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Collections Disaster Preparedness Planning for Queensland MuseumIt is now two years on from the dramatic flood events of January 2011 that affected so much of Queensland. The beginning of 2011 was an extraordinary period for natural disasters in our part of the world. The evacuation of the Cairns Hospital in less than 24 hours is one of the great success stories for Emergency Services in Queensland. Many health professionals put aside their personal welfare and concerns for their own homes to ensure that 320 patients were evacuated without a single fatality.
The Redland City Disaster Management Plan provides practical information to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from a disaster. Understand tropical cyclones, what the different categories are, the hazards involved and the potential damage cyclones can cause.
BEFOREInformation and advice on how to prepare yourself, prepare your home and prepare your business for a disaster. DURINGIn the event of a disaster tune into warnings, evacuate safely and locate nearby Neighbourhood Safer Places.
This online Disaster Management Plan is continually evolving: we encourage you to  give us your feedback  to ensure that plan remains contemporary and accurate.

TweetThe Queensland Government has committed $2 million to assist remote indigenous communities to prepare for extreme weather events. Coastal and remote Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of extreme events such as cyclone, storm surge and flooding.
Factors such as distance from major centres, proximity to the coast and the socio-economic status of community members can increase this vulnerability and influence the impact of events.
This $2 million dollar Indigenous Disaster Management Field Officers initiative is a tiny part of a $196 million climate change strategy. If you like this post and what else you see on the blog please subscribe by RSS feed (the orange button) or by email.
Robbo is a pharmacist working with a very remote Aboriginal Health Service in the deserts of Western Australia.
It began with the floods in South East Queensland, then Cyclone Yasi, the Christchurch earthquake and finally the Japanese tsunami. It is even more extra-ordinary when one realizes there was no formal evacuation plan for Cairns Hospital in place. Firstly managing the evacuation of ten ventilated patients from the Cairns Intensive Care Unit, then packing up his house and bunkering down for the storm and then finally dealing with a critically unwell 5 month old with complex cardiac pathology.

Translated as ‘steady, steady’, it means just keep taking little steps until you reach the summit and don’t let the enormity of the mountain overwhelm you. Fortunately, due to planning and the actions of Queensland Museum staff and emergency services, no collection material was damaged or lost, although access to the site was affected for some time.In mid 2011, Artlab Australia was engaged by Queensland Museum to assist with the updating of their Collections Disaster Preparedness processes and procedures.
This involved a thorough reassessment of any potential risks or hazards which may impact on the combined collections of Queensland Museum. If it is people already working in the community then they will have to be replaced and housing found. With wages to be paid out of this program I can’t see too many field officers being employed. Collections Disaster Preparedness plans were then tailored to meet the specific needs and risks for particular collections and provide recommendations and procedures which will be the most effective and practical.Finally, in October 2012, Artlab delivered Disaster Preparedness training to relevant Queensland Museum staff, which included a hands-on practical salvage session.

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