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In these challenging times, the resident population served by the predominantly African-American church demands and deserves specific attention in order to preserve the uniquely cohesive nature of the African-American community. Crisis and Emergency Management and Preparedness for the African-American Church Community: Biblical Application from a Theological Perspective ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
Written in accordance with the President's 2003 homeland security directive and the Department of Education's guidelines, and in response to the ever-present threats facing our school systems, this book helps schools and institutions develop a comprehensive emergency response plan.
Download Ebooks For Free (Medical, Science, Engineering, Social, Public Health, Economics, Computers, Nursing, Business, Statistics & More). Disaster management is a vibrant and growing field, driven by government spending in the wake of terrorist attacks and environmental debacles, as well as private-sector hiring of risk managers and emergency planners. Damon Coppola's massive effort to present disaster management as an international endeavor from a practitioner's perspective combines the classic framework espoused by disaster researchers with the reality of the field. Damon Coppola's Introduction to international disaster management is a single volume sourcebook that makes excellent use of full colour graphics and has numerous inset boxes highlighting aspects of the topics under discussion. Disaster management is a discipline and a profession that is growing and evolving rapidly; and international disaster management is a subdiscipline.
This monograph provides practitioners, educators and students with a comprehensive overview of the players, processes and special issues involved in the management of large-scale natural and technological disasters.
Updated to reflect the latest data in global disaster trends, this second edition offers a comprehensive overview of the complex issues surrounding preparedness, response and relief during international disasters. While this work is specifically focused on one local church community, there is a shared hope among church members, clergy, civic and lay professionals, and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology that this project will serve as a model for success beyond its local audience.
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This book outlines programs and procedures that can be applied to any school system to address hazard mitigation and prevention, emergency preparedness and response, and recovery and restoration of school functions to an effective learning environment.

An ever-increasing number of practicing professionals needs a reference that can provide a solid foundation in ALL major phases of supervision - mitigation, preparedness, response, communications, and recovery. Coppola is a Systems Engineer and a Senior Associate with Bullock and Haddow LLC, a disaster management consulting firm. Yet the book incorporates basic information that has evolved in the field of nbsp;disaster management and places it within easy grasp for practitioners. The book follows a logical progression starting with the history of disasters and ending with details of disaster management agencies (governments, NGOs, multilateral organisations), where they are located within national government structures, and what they do. This text is intended as a guide and reference for students and practitioners involved at any level. The book discusses special issues encountered in the management of international disasters, and explains the various private, non-governmental, national, and international agencies that assist in preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery during national and regional events. It will be a useful reference for students, practitioners and anyone interested in international humanitarian response and recovery.
This work was conceived to help mitigate growing environmental and social concerns beyond traditional emergencies--such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe weather, and power outages--imposed upon communities already strained by economic and social inequities. It describes specific actions and assigns responsibilities and response roles to district and individual school staff emergency teams, cooperating agencies, and community response partners that have agreed to share responsibilities and resources as defined in this plan. As climate change leads to further costly catastrophes and as countries around the world continue to struggle with terrorism, the demand for solutions will only grow. The bulk of the book is given over to consideration of hazards, risks and vulnerability, and the four stages of traditional disaster management namely: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
The specifics of all facets of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery are covered clearly and in detail, beginning with general background and proceeding to the various types of hazards, assessment of vulnerability and risk (and disparities among countries), forms of structural and nonstructural mitigation, the practicalities of preparedness (communications, training, animal care, public warning), the complexities of international response, and the recovery period. Concentrating on the four major phases of emergency management - mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery - the author deals with such timely topics as Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 Asian tsunami, and SARS.
This book is designed to provide guidance on crisis and emergency preparedness by offering an example of how a church or similar institution may undertake the task of setting up an appropriate emergency planning structure for its congregation and community.

This revised edition of Coppola's revered resource meets said demand head-on with more focused, current, thoughtfully analyzed, and effective approaches to disaster relief. A final chapter deals briefly with special considerations in relation to disasters covering such diverse topics as the media, political will, donor fatigue, state sovereignty, climate change, terrorism, and pandemics. Three chapters discuss the players: government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral and international financial institutions.
It also serves as a reference to governmental and other agencies involved in international disaster management activities. In addition, the authors predetermine, to the extent possible, operational procedures across any U.S. Coppola is the author of Introduction to International Disaster Management (Butterworth-Heinemann), and co-author of Introduction to Homeland Security (Butterworth-Heinemann) and Hazards Risk Management (The Federal Emergency Management Agency). This book is an excellent starting point for the study of disaster planning providing both global perspective and local detail. The concluding chapter covers special issues (sovereignty, distribution of relief, emerging epidemics, among other topics). He has also been published in several industry journals, including Disaster Prevention and Management, The Beacon, The American Society of Professional Emergency Planners Journal, and The International Association of Emergency Managers Newsletter, among others.
Coppola is a well-seasoned practitioner and works now as a systems engineer with a disaster management consulting firm.
Appendices include training and exercises, forms, sample communications and letters, examples of status boards, and a stakeholder management plan.

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