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The Royal Enfield 500 Classic thread!This is a discussion on The Royal Enfield 500 Classic thread! Mod Note : Please use the EDIT or MULTI-QUOTE buttons instead of typing one post after another on the SAME THREAD!. To know how to multi-quote, click here (How to MULTI-QUOTE (when replying to a thread) on Team-BHP). Once I was talking to the service guy about the replacement he told that its better to get it painted rather than replacing it since the new tank may have rust formations in it since it would been in the stock room for some time before delivery. Reason: Please use the EDIT or MULTI-QUOTE buttons instead of typing one post after another! Originally Posted by argchoff As soon as i press the start button, nothing happens but a clicking sound coming from somewhere between the battery and fuse box.
The service center guys could not understand what was wrong as the battery was found to be fully charged. Some advice gleaned from experience: If you ever hear clicking sound from the starter relay and the lights are working, kickstart the bike, keep it in high rpms and ride like hell to the nearest battery dealer! You will need to use warm-boil(careful not to melt plastic) water on terminals slowly, now try to open the nut. Once open clean them with sandpaper, all of them bile wire contact, terminal, bolts and metal washers. Now connect all of them back, and finally apply some petroleum jelly over the connection to prevent it from further rusting.
If your batter is charged then its good, no worries, both battery and alternator are doing their job fine. I too had similar kind of issue within a weeks time and got the tank replaced within a month.
My all new Desert Storm blackout edition As promised here are the images of the blacked out DS500.

Originally Posted by rakchow Can someone help me identify what these 2 open connections are supposed to be for?
I had posted this query long time ago and did receive good responses but now i cant find those.
What you need is 3M Finesse-it paste and nickel powder(not sure what exactly this powder content is). Originally Posted by Randhawa What you need is 3M Finesse-it paste and nickel powder(not sure what exactly this powder content is). Extreme weather patterns and strong winds whipped the Jordanian desert sands across the country, causing near blackout conditions in the nation's capital. The extreme heat felt throughout Israel on Sunday is affecting the entire region as a whole, with one of the weather's hardest hit victims being Israel's neighbor to the east, Jordan. The strong winds whipping across the kingdom's desert plains caused massive sand storms, forcing changes in the country's air traffic patterns.
If the weather does not change in the next few hours, several Jordan-bound flights are expected to land at Ben-Gurion Airport. In Israel, the National Electric Company's website showed that at 12pm Sunday, Israel passed 12 thousand mega-watt usages for the first time ever. I got the bike the next day and the service centre said it was a faulty relay and the problem had been resolved. Dont wait for engine to warm up like i did, since the power for spark generation comes from battery directly if the battery dies then you will be left pushing 180kg of dead weight! Flights operated by other Arab carriers, which cannot land in Israel, were diverted to Aqaba. Sometimes it starts when the throttle is twisted into a sweet spot, sometimes it refuses to. The plus point though is you can remove the battery from bike when you are away and be rest assured that no one can steal it.

Get wd40 spray and use it in your ignition keyhole, not much but just enough, may be you can ask service center to use pressurized air to clean it first then apply wd40. But now again have few more spots coming up or rather say paint fading off the similar way it was on previous tank. Its been 3 months from the date of purchase and these have gone dull and some white spots are visible compared to other new RE350 classics. During the time of purchase, the other Classics had glossy stuff compared to my bull kept for delivery. When I had pointed out the same, the sales guy replied that it will get cleaned during first service. This first happened at a very wrong time, riding through a rainy day in Lonavala when the bike engine just died. The person in-charge of the showroom checked the spots and asked me to get in touch with their head office which is further 15kms away into city of Pune.
At this point of time I was really annoyed and asked him if really the issue would be resolved or not and if negative then give in writing that this is not company's fault. Later after waiting for around an hour, he asked me to come back once the company engineer is available at their office. Anyways after a week I did get an appointment and came down to the service center which is 29kms.
Worst of all, the battery overflow pipe was availabe, one of my electrician informed me while fitting new horns. When informed to the same service station, I got an idiotic reply saying that Exide batteries do not leak and if you want a pipe, purchace it across the window for 20rs.

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