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While there is still a lot of work to do in Beavercreek, Ohio, hundreds of concerned citizens have forced the police and state to release the Walmart security video of the John Crawford shooting to be shown to Crawford’s lawyers and family. John Crawford, 22, was on the phone with the mother of his child at the time police shot him dead on August 5, 2014. The woman who Crawford was on the phone with, LeeCee Johnson, said Crawford went to the area to visit family members. The video shown to Crawford’s family lawyer proves that he was not pointing the toy gun at police, nor at other shoppers. Since the shooting, hundreds have gathered for protests, vigils and marches, demanding that the tape be released, and the officers involved in this shooting be arrested and charged in this unjustifiable shooting.

Wright was shown store surveillance video of the shooting incident, said Crawford was talking on the phone, holding the butt of the gun with the barrel pointed at the floor, never pointing it at anyone. If you agree that the community action which prompted the release of this footage to Wright and the Crawford family should just be the start, and that the other demands of the concerned citizens and of Crawford’s family are legitimate, then help us get the word out about this racist and militaristic police shooting of an innocent African American. After you SPREAD THE WORD, contact the Beavercreek Police Department and DEMAND justice for John Crawford!
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While many have noted the release of the video to the Crawford family lawyer, few outside of the Dayton, Ohio area know about the grassroots activism that forced the video to be released.

Our reporters were on the scene within minutes of the shooting, interviewing Walmart shoppers and employees. In fact, it was only days after hundreds of concerned citizens marched to the Beavercreek Police Department, delivering a letter demanding as much, that the video was shown to the family and lawyers for the Crawford family. After the sad event, really no body in Royal family paid any attention to Orffyreus invention.

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