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Find out everything you need to know about our insurance and the cover we provide you with in this one simple document. First Aid is defined by SafeWork Australia as “the immediate treatment or care given to a person suffering from an injury or illness until more advanced care is provided or the person recovers.” Trained First Aiders perform a very vital function in providing first-level care until full medical treatment can be administered (if it is required). There is no legal requirement for churches to provide trained First Aiders, but it is a good idea to do so. There is however a legal requirement for employers to have trained First Aiders in their workplaces. First Aiders need to hold nationally-recognised Statements of Attainment from a Registered Training Organisation (or RTO). The kit should contain a First Aid booklet, bandages, dressing pads, bandaids, gauze dressing, scissors, tweezers, disposable gloves, adhesive tape, ice-pack, saline solution, plastic bags, and notepad and pen. For more information on First Aid kit requirements, see SafeWork Australia or the Better Health Channel. Toyoda Gosei strives to grow steadily as a global company, contributing to social development with the values of creativity and service to society embedded in our corporate philosophy. Toyoda Gosei selects five auditors, including three from outside the company, to serve on its auditing system board. As a company we strive for a culture of thorough compliance so that employees can undertake their activities not only in compliance with all laws but also with the highest ethical standards. A variety of educational activities are carried out for stricter, more thorough compliance by all employees. Risk management helps us to deal with corporate risks that threaten our business and operations.
After submitting your request we will contact you for any further information required to complete the quote. Our Frequently Asked Questions section is here to help you find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. In this way, First Aid can help reduce the severity of an injury, and even save lives in some instances.

In many churches there may often be a large numbers of people on the property at the one time, so it makes sense to have First Aiders on hand in case of sickness or injury.
The type of skills required of First Aiders needs to provide a good ‘match’ for the identified hazards of the particular workplace. They should also do refresher courses regularly to enable them to refresh their knowledge and ensure their skill levels are current. This helps in improving risk management, in the prevention of a recurrence of the same or similar type of incident, and in providing information to insurers if required.
It is recommended that churches keep a well-stocked kit in case of injuries such as burns, scrapes or cuts. You can purchase kits from organisations such as the Red Cross or buy the contents and make up your own. Please click on the link within the confirmation email previously sent you to complete registration. One of our most important management tasks in achieving this growth is to enhance and strengthen corporate governance and steadily grow shareholder value. This Board of Auditors oversees and audits management status including the execution of directors’ duties. In 1997 Toyota Gosei organized a corporate activities ethics committee with the company president as the committee chairman and all executive officers as members. In January 2012, following the Great East Japan Earthquake the previous year, we initiated a general crisis management project and established a permanent First Response Office as a center to oversee the company’s first responses in cases of disaster.
Based on our confidentiality control regulations, we inspect the compliance status of all departments once a year and conduct on-site audits of relevant departments. First Aiders of course may also provide treatment for smaller injuries such as minor cuts, wounds and burns. It’s also important that good risk management is conducted to reduce the risk of harm occurring at work in the first place. It’s also important that First Aiders do not perform care beyond their training and skill level.

To meet the expectations of all stakeholders, we are building and maintaining organizational systems that can respond rapidly and properly to environmental changes and a sound management system that is both fair and transparent.Specifically, we have made directors’ terms one year and separated our business execution and management supervision functions by introducing a corporate officer system, in order to establish a management system that responds flexibly to changes in the business environment and to clarify our management responsibilities. Our Audit Division was established as an internal audit department, developing internal auditing plans with the auditors and meeting regularly to maintain close coordination and share information.
We have taken steps to improve our preparedness for large-scale earthquakes and other disasters by distributing a risk management guide to all executive officers and department heads, reviewing and distributing an earthquake measures guide (pocket size) to employees, preparing a business continuity plan (BCP), and other efforts.In disaster events our first priority is to save human life.
Domestic affiliates also conduct self-inspections and undergo on-site audits, while international head offices and affiliates conduct self-inspections.We have also published operating standards for information system security and issued a guide for the management of confidential information. In June of 2015 we are bringing in external directors with the aim of improving management transparency and health while also strengthening our directors’ oversight and supervisory functions.
Behavior guidelines have also been established by each company in the Toyoda Gosei Group, including the main company. Based on this principle and the early recovery of operations, we also conduct regular drills in accordance with our disaster response manuals for each area and implement measures to reinforce our buildings and equipment withstand earthquakes.
Through new employee education using this guide and the assignment of confidentiality officers in each department, we instill the importance of confidentiality in all employees.
We have also set up deliberative bodies and committees in a system to oversee discussions and decisions on important matters and business execution. While respecting the management autonomy of our subsidiaries, we receive regular business reports and confirm the appropriateness and legality of our subsidiaries’ business activities though advance reports and an approval system.
We distribute the Toyoda Gosei Ethical Guidelines to all employees and urge them to become familiar with these company principles.
We have systems in place for rapid communications and information on the safety of employees and their families, and conduct drills to improve the operation of these systems. We also send nonexecutive directors and auditors to key subsidiaries to observe and check their business operations.

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