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The application process will take place online and 50 qualified candidates will be selected. Afghan practitioners of disaster management have been assured of complete cooperation and assistance by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).
A six-day training course on disaster-risk management organised by the NDMA for Afghan officials is currently under way in the capital in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Earlier, while welcoming the Afghan delegates at the inaugural ceremony of the course, NDMA chief Maj Gen Asghar Nawaz assured the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority of full support for enhancing their capacities for timely response towards disasters.
The objective of the training course is to develop necessary skills and impart training to Afghan officials with regards to disaster risk reduction mainstreaming in disaster preparedness, response, mitigation and media management for saving lives and properties of people from natural and human-induced disasters.
The training will be followed by group work on community-risk assessment and contingency planning to generate an informative and pragmatic approach towards disaster management. Moreover, Climate Change is contributing towards increased intensity and frequency of hydro- meteorological events such as heavy rainfall and cyclones.

While vulnerability of cultural heritage to earthquakes and floods is increasing more than ever before, there are countless examples of traditional knowledge evolved by communities through series of trials and errors that demonstrate that cultural heritage can be an effective source of resilience. A participant can complete the certificate course within 12 months from the start of the programme. According to officials, the university has felt an urgent need to launch the course after the devastating earthquake that stuck Nepal. The sequence of programme offerings is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.
North Italy earthquake of 2012 caused widespread damage to the historic city of Ferrara while earthquake in Philippines in 2013 damaged historic Bohol churches. Number of people living in cities equaled those in villages in 2007 and is rising ever since. As a result, many heritage sites located in global hot spots such as coastal areas especially below sea level are exposed to risks of inundation greater than ever before.

Floods in Balkan region in 2014 affected numerous historic towns, 2011 floods in Thailand severely damaged the World Heritage Site of Ayuthhaya and 2010 floods in Pakistan affected many archaeological sites and vernacular settlements along River Indus. Such a fast pace of urbanization accompanied by densification, poorly constructed buildings and overburdened infrastructure is putting tremendous pressure on heritage sites especially those located in urban areas, thereby increasing their vulnerability to earthquakes and floods.
Though the the devastating earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation and parts of India has expedited the need for such courses, the decision to introduce this at Jamia was taken much before," Ranjan said. The course designed to support government's strategy for disaster risk reduction by institutionalising teaching, research and training in disaster management, will be open to students from all streams.

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