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Disaster Management Department was created with the aim of development of a fast intervention team to work disaster relief, through joint constructive cooperation and at the level of the command center and field team. Relief Committee involved in organizing and implementing relief campaigns in response to the disaster appeal issued by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent or in direct coordination with humanitarian organizations working in the affected entities.
The Kuwait Red Crescent Society vast operations carried out is considered one of the edifices regarding the march humanitarian work which its pillars has been evaluated thanks to the unlimited support of charitable and humanitarian work of its members. The Society, since it began its activity about 40 years ago, contributed to, by the support of the good people of the people of the state or by collecting donations, in the implementation of a lot of relief and humanitarian aid that arrived in various parts of the world.
About UsKuwait Red Crescent Society is a voluntary humanitarian society that provides assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by social conflicts, wars or natural disasters without discrimination against any human being regardless of nationality, gender, color, race, religions or political beliefs.
Floods have been triggered due to continuous heavy rains in several parts of north-eastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh causing rivers to rise above high flood danger levels. In Arunachal Pradesh river Lohit ( encircling Tezu Dist HQ ) a tributary of Brahmaputra at Dhola Ghat and seasonal tributaries Durra –nallah, tezu nallah, Sukha nallah (Tezu Dist HQ) connecting river Roing (at Lowe Dibang Valley) and Tinsukia (in Assam) has been rising , while river Nao- Dehing (at Mahadepur Circle) and Berrang, Kamalng, Tengapani river and Sibiri nallah (encircling Chongkham Circle) are over flowing affecting Tezu , Mahadevpur , Chongkham and Wakro circles of Lohit, Anjaw and Lower Dibang Valley Districts .
Arunachal Pradesh 3 affected Districts Lohit( Tezu, Mahadevpur & Chongkham Wakro circles ) and 7 villages with 200,000 population and Anjaw District ( Hawai, Walong, Kibithoo, Manchu, Hayuliang, Goiliang, Choglangam circles and Lower Dibang Valley have received 685 mm in the past 4 day. In Jammu Division of Jammu & Kashmir the district administration has informed all people inhabiting along the banks to move to safer places and the administration is on alert as the water level of rivers fall below danger level.

In 2015, ReliefWeb covered 88 natural disasters, with the Nepal earthquakes the most significant. Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to common problems and learn more about ReliefWeb. Evaluation and field coordination team and rapid intervention team for relief are derived from the same. Also due to landslides and erosion of embankments has lead to congestion and siltation of river channels.
Affecting power supply due to damage of power lines , submergence of water supply sources and transportation networks (suspension bridges, culverts, bridges and retaining walls, roads, embankments and spurs) have been washed way, damaged and blocked to due landslide and rock boulders. In Assam , Karimnagar district administration has distributed gratuitous relief item of rice and salt to the affected. 132 houses have been damaged due to erosion by river Kundil in Sadiya Sub -division of Tinsukia District and 33 in Majuli( Jorhat Districts).
Irrigation departments have been alerted to monitor the river flow at all gauging stations. Significant damage has been reported to agriculture and horticulture fields such as orange gardens, and paddy fields.

NH 52 has been submerged at several stretches by overflowing waters from River Jiadhol cutting off Dhemaji in Upper Assam.
In Lower Dibang Valley District road commutation is disrupted between Roing ( District HQ) and Hunli due landslide, blocking road links to Nanda Pass.
Vast tracts of land in Jonai subdivision in Dhemaji is inundated by rising waters of Lali and Siang rivers. The Kabang village bridge over Kundli river was washed away also damaging the wing wall of the RCC bridge at Adali-Denlo over Aba River. In Majuli, Asia's largest river island, three embankments are breached and the road link between Upper and Lower Majuli is disrupted. In areas where road connectivity is blocked and nallahs (tributary channels) are not traversable elephants are being used to carry out rescue and relief operations. 3 breaches has been caused at Katabari , Nurulcherra under Patherkandi Circle, Berartuk under R K Nagar circle and 2 breaches on marginal embankments under Patherkandi Circle of Karimnagar District is reported.

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