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Agartala, April 23 : Tripura will launch a disaster management programme in its schools to enhance the state's preparedness in an event of a natural calamity striking it, an official said here Monday. According to Debbarma, the first phase of the disaster management training project will cover the teachers and subsequently it will be extended to the students.
Debbarma said that the district magistrates, sub-divisional magistrates and district education officials will supervise the project in areas under their jurisdiction. Education ministers of eight northeastern states last year submitted an eight-point resolution to the union human resource development ministry, highlighting the vulnerability of a large number of schools in the region in case of a natural disaster hitting the region.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Mitigation involves Structural and Non-structural measures taken to limit the impact of disasters. This organisational diagram shows Slovakia's disaster management structure, flowing from national to local level.
Today we are excited to see another example of the power of community at work as we highlight the newly approved Apache Software Foundation incubator project named Falcon.
Falcon is a data lifecycle management framework for Apache Hadoop that enables users to configure, manage and orchestrate data motion, disaster recovery, and data retention workflows in support of business continuity and data governance use cases. Falcon’s goal is to simplify data management on Hadoop and achieves this by providing important data lifecycle management services that any Hadoop application can rely on.

For example consider the challenge of preparing raw data such that it can be consumed by business intelligence applications. Unwavering belief in the power of community-driven open source software is the cornerstone of Hortonworks’ approach.  As we discussed in “The Road Ahead for Hortonworks and Hadoop”, one of the key areas of investment for enterprise Hadoop this year are features that address the business continuity and data governance needs of the mainstream enterprise. The team at InMobi (who have been significant contributors to Apache Hadoop since their inception) couldn’t agree more, which is why they built Falcon for their own usage almost 18 months ago.  And now, having proved it successfully at scale in their production environment for more than 12 months and managing hundreds of data feeds into and out of Hadoop, this technology has now been contributed to the Apache Software Foundation so that the entire community may benefit. We are thrilled to welcome Falcon as yet another example of the relentless march of innovation that is community driven, open source Apache Hadoop, and hope you join us on the journey. Blog post by Cindy Maike, General Manager-Insurance, Hortonworks and Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Insurance, Saama Technologies Data and analytics create a compelling competitive advantage for insurance organizations regardless of their size. In Part 3 of the Apache Metron announcement series, Apache Metron Tech Preview 1 - Come and Get it! A Manager’s Guide to ISO 22301 Standard for Business Continuity Management System' (2014) BUY! Under it, teachers and students will be trained to deal with any natural disaster, including earthquake," state education department joint director Dilip Debbarma told IANS.
This incubation project was initiated by the team at InMobi together with engineers from Hortonworks. Instead of hard-coding complex data lifecycle capabilities, apps can now rely on a proven, well-tested and extremely scalable data management system built specifically for the unique capabilities that Hadoop offers.

In addition to this routine use case suppose you also want to replicate data to a failover cluster that is smaller than the primary cluster. With Falcon however, the data processing pipeline and all replication points are expressed in a single configuration file and use well-tested Falcon services to ensure data is processed and replicated reliably.
Unfortunately, for many insurers, data is a ‘depreciating asset’ resulting in zero value if not properly managed. The techniques and tools used to describe, control and deliver a series of activities with given deliverables, time-frames and budgets. Falcon is useful to anyone building apps on Hadoop as it simplifies data management through the introduction of a data lifecycle management framework.
In this case you probably only want to replicate the staged data as well as the data presented to BI applications, relying on the primary cluster to be the sole source of intermediate data. It is the planning, organizing, and managing of tasks and resources to accomplish a defined objective, usually with constraints on time and cost.

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