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The guys are in Gettysburg, Pa., at the historic battlefield where Abraham Lincoln struggled to keep the Union together.
KG and Ringy are in Kentucky at the site of one of the most infamous feuds in American history: the Hatfields and McCoys.
Ringy and KG are headed to an old prison in Montana to help the local museum curator uncover buried treasure.
The Diggers head to Virginia to follow in the footsteps of the fourth president of the United States, James Madison.

KG and Ringy are on a mission: dive headfirst into Civil War history and hunt for artifacts from 1863. Remains of the cabin where the McCoy family lived and artifacts from the site of the 1888 New Year's Day showdown had never been uncovered ' until now! They both strike it lucky with a few impressive discoveries, including flat buttons and a used bullet.
Join in the hunt as they scour the hillside near the homestead and uncover bullets fired during the battle ' a rare find unlike anything before.

But, to sweeten the search, KG and Ringy bet over who can find the most historical pennies.

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