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The Construction The best way to create a homemade microwave weapon is with an old microwave. I can not figure out what the transistor used by youtube, if you please help me with this information? I know I need to change my Id pic, Question Chris, I pretty sure my neighbor is using some kind of magnetic field to hurt me as this war has been going on fo 5 years, For the last 6 months , a boom boom music extremly loud all hours penatrate through my walls wake me up now this 350 feet away. I used to take microwave ovens apart all the time, and wanted to make one of these but never did. If someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing harm, this is Electronic Harassment.
Electronic SurveillanceElectronic Surveillance is the imposed observation of a person's belongings, person or surroundings through the use of electronic listening devices, video recording or transmitting devices, spectral imaging through heat or infrared, sound or other radiation sources, and any other means of observing a person's actions, possessions or routines. Directed Harmful High Energy DevicesThis is the most dangerous form of electronic harassment and is quite easy to implement against a person.
Laser Harassment DevicesThe use of simple, easy to procure lasers to harass or "Dazzle" a subject is becoming more prevalent.
This is one of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites comprising the Iridium satellite system. Of course there are many other forms of electronic harassment not mentioned here, but the most common forms of electronic harassment that you may likely encounter have been covered. It isn't legal for a private individual, a company or a corporation to use electronic harassment on you.
For the Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, check out the last three articles (One, Two and Three).I'm sure almost all of you have used a microwave at some point in your lives.
In this article, I'll be going over the simple basics of a microwave weapon, since microwave energy is a huge topic. If you want to upgrade to a more powerful, long range device, it's practically impossible unless you have a physics lab with extensive measuring equipment. DO NOT attempt to build this device unless you are very very confident in your understanding of the dangers, correct practice of safety, and legal concerns. HIGH VOLTAGE!
Not all forms of surveillance use electronic devices and not all forms of surveillance are illegal or considered harassment. Any intentional interference such as electronic noise generators, sound generators, light generators, spark gap disrupters, or any other form of EMI (electromagnetic interference) which either destroys, disrupts, causes malfunction or loss of resources is deemed to be electronic harassment. Directed harmful high energy microwave devices and weapons can include such devices and equipment that are easily available almost anywhere in the World where there are people.
This method utilizes a modulated microwave signal with either an audio, video, or other form of signal or even data may be used. A potential harasser can easily buy an old x-ray gun from a surplus dealer and with only slight modifications use it to bombard a target with deadly amounts of x-ray radiation. Electronic implants consist of transmitters, ESF generators, micro-neurophonic transceivers, tracking devices and other micro sized devices designed to cause harassment by tracking or controlling movement and thought. The Safe Medical Devices Act, which became a law in 1990, requires USA manufacturers of implants and medical devices, to adopt a method for identifying and tracking their products permanently implanted in humans, and to keep track of the recipients, in case malfunctions arise.
Subjects of this type of harassment have reported seeing "little red dots" on their curtains, through their windows or on themselves.
The original company went bankrupt so the US Department of Defense assisted in making sure the system stayed in operation.
You could change your venue, relocate or move to avoid the harasser but this isn't usually a practical method for a variety of reasons. They are forcibly against me until the end .This is also proof that my neighbor Daniel Wong said invading abuse me daily definitely. As a child, I always found microwaves fascinating; the idea of heating food with invisible energy, and even creating lightning should the user accidentally microwave metal! However, an average microwave puts out 1,000-2,000 watts of energy, quite enough for destroying electronics.Microwaves tend to "fly in all directions" unless they are directed.
You could also theoretically do this with induction and a receiver coil, but that's also very difficult. We then proscribe the proper course of action to eliminate the electronic harassment threat. Simply observing someone using ones eyes is certainly also considered surveillance and is not illegal in and of itself. Microwave ovens can be modified to focus and direct up to 1200 watts or more, depending on the model, of microwave energy at a person or property and are easy to produce. The MPI method uses an induction coil to induce a low to medium magnetic field in and around the brain causing the neurons to misroute, slow down or revert. Breast implants, pacemakers, replacement heart valves and prosthetic devices implanted in millions worldwide are all to be tracked.

There have been numerous reports of people being momentarily blinded by red lights (red lasers) while they were driving in their cars. I suffered a lot physical and psychological harm , thank God for giving me strength , I went again and again . Of course, the magnetron is certainly not that simple, consisting of several finely tuned "antennas" and other components. Surveillance has become quite advanced and will become more pervasive as our society progresses in technology. The results of an attack by a high energy device can be lethal, they can kill or at the least disable a human being or other animals.
The reaction to this modulated microwave energy from one individual to another will usually be slightly different making it very difficult to diagnose as electronic harassment. This form of electronic VDI harassment is often diagnosed as EMI (electromagnetic interference) sensitivity, which is similar to someone getting headaches from prolonged usage of cellular phones or nausea from being around power lines for extended periods of time. High exposure to x-ray radiation will cause tumors, brain disorders, mental illness, tremors, headaches, cataracts, seizures or even death.
It consists of a unit that is powered by bodily fluids and is capable of transmitting voice signals, high voltage pulses, emitting a small tracking beacon signal, or other unspecified uses (mind control).
And one of the methods used to track these devices is implanting microchips which store data about the manufacturer, the surgeon, the date of implant, etc. Power for the remote-activated receiver is generated electromechanically through the movement of body muscle. We will conduct a sweep of the suspect areas to locate the source of the suspected harassment and then assist in a course of action to stop the harassment.Natural obstacles are cheap and effective in blocking most X-rays and microwave or RF (could be a radar gun) signals that a harasser might use. Today I am 69 years old , is also faced with these injuries , was worried about permanent disability , and not held accountable , you know these well control was unable to find proof of weapons .
A basic illustration of how a magnetron works is pictured below: The round "1" is an electron source, the area between the power source and the antenna is the electron "accelerator", and the antenna itself is a simple way of "amplifying" and broadcasting the electron energy at a specific frequency. In my experimentation, I discovered that a slight cone-shaped metal funnel has the best microwave-focusing ability. Its like all 3 things at once , It comes through the wall i get sick and my heart feels tight its like the wave goes right through me and i feel a magnetic field out side my front door.
Micro recorders, covert hidden video cameras (such as pinhole cameras), ultra tiny microphones, micro transmitters, and other bugging devices are easy to get by anyone at spy novelty shops and online stores. Magnetic Pulse Induction Method may be employed by using a device implanted within the targets home or surroundings and can be operated remotely. Radiation harassment is usually done over long periods of time, ranging from days to years, in order to induce harm.
The device is small enough to be implanted in a child, facilitating use as a safeguard against kidnapping, and has a transmission range which also makes it suitable for wilderness sporting activities. Mountains, caves, desert areas, and large lakes or oceans offer excellent protection and can block or distort most forms of electronic harassment.
We only utilize the best and latest technology and techniques to assist and support victims of Electronic Harassment. Please be careful what we post onto Peacepink, keep some of it to yourself."43 minutes agoGod's Grace commented on Carl's blog post All we have to do is focus! When these "tuned electrons" hit an object (specifically water or metal), they excite the molecules and generate heat, or in the case of metal, electrical energy. I was able to fry an old cell phone from up to 10 feet using three magnetrons and one funnel. Fear of Lightning. DO NOT use this device on anything or anywhere where it violates FCC rules or any other legal constraint! I am not responsible for any damage, harm, or legal trouble you get yourself into. Yesterday I walked to the mail box and i felt a tinge tinge continuious like the fpl guy said if was a line problem this is it but with a mag field. For more on this subject, see Eavesdropping Threats for covert hidden camera pictures with additional information, and Electronic Surveillance page. Directed Harmful High Energy Weapons will have effective ranges from the point of contact to several hundred yards.
Similar technology was developed to enable communication between humans and dolphins or even was purported to be used by secret agencies for the purposes of mind reading and control. Radiation harassers can also get various radioactive materials such as thorium nitrate, plutonium oxide, uranium nitrate, and uranyl nitrite.
A novel biological monitoring feature allows the device to be used to facilitate prompt medical dispatch in the event of heart attack or similar medical emergency. Shielding signals with Passive or Active shielding can be an effective measure.If harassment is general to an area and not specifically directed to you, simply moving to another location is the easiest method to stop the harassment. This constitutes to about 6,000 watts (W) of directed energy, quite an accomplishment for 15 bucks spent at a thrift store.

Now I have been reserching and I believe the weapon is a microwave with some extra torture thrown in.
Directed Harmful High Energy Weapons can be used to destroy electronic devices and cause severe interference in computers and alarm systems which can allow forced entry or destruction of vital data.
A device known as the wireless neurophone has been patented along with other such devices that perform similar functions.
The signal is received and interpreted by the nerves below the skin surface and sent to the brain which processes the information signals, causing the images or sounds or data to appear to the target without the actual use of their eyes or ears.
If the harassment is specific to you, then you'll need to employ some sort of shield or cover, such as mountains or a cave. Microwaves not only wreck havoc on electronics, but also can harm living beings.This is where I must issue a WARNING!!!
The circuit diagram for each individual magnetron looked something like this: On a basic level, the circuit consists of a transformer, a voltage doubler (diode and capacitor) and a magnetron. Out side it is like a dead zone no birds no lizards my cat will not come in the house my dogs not happy.
Radar guns are available from surplus stores most anywhere and can be obtained from ex-military sources or even police departments. A microwave carrier ULF-UHF induction device can be placed at a targets location and operated and monitored remotely. Shielding may be your only alternative to stop the harassment if you cannot employ natural obstacles or shields. The three MOTs draw lots of power, so I had to hook everything into a thick, direct mains line.
Transmission locations can be concealed in the same ways that cell telephone transmission sites so that they cannot be identified easily.
Passive shielding is less expensive then Active shielding and consists of special metal materials designed to block high frequency RF energy, X-rays, etc. The magnetron itself looks like this: There are two large magnets that "direct" the electrons as they pass through the antenna. Portable radar guns range in size from small hand held devices to vehicle mounted long range high power models. Evidence of unauthorized use on someone is two or more circular red marks on the skin or two or more blisters.
Active shielding uses sophisticated electronic equipment to jam, capture, redirect, distort or nullify the harmful energy. These devices have very long ranges due to their greater power, higher frequencies and shorter wavelength. There are many other components and function aspects of the magnetron that are very complicated, but interesting. Radar guns emit long or short pulses of high energy capable of causing instant damage or death to living creatures. I do hear deep rumbling are they hiding the noise with base sound The cops want to arest me . Semiconductor destruction or malfunction, brain damage & stopping vehicles are other uses for these devices. Once directed, the microwaves can generate electrical current in any conductive metal they encounter. Other forms of directed harmful high energy include devices such as tasers, klystron guns (radar guns), ion beam guns, plasma pulse guns, soliton bombs, and many more devices.
How much electricity they generate is determined by the distance from the magnetron and the power of the output. A device such as this can be made the size of a super soaker water gun, it operates at 9.2GHz and with a properly tuned horn antenna will have an effective range of over 300 yards (possibly more with larger antenna).
Such a device could possibly cause semiconductors to burn out, microprocessors to malfunction, inductors to counter induce and create CEMF, induce RF noise, cause ionization of air or gases, cause junction rectification and erase computer data on hard drives, disk and solid state device. Operating such a device may be in violation of State or Federal Laws, consult your Local authority before operating such a device. The above photo and description was taken directly from an internet website, but we will not tell you where to find it!)Directed energy weapon for "Active Denial" is now being deployed by the military.

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