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Holidays are supposed to be a time of fun, food, and relaxation – a time to take a break from Sacramento and go explore the world.
If you have a dental emergency while you are away on vacation, you can often find an Emergency Dentist to visit, depending on where you are. While it is possibly to buy a complete dental emergency kit, it is fairly easy and much cheaper to create one on your own.
If you have crowns or fillings, you will definitely want to include temporary dental cement in your kit.
Of course, whenever you travel you will want to have your toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.
Please remember that a dental emergency kit is not the whole solution for a true dental emergency, only a way to give you some time before you are able to see an Emergency Dentist to help fix your dental emergency.
I hate going to the dentist but after felling very comfortable with the staff thanks to everyone there this is my families dentist now. I woke up the last few mornings and knew something was wrong when I could not even tolerate a toothbrush across my back tooth.
In the case of a medical emergency in the dental office, it is essential that all members of the dental team are competent in basic life support while waiting for emergency crews to arrive.
The emergency supply list above is a minimum for any dental professional performing invasive treatment. Dentists should check with their state dental association, a competent legal advisor or with their personal professional liability insurance carrier for information about specific state requirements and recommendations that may apply.
It is wise to consider adding a battery-operated radio and flashlight to the kit in case there is a power failure.
In medical emergencies, the dental team should be prepared to take the vital signs of blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and temperature. Dental practitioners should become familiar with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common emergencies that they might encounter during routine care with some individuals through continuous education.
In any case, members of the dental team who are expected to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as part of their job duties should have appropriate training using ventilation devices located where they can be quickly retrieved. This Emergency Kit designed specifically for dental needs, provides convenience by providing pre-filled syringes for rapid action. Dental emergency is a term used to describe incidences when you need to see your dentist as soon as possible, and is usually associated with pain. Timely seeking of dental treatment in an emergency will improve the chances of saving the tooth or teeth, to prevent permanent damage and the need for more extensive or expensive dental treatment later on.
Take pain relief medications such as paracetamol or anti-inflammatories for temporary pain relief and apply a cold compress to help control the swelling. If an adult tooth is knocked out, pick up the tooth by the crown (smooth white part that is visible in the mouth). In a dental emergency, every effort should be made to put the tooth back into the socket as soon as possible and see a dentist immediately.

Do not put it in water as plain water can damage the delicate cells on the root that will help the tooth to attach back to the gum. If milk or saline is not available, put the tooth in the mouth between the cheek and the gum.
If a crown falls off in a dental emergency, retrieve the crown and bring the crown with you when you see the dentist. If you have lost a filling, it can be painful because the exposed tooth surface is often sensitive to temperature or air. If you experience injuries to the lip, cheek or gums, apply a clean bandage or handkerchief to the wound and apply firm pressure to help stop the bleeding.
If you are experiencing difficulty eating or opening your mouth due to jaw pain, seek medical or dental care.
If a dental emergency occurs, please contact Smile Solutions to speak to our friendly reception staff to organise a prompt appointment. But there is nothing that can ruin a vacation faster than feeling a sharp pain in your tooth or an ache in your jaw and realizing that you have a dental emergency while you are away from home and away from your dentist. An Emergency Dentist can help repair your tooth, re-attach your crown, and find the source of your pain and determine if actions such as a root canal or tooth extraction are required. Sometimes dental pain can be solved simply by using floss to extract debris that is lodged between teeth or underneath the gum line.
An emergency supply kit of drugs must be available in every dental office and should contain only a limited number of drugs with which the dental practitioner is familiar. In addition, the facility to deliver nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture, for example via an anesthetic or relative analgesia machine, can be invaluable.
Butterfly needles and intravenous (IV) canulae are great assets to those familiar with their use. Ideally, all public areas, let alone dental practices, should have access to an automatic defibrillator as this is the most valuable single piece of equipment in a heart attack or cardiac arrest.
Always test all batteries monthly or in accordance with recommendations from the manufacturer.
Furthermore they should provide appropriate training to their staff so that in these situations each staff person knows their responsibility and can act promptly. Ideally, this should be within an hour of the injury.  It is important not to delay this step and nor delay seeing a dentist. In the short-term, to help alleviate pain, apply a cold compress onto the jaw area to reduce swelling and take anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen for pain relief.
As every person is different we always recommend that you visit a qualified dental practitioner to obtain tailored dental advice to suit your own specific needs. Dental emergencies can come in all different types – a chipped tooth, a loose crown, a searing toothache, or even broken braces. If you are traveling somewhere remote, going abroad, or going for a wilderness adventure, finding an Emergency Dentist may be a bit tricky.

If you are away from Sacramento and there is no Emergency Dentist available, you’ll want something to relieve the pain until you can get help. You can use the dental cement to re-attach the crown until you are able to either see an Emergency Dentist or return to Sacramento to see your dentist. You would be surprised by how painful trapped debris can become if not removed, particularly if it causes irritation in the gums.
I loved that the office is very new and clean, and you can see that their main focus is their patients. However, this dental clinic was able to get me in the same day, solve not only my immediate need but also a five year issue with another tooth. Moreover, having a cellular telephone available could come in handy if there is trouble with surface telephone lines during an emergency. The dental practitioner should administer basic life support and maintain an open airway while providing, if necessary, oxygen using a device for its delivery under positive pressure.
Take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) to achieve temporary pain relief.
If left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and may be life threatening.
However, this will not remove the source of infection and the infection can flare up again. Once the tooth has been placed back into the socket, place a clean handkerchief over the tooth, and gently bite on it to hold it in position. Similarly, you can purchase an anesthetic pain relief gel to put on your gums should you have a severe toothache. The whole team made me feel very comfortable and made sure to ask me how I was doing during the process. A medical emergency kit could be useful in a patient, staff or visitor medical crisis; or following a natural or man-made disaster. He spoke like a friend and made necessary suggestions on how he was going to take care of everything. I couldn’t drive as the medication I had to take made me dizzy so I was even picked and dropped by the friendly staff.
I would for sure recommend Sunrise Family Dentistry to anyone in search of a dentist or anyone who is not satisfied with their current dentistry.

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