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Climate change has increased the frequency and impact ranges of mass disasters all around the world.
To help the local government promptly respond to disasters, the Department of Geomatics of National Cheng Kung University utilizes the SuperGIS software to develop a disaster evacuation application, which provides related departments with references to undertake disastrous damage prevention programme.
The project focuses on integrating functions of GPS and GIS on application of smart phones that can be used in evacuation, rescue, and decreasing disastrous damage and casualties.
By working with SuperGIS Network Server, the application provides users with disastrous situation and network analyses for taking real-time traffic information such as road and bridge damage or prevention and rescue information from related sections into consideration. Moreover, the Disaster Evacuation and Rescue system is developed as a mobile application (APP) for Android OS users who are evacuees or disaster relief personnel during accidents.
SuperGeo software and applications have been spread over the world to be the backbone of the world?s mapping and spatial analysis. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This location must be disclosed to the Case Manager and located in the foster home record at the agency office. Agency Professional Staff and foster parents that respite placement is in the child’s best interest.
Incident Reports and forwarding to TDFPS Licensing and Contract officials within 24 hours of incident.
Emergency Room, if the child is new in placement and does not have a primary care physician.
Administrator informed of their whereabouts and the children’s reactions to the evacuation.

Disaster prevention and management therefore plays an important role in warding off diverse natural disasters. Also, the Android-powered devices are used to display the GIS information for Disaster Evacuation and Rescue and can serve instant GPS coordinate positioning on local machine and support the connection to Web GIS Network Server on Cloud.
Consequently, the result of network analysis can be published in form of layers on map service on the mobile application for people to utilize. Applying technologies like GPS, PDA and mobile GIS, the platform enables users to transmit the information of disaster prevention, rescue, and evacuation immediately and protect lives and property.
SuperGeo is the professional GIS vendor, providing GIS-related users with complete GIS solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms. Each foster home shall ensure children know what to do in the event a fire occurs, including exit options.
Foster parents and children will each know where fire extinguishers are located in the home.
Foster parents will call 911 and instruct children that are old enough to call 911 in case of a fire. A battery-operated radio and flashlight should be located in or near the take cover site in foster family homes. If possible, foster families should acquire some type of emergency lighting for their homes.
In foster family homes, foster parents will assist the children in gathering in the take cover place. Return to the foster family homes after an evacuation will comply with instructions from local officials.

Return to the foster family homes following an evacuation will comply with instructions from local officials. Each foster parent will determine a central location for children in their respective homes. Keep the radio or television on throughout the event for public service announcements, plans and updates.
Should evacuation be required, follow the guidelines for Mandated Evacuation by Local Officials. Return to foster family homes following an evacuation will comply with instructions from local officials.
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Located in Circum-Pacific seismic zone, the island often faces threats due to the frequent typhoons and rainstorms.

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