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This two day desert survival training class is designed to prepare your employees who work in remote, arid areas to deal safely and quickly with vehicle breakdowns, personal injuries, and other emergencies which may arise while working these potentially hostile desert environments. To underestimate the hazards of remote areas where temperatures can be elevated and water resources scare is to invite disaster. This two-day desert survival training class includes dynamic and informative classroom training as well as actual hands-on field practice on the key elements of first aid, hostile environment management, survival skills and decision making in these environments.
Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. A collapse of the nation and the American Southwest would cause an evacuation of several highly populated cities that only until the last hundred years or so were once dry deserts with no running water, no stores, no roads, and no infrastructure. In many deserts day time temperatures can soar over a hundred degrees and even beyond the 120 degree mark.Evening temperatures in some deserts -- especially in the United States -- can plummet to the forties or just above freezing. Most of us remember the Mad Max movies.It's very possible you could end up in a desert survival situation one day. There's a reason that sheiks in places like Saudi Arabia are known for wearing hoods and robes -- the loose fitting clothing help keep a body cool, especially when walking and perspiring.Though some sheiks are known for wearing white, the reality is that black robes make for the best clothing for traveling through a hot desert.
In a time of high wind, sand and dust can be whipped up, making it nearly impossible to see.
One thing that's interesting to note about the Bedouin -- they're capable of living off a single liter of water a day in the desert. Survival in the desert is a lot like survival in a remote area -- be sure to do your research on any area you may one day find yourself in, before you embark.
For example, though the Colorado River crosses through the eastern portion of the Mojave Desert, there is another river, the Mojave River, that can be a source of water -- for those able to find it.
What we learn from the Desert Indians (Native Americans in the southwest United States) is that a path or road through the desert can be a lot like a path or road through the mountains -- realize that indigenous people (like the Desert Indians crossing through the Mojave Desert) may have established routes and places marked on maps where water can be found.
Where ever you are in the world, find out the routes that indigenous people from that area used to cross expanses of barren and dry desert or desert mountains, and get to know these desert routes well. Another method to practice when it comes to finding water in the desert: Early in the morning, just before dawn, turn over half-buried rocks. Unless you know plants and cactus species well and -- better yet received first-hand instruction from a desert survivalist -- only look to cactus as a source of water as a last resort.
When the desert is just too hot during the day time, realize that it would be best to travel at night, when the temperature drops.
The hotter and more barren the desert -- like the Sahara Desert in North Africa -- the less likely it is that you're going to find anything edible. Ants, scorpions, grasshoppers, centipedes and tarantulas are all edible and can be found in many desert areas.

Due to the need for shade at times, look for lizards and snakes under large boulders, rocks, and other outcroppings. Desert Soup: If you're near a water source like a spring or river, dig a small pit and fill it with water. If you are interested in having a Kydex sheath made for either the High Desert Survival Knife or the Saguaro Survival Knife I do have a Kydex sheath maker that is top notch in his field.
You get into an oasis in the middle of a desert where you’ll have to find life in order to survive, find a tree and sugarcane hidden around the oasis.
As usual in these types of maps, we can try to get certain objectives (80 in total) or go for free and get our own rules and try to survive.
Minecraftings is a website to download mods, download textures, download maps, as well as the latest news and updates.
The village children went to bed with the hope of finding presents in the morning, but when Christmas morning came, somebody had stolen the presents! What makes this short adventure map quite a cute little challenge is the fact that every little bit of the story can only be obtained by finding the piece that came before it. Your lips can become split and chapped and even your face chapped; sand and dust can fill your nose, making it difficult to breathe. So begins an adventure to find the missing presents and locate the grinch who tried to steal Christmas. As you proceed through the village making inquiries after the missing presents, you need to trade a little something for every clue. The sharp shooter map will test your skills to their very limits as you slay villager after villager in the name of proving your worth in the testing facility. Desert Indians used this as a trade route where water could easily be found on the way to and from the coast. The villagers might be missing presents, but they won’t be telling you their secrets until you get the four planks of wood and build them a crafting table, that sort of thing. You can play it if you like, but chances are you’ll rage quit within very short order. This is a map that will trick you far more than it treats you as you attempt to reawaken the wither. When making a Kydex sheath for the Saguaro Survival Knife each one will need to be sent in for proper fit. Then you’ll start again, because The Fires Beneath, first map in the Cubic Horrors collection, is one that demands to be completed. Now look again and realize that this is a CTM (complete the monument) map and realize that there’s probably something valuable under all those tonnes of silica and ground rock.

The fog is produced when the cool waters of the offshore Benguela Current interact with the warmer air over the desert. Collect as much as you can and squeeze from the towel into any containers that you have with you. With this being the case in orders of two or more each Kydex sheath must be custom made for each individual knife.
Flip Stander have shown that the lions of the Namib, which live mostly at the northern edge of the desert, can survive in extreme conditions, feeding on gemsbok, ostriches, and seals captured along the Skeleton Coast. That’s just what people sobbed whilst their dreams of completing the monument crumbled before them. They breed rapidly and quickly spread into new, suitable, habitats.Like the lions and other desert inhabitants, the native Herero and Himba peoples have also adapted to the difficult conditions.
Though the author here points out that when a thick black Bedouin robe can't be had, light-colored, light weight clothes are the second choice.A trek on foot across a hot desert though is a lot like a trek across the Yukon or even Siberia in the dead of winter -- it is dangerous, the weather and terrain can kill you if you're not prepared.
Since European contact in the 19th century, the Herero have also adopted more modern attire.Although the Herero have embraced a more modern existence, the Himba, who are descendents of a group of Herero herders who moved to northwestern Namibia, still hold on to their traditions. Himba men and women wear little clothing, aside from a loin cloth or a mini-skirt made of goat skin.
Both men and women (who are noted for their elaborate hairstyles) rub their bodies with a mixture of ochre, butter fat, and an aromatic resin of herbs from the omuzumba shrub. Because water is scarce, the Himba adapt their movements in concert with rainfall patterns. For example, when the rains come, they move to pasturelands created by the precipitation that falls on the desert’s margins. Unlike most nomadic populations, each Himba belongs to the clan of both their mother and their father. This is advantageous in a harsh environment, because it means that every individual can rely on the resources of two families spread over a wide area, rather than on just a single clan. More from The Desert Lions (5) About Fangs and Claws Lion Family Structure Why Save the Desert Lions?

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