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Save the Children’s 2014 Disaster Report Card reveals a different story, as 21 states still lack emergency plan requirements for schools and child care providers.
Save the Children, the nation’s leading child-focused emergency response organization, created its Disaster Report Card as a follow up to the National Commission on Children in Disasters. The Disaster Report Card tracks four minimum standards based on recommendations of the commission. The poll found that 63 percent of parents are not very familiar with emergency plans at their child’s school or child care. It also found that 67 percent of parents don’t know if emergency drills are practiced frequently, or at all. Additionally, 42 percent of parents wouldn’t know where to reunite with a child if their school or child care were evacuated. Save the Children’s new video, “Where Are You?” demonstrates the importance of reunification planning. I know I would prefer to sit here in my happy bubble and not think about natural disasters or school shootings ever affecting my children.
Thousands of children were separated by their parents after Hurricane Katrina, and it took seven months to reunite the last child with her parents.

While I fully recognize the importance of this topic, I think the title of this post is misleading. One DOLL facility is a “quality lab,” where anything about lighting quality and performance can be measured in one of Europe’s best photonics research environments. With at least 20 school shootings in the nation during the past year and 50 natural disasters, you’d think that nearly every school and child care provider would be up to par with emergency planning.
That commission was created after Hurricane Katrina exposed deep weaknesses in the nation’s capacity to protect children from disaster. These four recommendations require that all child care providers have 1) evacuation and relocation plans, 2) family-child reunification plans and 3) a plan for children with special needs — plus, that all K-12 schools have 4) a written, multi-hazard emergency plan. But the truth is, this isn’t helping my kids or myself if something terrible were to happen when they are away from me. If parents arm themselves with knowledge of emergency plans, hopefully we can help prevent this from ever happening again.
We practice multiple scenerios, work on sometimes running, sometimes hiding, sometimes acting. Based on the tests made here, municipal governments or other clients can verify the claims made by LED manufacturers.

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday military exercises with South Korea this month will be the same as drills that have been held over the years and North Korea should not link them with reunions of separated Korean families. Even now, my son attends morning preschool — and I admit that I have no idea if his school has an emergency plan, or what that plan might be. Find out what would happen and where you would reunite with your children if the unthinkable happens. Parents SHOULD know where to pick up their children because the school as told them multiple times via our intraschool and interschool district mailings (paper and electronic). My oldest child would be picked up at a local church in case of emergency, my classroom is picked up at our civic center, our middle school and high school are brought to the bus company currently, etc.
29 out of 50 states, including highly populated California, Texas, and New York DO require schools to have emergency plans in place.

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