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New Yorkers living in areas devastated by Superstorm Sandy may be eligible for special disaster-related food stamps -- and the deadline to apply is Tuesday. More than a month since Superstorm Sandy, many New Yorkers living in areas devastated by the storm are unaware that they may be eligible for special disaster-related food stamps -- and the deadline to apply is Tuesday. The program -- called Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) -- supplies special food assistance to households that would not ordinarily receive benefits. Officials estimate that 30,000 New York City households are eligible, totaling approximately $13 million in aid if they all apply. Applicants must live in affected neighborhoods, meet specific income guidelines and must have suffered damages or lost income from the storm. Those who apply must have disaster-related expenses from October 27 to November 25, such as home damage, car damage, hotel expenses, etc.
People already receiving regular food stamps are not eligible, but they may receive a one-time increase to the maximum allowable benefit. Thousands of New Orleans area residents who received disaster food stamps after Hurricane Gustav can apply in advance for the assistance for this hurricane season, but most have been slow to do so. Last year, after Gustav, 155,000 households qualified for the federal disaster program in Orleans, Jefferson, St.
The department recently launched a new system that allows households to be approved in advance of each hurricane season.
The department, which faced huge backlogs in processing after Gustav, has asked low- and moderate-income residents to submit applications in advance online or by phone to streamline the process in case another disaster strikes.
After federally declared disasters, current food-stamp recipients automatically receive disaster benefits and don't need to apply in advance, Williams said. Because the federal government requires all food-stamp recipients to have a face-to-face interview before receiving aid, people will still have to appear in person after any storm, Williams said. And the department plans to be able to have the benefits loaded onto the cards within a day instead of the waits of three days experienced after Gustav, he said. Latest live event and breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment updates as they happen. Business InsiderMy basket consisted of mostly grains, a few fruits and veggies, and unfortunately a€” no coffee. Monday: I made a mental grocery list, packed a calculator, and went out to collect supplies for the week. On Monday night I headed to the most affordable grocery store I could think of: Trader Joe's.
You'll also notice there is no coffee, a staple in my normal diet but one that would blow the budget.
Business InsiderEmbarrassed by my black bean lunch, I took my Tupperware to the stairwell today. My first meal of the challenge was a bowl of oatmeal topped with sliced banana, but I noticed the absence of coffee.A My previous attempt at eliminating my liquid energyA failed miserably, so I knew I would have to come up with an alternate morning energizer. I decided to go for a 30-minute jog each morning, and hoped that the exercise, coupled with a cold shower, would simulate my typical double dose of caffeine.A It also seemed appropriate to incorporate something physical in my day-to-day routine, as people living on SNAP benefitsA tend to lead very physical lives.

My adrenaline and excitement over starting the challenge helped alleviate caffeine headaches or hunger pains, and even carried me through the dullest of lunches, but my body felt disrupted.A I feel incredibly constrained with my limited food options, and each meal feels utilitarian. Business InsiderI thought I really stepped up my lunch game (pictured right) today a€” until I ate with my coworkers (their meals pictured left).
The major challenge of the morning was resisting cupcakes and other office pastries that a coworker had brought in to share, since I've decided not to accept any free food this week, including coffee and office snacks. I stepped up my lunch game after yesterday's disaster and packed a much more satisfying (and filling) meal. Thursday: After falling asleep before dinner, I'm wondering if I'll actually be able to complete the challenge.
Incorporating baby spinach into my pasta for lunchA made a world of difference flavor-wise, but lunch did nothing to curb the caffeine headaches or screaming legs. Today was by far the hardest day and had me questioning whether or not I could finish out the week. In addition to the persistent feeling of fatigue, one of the biggest unforeseen challenges has been living on only two liquids: water and milk. Feeling malnourished after missing dinner last night, I opted out of running this morning and wolfed down three hard-boiled eggs instead. Still feeling nutritionally depleted, I eyed my sad, speckled bananas and thought of the perfect way to repurpose them:A an almond milk-banana-peanut butter smoothie. The breakfast-that-never-ended held me over for a while, and I didn't feel the need to eat my spinach-noodle combo untilA 2 p.m.
My blissful smoothie combination made an appearance again this morning before I headed out for a day of tennis.
During my half-hour lunch break I munched on a peanut butter "sandwich" made with tortillas. While tennis successfully distracted me from any hunger pains, it quickly caught up to me as soon I made it home.
I faced an interesting dilemma this afternoon whenA I met up with some college friends at a rooftop bar to enjoy the first day of real spring weather. Today, it became very clear to me that when I want to interact, socialize, or build relationships with people, IA eat and drinkA with them! I wanted to make a memorable last supper, and the most creative option seemed to be a breakfast burrito. I had extra food left over, but it felt weird indulging just because it was the last night of the challenge. Business InsiderA glimpse inside our office kitchen, which always has an exciting array of snacks. My experimental week clearly does not fully represent the food insecurity that millions of Americans face, but it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the day-to-day struggles they might experience. This is particularly important for people living in hard-hit neighborhoods in Coney Island, Red Hook, Gerritsen Beach, Staten Island and Far Rockaway. Applicants must also prove their identity and provide documents regarding residence, income, resources and family composition.

Bernard and Plaquemines parishes, said state Department of Social Services spokesman Trey Williams.
But so far, in what has been a relatively quiet storm season, only 4,584 households have applied for the assistance in those four parishes, department figures show. But anyone who pre-applied will be able to receive an electronic-debit food-stamp card not long after walking up, showing their ID and confirming that their information hasn't changed.
I did hope that it would help me better understand the day-to-day struggles that millions of people living off SNAPA benefits face.
Compared to my coworkers multi-colored spreads however, my foodA stamp meal lost in both the aesthetic and nutritional categories. My legs are also still adjusting to their new morning routine, and there were several times when I had to take a break from my standing desk.
I fell asleep before I had the chance to make anything for dinner, which was probably my body's way of temporarily escaping the discomfort. I have seemed to keep my mood in check, however, and am very aware of my presence to ensure that my physical discomfort does not negatively affect anyone around me. I then spiced upA my oatmeal by adding almond milk in addition to water, which was a major game-changer flavor-wise. While people ordered several rounds of appetizers and drinks, I sipped on a glass of water.A I didn't care too much about not being able to drink a beer or eat chicken tenders (and it was definitely economical), but I felt detached from the group. Just one meal at a restaurant, however, would likely use half (or more) of my weekly budget. After breakfast I decided to break into my bag of red split lentils, which made an appearance in the surprisingly tasty veggie tacos that I put together for lunch. Also, I was eating larger portion sizes in general, as I had rationed well earlier in the week. A busy Monday made the morning fly and I enjoyed the remains of my pasta at my desk this afternoon.
I thought about creative ways to space out my meals so that I wouldn't feel too hungry, counted down the minutes to meals, and constantly worried about my dwindling pantry.
It's incredible how exciting just a dab of variety can be when you're living off such a restricted diet. While I fully expected to feel physically weaker, perhaps the most surprising part of the week was the mental and psychological strain.
My walks to and from work (35 minutes each way) started taking longer as the week progressed (40 to 45 minutes).A If I were to repeat the challenge, I would make room in the budget for cheap coffee grounds.

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