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Thousands of people weathered long waits, some in the hot sun, to sign up for disaster food stamps in New Orleans, Covington and Westwego on Wednesday, the first day that residents of the nine parishes hit hardest by Hurricane Isaac could receive the assistance. Hurricane Issac swept through the gulf coast the last week of August, causing damages to some areas that were worse then Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
FEMA and Red Cross has been dispatched to Louisiana to help those who lost homes, food, and personal belongings after the category one hurricane, that lingered for days, took it away. Now The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services have announced that they will be offering (DSNAP), a Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that will help with the loss of food for residents. Nine parishes have been approved to receive the (DSNAP), disaster food stamps and the department announced the locations and guidelines yesterday for those who need to get help. DSNAP, formerly called Disaster Food Stamps, provides food assistance for eligible households who do not receive regular SNAP benefits and who need help buying groceries due to lost income or damages following a disaster. Applicants and anyone who has already pre-applied for the disaster food stamps on the website, are being asked to go to their assigned location only on the day indicated by the first letter of their last name.
Applicants may go to any site, they do not have to go to the one in their parish, though they do have to follow the alphabetical listing or they will be turned around.
In Lafourche Parish, DCFS will open a second site on Friday, September 7 at South Lafourche Parish Library, 16241 East Main, Cutoff, now that electrical services have been restored. For the above locations, applicants should go on the following designated days based on their last name.
The South Lafourche Parish Library site will be open for five days and will follow the same alphabetic schedule listed above for Friday through Tuesday, unless an extension is warranted. The following locations will be open Wednesday, September 5 to Wednesday, September 12 from 8 a.m. For those who already are getting the DSNAP program, they do not have to go the sites to apply.
If you intentionally provide false information on the DSNAP application you can be charged for fraud.
Be prepared to wait in long lines and remember to be courteous and civil to the people who are helping you. Dana VieiraNew Orleans Pop Culture ExaminerYour favorite sports team may not be playing and the hottest crime drama may not be on the air but every single day there is something going on in the world of the celebrities.
After issuing more than $19 million in emergency food stamps to flood victims, state officials plan to open new sites for applicants Wednesday.
The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services said more than $19.1 million in Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits have been distributed to households recovering from floods in 23 parishes. Officials said new sites will open Wednesday in Allen, Ascension, Calcasieu, Jackson, Rapides, Red River and Sabine parishes.While 51,720 households received benefits, the department said it denied benefits to 4,900 applicants.
The department wants to remind residents that anyone who gets aid through a fraudulent application will be prosecuted, required to pay back the money and disqualified from future benefits.To minimize wait times at the new sites, applicants are asked to preregister online. Here's the painful reality for Twitter as the company prepares to release its latest earnings report on Tuesday. The application process in Orleans and Jefferson parishes has been extended through Thursday. Residents who are seeking to apply for disaster food stamps in the wake of Hurricane Isaac were being turned away from UNO's Lakefront Arena on Monday afternoon, after huge crowds showed up on the first day applicants could show up en masse, regardless of their last name. The state Department of Children and Family Services asked the Department of Agriculture, which administers the food stamp program, to extend the application process in four parishes. The agency opened sites last Wednesday in parishes hit hardest by the storm to administer the food aid.
In most parishes, Monday and Tuesday were set aside to process those who missed their designated day -- and was a whopper for state workers and applicants at UNO.
Trey Williams, a spokesman for the state agency, said the state closed both the Alario Center and Lakefront Arena around noon, after they determined that it would take the rest of the day to process the people already waiting for food aid. Williams said the agency's goal is to provide an opportunity to everybody who wants to apply to do so. Several people turned away outside the Lakefront Arena said they'd taken off work to apply for the benefits. Last week, people seeking disaster assistance were able to go to any of the sites to apply. Eligibility for disaster food stamps is based on a family's monthly income and the amount of money they have in savings and checking accounts. The maximum monthly income, when adjusted for savings and disaster expenses, for a family of four is $2,449. Officials urged those who can begin the application process online to do so, saying that would cut down on waits at the relief centers.
Applicants will still need to go to the one of the state's food-stamp sites to complete the application process.
Latest live event and breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment updates as they happen. Louisiana's federally financed disaster food stamp program finally gained traction after a disastrous start Tuesday and Wednesday, when miscommunication and poor planning seemed to be the rule. On the second day of a seven-day application period, the state secretary of social services took the blame for early errors, and made adjustments. Department of Social Services Secretary Ann Williamson used a late-morning news conference to apologize for understaffing several intake centers and for a bout of miscommunication that sent some applicants from one wrong location to another. At a separate news conference just before Jindal spoke, Williamson, outlining other changes prompted by the confusion, said federal officials have approved her request to extend the temporary food stamp application through Sept. Williamson said 48,104 applications were processed Wednesday, bringing to 78,104 the number of claims processed.

She said 10,000 applications were received in the New Orleans region and almost 6,000 in the Covington area. The problems with the food stamp applications started Tuesday when an overwhelmed eastern New Orleans intake center set up at a Catholic church stopped taking new applicants while thousands waited in long lines under the midday sun. Department of Social Services spokeswoman Cheryl Michelet said those who could not be served by the end of the day should have been given a time-stamped application so they could return another day. But a lack of applications or intake staffers was not an issue in New Orleans after Tuesday's initial stumbles. While nobody knows how many of the families that showed up at the closed church Wednesday morning gave up on the faulty process, the sense of dysfunction downtown was put to rest at an efficiently run, heavily staffed operation at the riverfront Convention Center.
By mid-morning, the wait and application process at the Convention Center was taking little more than 30 minutes. Even those who suffered through Tuesday's debacle were happy with the comfortable, air-conditioned venue and the plethora of state case workers. Williamson said she is negotiating with contractors to get food stamp benefits uploaded onto cards within 24 to 48 hours. Williamson said tried unsuccessfully to get hurricane evacuation expenses included in determining if a family qualifies for the aid. Williamson said she is hoping the feds will allow the process to go an additional seven days. New Orleans Police Department spokesman Bob Young said that's because the library was announced as a new location at 7 p.m.
Williamson said she didn't know how the police got the information that the library would be used, although she noted it was already serving as a service location for other government programs.
Cousins Michael Robinson and Kim Hall of the 9th Ward stood in the back of a long line at the Convention Center after traveling first to St. All around them, people traded rants about the confusion and how they missed work to wait in line. They walked to the library alongside several "senior citizens who didn't need all that, " Robinson said, only to find a sign posted on the door that said to go to St.
A few Department of Social Services employees also didn't learn of the change until after they had reported to the church for work. Residents in LaPlace are working to salvage what they can after Hurricane Isaac slammed Louisiana.
The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services announced that the federal governmentA has approved the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in nine parishes -- Ascension, Jefferson, Lafourche, Livingston, Orleans, Plaquemines, St.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. At the Alario Center in Westwego, hundreds were camped out even before state workers opened the doors.
If they can not go that day they can assign an authorized person to go for them or they can go one one of the final two days that the sites are open. If they are not already receiving the maximum amount for their family they will get the DSNAP disaster benefits added to their EBT card automatically. There is a maximum gross income limit that determines if you will be eligible for the disaster assistance.
They have many safeguards in place that will identify fraud and abuse and DCFS said that they will work to investigate suspected fraud and aggressively pursue recoupment and possibly prosecution. HEATH: RHONDA FREDERICK'S FAMILY HAD BEEN HIT WITH FLOOD WATERS BEFORE, THE LAST TIME IN 2012. Officials said some of those who were turned away knew they had not been affected by this month's historic flooding. 5, hundreds of residents lined up outside the Alario Center in Westwego to take advantage of disaster food stamp benefits being offered by the state for residents affected by Hurricane Isaac. The request was approved in Orleans and Jefferson parishes where applications will be accepted through Thursday. All of the sites have been allowing applicants to show up in groups, taking several letters of the alphabet at a time. State Police were also turning people away at the front gate, telling them to return on Tuesday, the last day the site is scheduled to be open. But he said agency officials wouldn't know until the end of the day whether that would mean staying open for extra days. That representative would need a photocopy of the applicant's picture identification, as well as a letter saying they are authorized to represent the person through the application process.
But on Sunday, the agency changed the policy, restricting applicants to their home parishes, Williams said.
The program also factors in how much a family spent on disaster-related expenses, such as lost food and hotel stays. As a result, scenes of confusion at food stamp application sites in New Orleans and Westwego, among others, were replaced with calm ones.
10, 2008, at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans for emergency food stamps following Hurricane Gustav.
The state agency responded by belatedly shutting that site, training at least 320 new intake workers for all processing sites and moving all application services in New Orleans to the Ernest N. With 175 employees on hand Wednesday morning, the Department of Social Services processed more than 1,500 applications in two hours, Williamson said. There were a lot of frustrated people yesterday who were tired and hot, " said Darrell Smith of Kenner, who waited half of Tuesday at the Alario Center on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish only to be told applications had run out.
But Smith said the state employee who took his application told him it would take as long as 72 hours, meaning he'll have to find other ways to provide food for himself and his three brothers in the coming days.

Pam Fareros, a mother of four from Metairie, waited at the New Orleans church site for four hours Tuesday and eventually left because it was too hot and there was no food. Instead, the federal government allows the state to consider only a family's income and cash assets, which means many who ran up large expenses during the evacuation don't qualify. A small army of police officers, National Guard troops, parish workers and homeland security personnel handed out water and kept residents moving. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of NOLA Media Group.
On Monday, people were being turned away from the UNO Lakefront Arena because of the large amounts of people waiting to be helped. She said she will meet with federal officials today to make her pitch again to have the Agriculture Department waive requirements for face-to-face interviews between caseworkers and applicants.
Maria Goretti Catholic Church in eastern New Orleans because it was not a comfortable location for serving applicants.
But on Wednesday, she was grateful for the relatively speedy service at a center in LaPlace. There were also plenty of restroom facilities to accommodate the crowd, and emergency vehicles were on standby in the parking lot. Superintendent Warren Riley didn't learn that the Convention Center would be the site until after midnight, Young said, and despite radio broadcasts, many overnight officers did not get the word before the 7 a.m. Tammany Parish's lone center near Mandeville, which processed about 150 applications an hour. That directive contradicted her own advisories to local news media that the church would be one of two intake centers in the center open Wednesday.
Their cousin then drove them to the Convention Center, where they stayed until they heard the police officers' directive to go to the public library.
Pre-applying does not guarantee benefits and pre-applicants must go to a DSNAP site to complete the process.Regular SNAP householdsA do notA need to pre-apply. No matter what kind of news or gossip you're in search of, check out Dana's work because she's on top of it. SHE ALONG WITH OTHER VOLUNTEERS LIKE JAMES TIMS OFFERED TO HELP RESIDENTS REMOVE RUINED FURNITURE, PULL UP CARPET AND WET TILE, TEAR DOWN SHEET ROCK TO PREVENT MOLD FROM GROWING AND CLEAN HOMES WHERE FLOOD WATERS SAT FOR 3 DAYS. Locations willA be announced in each of the parishes.The sites will be open for a seven-day period for applicants on a staggered alphabet schedule that will be released when sites are announced. Those applying for disaster food stamps -- a federal program technically called the "Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program" -- aren't regular food stamp recipients. TANIGIPAHOA PARISH WANTS OTHER RESIDENTS FACING SIMILAR CHALLENGES TO GO AHEAD AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FOR A SIMILAR GRANT.
Accommodations will be made for the elderly and those with disabilities to reduce on-site wait times.An estimated 288,155 households could be eligible for DSNAP benefits in the nine declared parishes. Current recipients will automatically receive extra money to buy food, as long as they aren't already at the state's maximum monthly amount, said Trey Williams, a spokesman for the state department.Those seeking aid Wednesday said they need help to get them to next month.
ANDY CURRIER: WE'RE LOOKING TO ARE REPETITIVE FLOOD VICTIMS, SO WE CAN HAVE A GOOD LIST OF FOLKS AND APPLICANTS AVAILABLE WHEN THE PARISH GETS THEIR HAZARDOUS MITIGATION DOLLARS FOR THIS EVENT. Another 115,262 households who already receive regular SNAP benefits will have the disaster benefits automatically added to their EBT cards.
Many said they had missed a week of work and watched food socked away in freezers go bad after days without electricity. Only households who resided in the nine parishes at the time of the disaster are eligible for DSNAP.
Anderson, a dog groomer, said he lost a week's work when electricity was out in the Riverbend area last week.Jeff Arrington of Mandeville lost almost all of the food stored in his refrigerator and freezer. ROBBY MILLER: IT'S PRETTY COMMO , AND ACTUALLY, THAT HURRICANE ISAAC MONEY IS JUST NOW BEING THOSE HOMES.
DON THINK YOU HAVE TO HAVE ANY JUST SHOW UP AND HELP AND IT WILL BE GREATLY, GREATLY APPRECIATED. YOU CAN SIGN UP AND IF YOU FIND OUT IT DOESN'T FIT IN YOUR BUDGET OR IT'S NOT COST EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR BUDGET, YOU CAN BACK OUT AT NO EXPENSE, BUT THE ONLY THING IS IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST, YOU NEVER KNOW. Without a doubt, this was a lifesaver, so that we could at least get some of our food back."Williams said the state agency reconfigured the setup at the Alario Center after realizing that people were standing too long in the hot sun. People who arrived too late can finish up the application process early next week, Williams said. In New Orleans, they set up water stations and pointed harried applicants up the ramps to the arena. Each applicant was given a number, which dictated when to speak to a state worker.Williams said some sites, such as the one in Ascension Parish, were able to get people in and out the door within 25 minutes. Williams urged those who could begin the application process online to do so, saying that would cut down on waits at the relief centers.

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