many as 2000 per server once they are confident in the behavior and mechanics of the infected. In the mod the zombies did the job but betrayed that Arma 2 hadn’t been built with the undead in mind.
It sounds simple but what it means is that the zombies are not trying to plot long paths ahead of them, they’re making course changes on the fly based on the player’s current location.
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Due to a lack of higher brain function, they are incapable of picking up objects, operating simple mechanisms such as door handles or climbing ladders.
In this state they make angry noises as they advance towards the spot where they last saw or heard their prey, until their target is either dead or lost.
Zombies do little damage initially, but can cause bleeding, broken bones, pain, or knock you into unconsciousness. Care must be taken to not regain the attention of a zombie with unnecessary sound or movement. If there is no room to maneuver, aiming for their head and swinging the weapon just before collision with a charging zombie can take them out quickly, sometimes without damage taken by the player.

Zombies are attracted to your hitbox and will attack it rather than your player model because they think that is where you are; unfortunately they will still hurt you because they are doing damage to your hitbox, even if you're across the room or in a different building even.
Their strength lies in their damage over time, stamina, and tendency to attack at inconvenient times in large numbers. More importantly however, it will avoid attracting the attention of other zombies nearby who have not yet set their sights on you.
This can lead to the confusing notion that players are being attacked by "invisible" zombies when in reality their hitbox is just stuck somewhere other than their current location. The pitchfork is ideal for these situations as it is thrust straight forward with a long reach. A melee strike or a punch to the head can knock out the zombie for a short period of time, allowing you to safely finish it off. The only fix is to go back through the doorway or wherever your hitbox is stuck to "reset" its position. Even though they can sense your location inside, they will lose interest over time and return to wandering. Certain weapons are more effective than others, and their effectiveness could change as the game develops.
You stand less of a chance of having other Zombie's getting involved by staying in one small area rather than running down a street attracting more trouble. Because Bohemia were working with the AI developed for Arma 2, even with significant changes, it wasn’t making the zombies seem more organic.
Currently, powerful bladed weapons (knives) are most ideal against zombies due to their accuracy in attack. Using electroshock weapons (which require batteries in order to stun), and blunt weapons which can knock zombies to the ground, will both take more time but make it possible to escape incapacitated zombies without killing them and possibly leaving them to harass other players in the area. As of the 0.55 patch, melee damage is not measured in overall damage, but accuracy to the head. If you are confused about the difference between hives and shards, read our “Types of DayZ Servers” article for a full understanding.
As you know, we try … Read More DayZ Standalone Server Types August 2, 2015 0 Confused about what the DayZ Standalone server hosting terms Hives and Shards are all about?
The Brass Knuckles are very powerful as well, being able to kill an infected in one hit when used properly.
However, there have been some updates … Read More The Set Up In Elektro March 18, 2014 0 Hey Everyone!

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