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The global community has become increasingly concerned about the climate change and its disastrous impacts.
This realization has given birth to regime of disaster management in the wake of calamities like earthquakes, floods and cyclones causing colossal damage to life and poverty throughout the world.
The unfunny thing is that no one pays attention to asset management unless the natural disaster happens to them and affects their business or shuts them down.
In addition, the EAM features including document and contract handling provide safe and secure storage of critical information for quickly contacting vendors as well as making sure asset managers know the location and condition of their assets before, during and after the natural disaster. One can see from the charts below that natural disasters are actually quite frequent and can strike anywhere. Until recently, the One Foundation, which was started by actor Jet Li, focused almost solely on immediate emergency disaster response, which has been the main tactic taken by Chinese foundations and the government in coping with disasters.
Since 2004, when China issued regulations regarding foundation management, the number of foundations has increased fivefold, totaling over 3,900 nationwide. In addition, Chinese foundations also see disaster programming as an opportunity to promote transparency and accountability in the charity sector, which was significantly damaged after several scandals involving major government-backed foundations. The plan started with a pilot project on disaster preparedness education for children in schools and communities affected by the April 2013 Lushan earthquake that killed 200 people in Sichuan province.
However their role is shifting to better preparedness for natural disasters that can mitigate damage in the longer run.
Historically, the majority of Chinese foundations have channeled their resources through government agencies for disaster response.

In addition to the One Foundation, other organizations like the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) are starting to support more disaster mitigation work at the community level. As one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters, China will no doubt increasingly rely on these foundations to make sure its citizens are prepared. To better work at the community level, these foundations have found it necessary to foster new partnerships with less traditional players in China’s disaster management a€“ grassroots NGOs that understand local conditions but often struggle for resources to survive. The Spikerock dies absolutely everyone preserve seeing where you all have gotten totally free samples.
Disaster Management is a system that embodies four phases during its cycle: response, recovery, relief and rehabilitation. The cost to industries of not being prepared for natural disasters extends far beyond the physical dollar damage to assets and inventory.
During a disaster: Quality EAM CMMS systems are integrated with mobile handheld devices so that operations management can stay in communication with emergency personnel to stay on top of developments such as a need for emergency shutdowns of gas lines, power plant generators. TranscendentA® offers asset managers, engineers and FMs an opportunity to get the most from their assets through better asset management, document handling, work management and increased mobility.
While domestic foundations are playing a bigger role in disaster management in China, they are also looking for opportunities to utilize their experiences and to engage in foreign disaster assistance. However, the Foundation’s new strategy illustrates how major foundations in China have expanded their role in and approach to disaster management in recent years. We also organized training for these foundations and their partners, participated in the strategic planning exercises for disaster preparedness programs, and assisted them in expanding networking with international partners.

However, the new focus on community-based disaster preparedness programming has big implications for disaster management in China, given the overall growth of foundations in the past decade. Perhaps even more important is that natural disasters can affect wide geographical areas resulting in major repair efforts to restart or normalize operations. After a disaster: After a disaster has occurred, it is imperative that maintenance and operation crews get a quick handle on the damage done. Last month, the One Foundation, one of China’s most visible charitable organizations, presented a new strategy to government officials and national researchers that marks a major shift in the approach to disaster mitigation in the country. EAM CMMS mobility enables a quicker information flow between emergency staff and management.
Foundations have gradually learned integral lessons from their relief efforts a€“ better preparedness for natural disasters can mitigate damage in the longer run a€“ and have started to consider a different approach. A quick recap of notable natural disasters in 2011 shows that natural disasters are actually quite common and that no industry is exempt from their effect.
Historically, most foundations in China have focused almost solely on immediate emergency disaster response.
There is no easy button for avoiding damage from a natural disaster because except for Hurricanes there is really not much warning.

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