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The Federal Emergency Management Agency urges homeowners, renters and business owners who were affected by severe weather in early May to register to be eligible for disaster release. President Barack Obama has ordered federal aid to help Oklahomans who were affected by severe weather. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. All ministers are invited to our weekly Ministers Conference for a time of prayer, fellowship and encouragement.
November 14, 2013 By sdcnews County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Office of Emergency Services Director Holly Crawford and Access to Independence Executive Director Louis Frick unveiled the new disaster planning guide Thursday at Seacrest Village in Encinitas. ENCINITAS–A disaster planning template released Thursday is a step-by-step guide to help San Diegans with medical, mobility, speech, or cognitive needs get ready for emergencies.
The County Office of Emergency Services developed the new Disaster Preparedness Plan for people who may need assistance and their caregivers to help people with disabilities anticipate special plans or supplies they would need to evacuate suddenly or get by on their own after a disaster.
In conjunction with the newly released plan, the Office of Emergency Services is offering two free disaster preparedness trainings at SDSU Saturday. Office of Emergency Services Director Holly Crawford said the new planning template and trainings are part of the County’s inclusive approach to emergency management. The new 30-page disaster planning template is designed to be completed with the help of a home care provider or family member.
In some ways, the new plan is similar to the County’s existing Family Disaster Plan template.
Other elements include pre-designating accessible locations where the individual could stay if he or she needed to evacuate during a disaster and conducting an assessment of challenges and needs that a disaster would bring. The plan also lays out a realistic 16-week calendar of actions, so individuals and their caregivers do a little each week to build a survival kit and make disaster preparations without getting overwhelmed.
About 200 caregivers and facility administrators are expected to attend the trainings Saturday at SDSU to help them learn more about disaster planning.

Download the new Disaster Preparedness Plan for people who may need assistance and their caregivers.
Limited spots are available to home caregivers and residential care facility administrators Saturday.
The Salvation Army’s Social Services Department is responsible for school supply distribution. Kyle Melodie McNeil, Director of Development, and Mary Johnson, Former Youth Services Director, show off backpacks full of school supplies. Instead of purchasing paper, pens, pencils and crayons for needy students, individuals shopping at Publix will simply buy a tag with a monetary value.
Rapunzel Wideman, an employee in the Army’s Social Services Department, will be on hand for distribution.
According to reports, Orange County Public Schools is the twelfth largest school district in the United States with over 175,000 students. Check out a video of Jaylen Christie, our PR Coordinator interviewing Nathan Emery, Social Services Director by clicking here. Coca-Cola is bringing back its 80s and 90s nostalgia brand Hi-C Ecto Cooler, timing the launch with the new "Ghostbusters" movie. It asks people to locate and map evacuation routes, establish out of state contacts to check in with if local phone lines are jammed, and build a disaster supply kit.
The plan’s first section asks people to establish a formal support network of at least three people who have committed to check immediately after a disaster on  those who need assistance.
Crawford said there are hundreds of residential care facilities in San Diego that serve the elderly and other adults who need assistance. As the leader of The Salvation Army of Orlando, he said that this summer partnership with Publix is fantastic, and he is thrilled at knowing that disadvantaged students will be helped. She said that there is a great deal of preparation that goes into pulling off the distribution.

Middle school and high school students tend to need school supplies more than elementary school students.
During Hurricane Katrina, low income citizens without a vehicle had more difficulty evacuating than Gulf Coast residents who owned vehicles.
The plan says the people in the network should be familiar with the individual’s particular circumstances and needs, know how to operate his or her assistive technology or medical devices, and have a key to the house.
Beginning Thursday, July 25, Publix grocery stores in Central Florida will be teaming up with The Salvation Army – Orlando Area Command for a back to school drive of benevolent proportions.
After its humble beginnings in 1865 in London, The Salvation Army later arrived in Orlando in 1920. These items will then be collected by Publix officials, placed into crates and delivered to Salvation Army personnel after August 19. Furthermore, additional statistics have proven that some school supplies deplete halfway through the school year meaning that students need more in January. The Saturday training is a first step in helping them to consider the complexities of preparing for a disaster. Ten years later, in 1930, Publix was founded in Winter Haven, FL and has since grown to 1,068 grocery stores.
As the delivery draws closer, Salvation Army personnel will decide on a day for distribution to the public.
In Orlando, Publix regularly partners with The Salvation Army every Christmas season for its highly recognized Red Kettle Campaign.
The School Tools for Cool Kids promotion is just the latest in effective partnerships between the Army and Publix in Central Florida.

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