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Quebec provincial police have raided the Canadian head office of the rail company behind the deadly July 6 train explosion in Lac-Megantic. A police spokesman in Farnham, about 70 kilometres southeast of Montreal, said he didn’t know if there would be similar searches outside Quebec. Town lawyers and provincial officials are now looking at other options for getting the money back, including jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon along with the dozens of families who have begun the process of filing claims against the company in Canada and the United States. We have confirmed that A&P is actively seeking potential buyers for part or all of the company.

There is interest being shown by several companies regarding a purchase of A&P in whole or in part. We have not met with any representatives of potential buyers to discuss any such purchase.
Furthermore, should a sale in fact be pending, we will demand a seat at the table with both the A&P Company and any potential buyers to ensure that our members and their jobs are protected.
Another five are still missing and the Quebec coroner’s office is now admitting there is a possibility they may never be found.

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