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Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. The head of the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday said that the United States’s acceptance of Syrian refugees could pose a national security threat.
The claim hints at the problems vexing the Obama administration as it seeks to ramp up the number of refugees brought into the country. The administration is so far falling far behind Obama’s pledge to bring in 10,000 new Syrian refugees this fiscal year. Meanwhile, during this same time period, Canada has admitted 25,000 Syrians with apparently little concern for thorough vetting. This Friday, in the midst of a terrorist threat on our shopping malls, money runs out for the very agency in charge of protecting us, the Department of Homeland Security.

Yes, I know it's disgraceful, especially since they are the ones who set the deadline of February 27th.
The current system, the National Terror Advisory System (NTAS), includes only two levels of threat in the form of imminent and emergent, and these are only issued based on credible information.
We must be making a big push to get those Rohingya Muslims in to the US before Obama leaves office. Now, money runs out for one reason, not because you were unwilling to pay, but because Congress and the president just won't do their jobs. But, maybe Jonathan Gruber does have a point, we are stupid enough to let them do this to us over and over and over again. But this new separate bill would be completely unnecessary in the first place if our leaders had done their jobs and passed a comprehensive bill funding DHS.

Now, members of Congress are scrambling to pass a separate bill that would authorize payment to DHS employees after DHS funding runs out on Friday.
So, Congress and the President are now in silly mode, wasting time and money - yes, your money to patch up what they should have done in the first place.
Islamic State militants stormed the air base in northeast Syria on Sunday, capturing most of it from government forces after days of fighting over the strategic location, a witness and a monitoring group said. Fighting raged inside the walls of the Tabqa air base, the Syrian army's last foothold in an area otherwise controlled by IS, which has seized large areas of Syria and Iraq.

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