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Underground shelter plans are an important part of the preparations for a bomb or nuclear fallout shelter. Civil service agencies often have their own underground shelter plans that are very extensive. When designing underground shelter plans, your bunker must not only be hardened to withstand gamma rays but you must build it with quality construction and you should also feature all the comforts of home. Do not rely on the emergency services in your area to rescue you if your underground shelter plans fail to provide adequate protection. I’m a member of the Marine Forensics Committee, and author or co-author of three peer-reviewed papers on the “Titanic”. Working with Roy Mengot (with whom I co-authored one paper), I’ve been gathering evidence to support a reconstruction of the breakup of the “Titanic” that differs somewhat from the one you may have seen in movies or in other publications. In our reconstruction, the failure began in the ship’s bottom structure, when the ship was at an angle of about 17 degrees.
When the ship’s stern section came back down into the water, buoyancy forces took over the job of holding up that part of the ship, so the breakup stopped for a little while. As the bow continued to flood, and as water poured into the engine room (which would have been opened to the sea when the bottom gave way), the bow section pulled down on the forward end of the stern section. These ideas began to take shape when I first saw the photos of what were then called the “Missing Pieces”.
Any understanding of the sinking has to take into account the “Titanic”’s riveted construction. The high stresses around the deckhouse expansion joints – previously believed, even by the Marine Forensics Committee, to have been the starting point for the breakup – turned out to be a “red herring”.
We had help from other members of the Marine Forensics Committee (formerly the Marine Forensics Panel) – especially from its chairman, Bill Garzke.
According to an article on the History Channel website, our work will be challenged in a documentary to be aired on the anniversary of the sinking.
To get some insight into the views of those who continue to believe that the breakup started at the upper edges, I would recommend a visit to the website of Parks Stephenson, perhaps the most influential advocate of a top – down break. On the other hand, if a “top down” breakup goes into the history books, the survivors will be forever remembered as people who let the stress of the situation blind them to what was happening before their eyes.
Some of my colleagues have suggested that there may be some sort of middle ground – some way to combine elements of both breakup models. About the Author: Richard Woytowich is a Professor in the Computer Engineering Technology department at New York City College of Technology.
The DRP Template contains the detail work plan steps required in the production of a disaster recovery plan. Its one thing to have disaster plans, its another thing to test those plans several times a year. The most recent test was Labor Day, 2010 – during labor day weekend my family and I headed to the camp (also know as the Bug Out Location) for 2 days. One observation was how a small town like Jasper, Texas handles an influx of people during the holidays.
Cooking on the pit – my wood supply is getting a little low, so I might have to buy a cord of wood before long. Berkey water filter – With a berkey water filter, your supposed to use a water faucet to prime the filter. Over the course of 2 days, I did not notice any difference in the flow rate between priming and not priming the filter. 2 filters inside the Berkey water filter just is not providing enough water for the family unit. In all, we had 7 people staying with us – 5 people in beds and 2 people on the 2 couches. To take our showers and flush toilets, we use water from a hand dug well that is about 100 years old.
Within the next year I would like to get a new well sunk we do not have to worry about our water supply. Clean hands is the number one way to help prevent the spread of disease.  That is my hand soap is so essential. Between a steady supply of meat from wild game, fruit trees, and a garden, the only thing that is missing is some chickens and rabbits for eggs and fertilizer.
Post your comments in this forum thread about testing disaster plans with holidays and events.
Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas.

Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. One of the protections that enterprises, their suppliers, and customers is compliance with standards like ISO 22301 and testing of disaster recovery and business continuity plans. It is not only the blast of a bomb that calls for the need for shelters, but also the radiation and other environmental problems that can occur in the aftermath. However, underground shelter plans should not only include protection from radioactive material, but everything that is needed for ultimate survival.
They design underground shelter plans that feature underground shelters that go on for many miles and have multiple doors. When making your underground shelter plans, build a site where you can live for as long as a year or more if needed.
If your undergrounds shelter plans only deals with the blueprint of the bunker, then it is time to change them.
My most recent paper, “The Breakup Of Titanic – A Re-Examination of Survivor Accounts”, was presented at the First International Marine Forensics Symposium on April 4. The failure spread across the breadth of the ship, then upward; it also spread forward and aft, probably along lightly riveted longitudinal seams, forming two separate pieces of the double bottom. At that point, the two halves of the ship were held together by the uppermost strength decks, and by the double – thickness side shell plating. The angle between the two pieces of the hull decreased – as if the ship were a giant paper clip that was first bent, then straightened out.
The “Big Piece” (a large piece of the ship’s side, recovered in 1998) came from the starboard side – it had no counterpart on the port side. Now, let’s look at how it was developed, and why we believe that it’s closer to what actually happened than any other model proposed to date. Looking at the way the keel bent at the ends of those pieces, I was sure that it was shaped by compression.
My first paper on the “Titanic”, published in 2003, gave me some insights into the behavior of the riveted joints. The deckhouse was made of lightweight plating, and carefully constructed so as NOT to share in the structural loads on the ship.
As I mentioned earlier, this is the same body that was once a leading advocate of the theory that the break started in the upper portion of the hull – but they gave us their full support. We developed it into a formal paper, which was presented at a local section meeting in New York in 2009. I was expecting all kinds of objections to be raised during our presentations – we did not get even one.
If there is to be a debate over the validity of our work, we hope that it will take place in open scientific and professional forums, and that the outcome of the debate will be determined in the best tradition of scientific inquiry. If there is such a middle ground, I would gladly stand on it – but at the moment, I don’t see any more middle ground here than there was between, say, Kepler and Copernicus. The recommended actions should be carefully considered with respect to the specific function or organization under review. Early saturday morning my wife got up and went to the local wal-mart to get some last minute stuff.
Were the gas stations sold out of gas, did the stores have plenty of food and water on the shelves, was the traffic flowing at a good rate? Even though I have a 128 quart coleman 5 day extreme ice chest, the ice seemed to melt pretty fast. I cooked a brisket, pot of ranch style beans, couple of family packs of pork chops, pack of zumo sausages,,, with no problems, and only used a few pieces of wood. Next time I go to the camp, I’am probably going to take some out, open and do the smell test. My wife and I bought 2 more pump bottles for liquid soap, but we forgot the bring them with us. For a financial institution like Bank of America, the average hourly loss is closer to $1.5 million. For the past few years, I've been a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, and during that time I've discovered how important a well-built disaster shelter can be. Shelters can only provide the most protection when the underground shelter plans have been prepared and carried out properly. While it is true that underground shelter plans should include a layout of the shelter that you plan to use as a defense from a missile attack, they also must include everything that you will need to stay in the ground for many days or even months if needed. Their underground shelter plans allow a large group of people to survive for a very long time.

The after part of the ship is known to have listed to port fairly suddenly – so the starboard side may have failed first, leaving the flooded bow section to pull down on the port side of the stern section until the two parts separated completely. Also, the remaining edges looked too clean to have been formed by multiple twists and bends – those pieces looked like they failed first, not last. After years of puzzlement, I realized that the “Big Piece” must have formed part of the temporary hinge about which the stern section bent, first downward, then upward. I realized that because of the way the hull was riveted together, the bottom was not as strong as most investigators believed. We created a computer model of a portion of the bottom structure, and identified potential weak spots. It was published in 2010 as “The Breakup Of Titanic – A Progress Report From The Marine Forensics Panel (SD – 7)” in SNAME’s journal, “Marine Technology”.
It may be a bit of a stretch to call this a paradigm shift, but it does have many of the characteristics of one – and engineers, like scientists, must always be prepared to deal with new evidence that may force us to discard our previous concepts and embrace new ones. If our reconstruction is substantially correct, then the survivors’ testimony (with a few exceptions) turns out to have been quite accurate. Other previous employers include Gibbs & Cox, Inc., a naval architecture and marine engineering firm.
It can be used as the basis for the production of a new plan or as a checklist against and existing plan. From her report the store was fully stocked on just about everything besides meat – steaks, briskets, sausage,,,, stuff like that. I used 2 water bottles to prime the filter – I took my pocket knife, drilled a small hole in the lid, held the bottle about 2 inches from the top of the stem to fill it up, then put the bottle top against the rubber washer to pressurize the water in the filter.
If the meals smell bad, I’am going to strip them down, take the accessory packets out, throw the main meals out for the possums and coons and burn the boxes.
In one of the fields at the camp there are a couple of red oaks and a spot for a deer feeder. And for utility companies such as telecommunications and energy, the potential loss can reach as high as $2.8 million per hour. Recently it occurred to me that it would be a good idea if I could create a place where I could bring all of this great experience and put it in one place.
Their underground shelter plans not only covers the type and thickness of the concrete used, but also their underground shelter plans include energy generation. The deckhouse is shown opening up at the aft expansion joint – but the split in the deckhouse was an effect, not a cause, of the hull break. This left the stern section to float on its own, eventually standing nearly vertical in the water, then finally disappearing below the waves. Such a sequence of loads and ship motions could have created the piece as we see it today (Any attempt to say how each edge broke would be pure speculation – but if the ship broke from the top down, we would be able to explain how only one of the edges formed. And because of the way the uppermost strakes (strips) of plating were constructed, they had much more strength than most investigators have given them credit for.
There will, of course, still be some conflicts to resolve, but those conflicts will be easier to understand.
He holds a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from The Cooper Union, a Master's in mechanical engineering from Columbia University, and a Master's in science education from New York University. Even during birthdays parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter,,,,, anytime people gather at my house I like to observe everyone and see how things go.
Within just a couple of minutes water started to appear on the outside of the filter – which means it was primed. I’am going to take that oak tree growing in the pot and plant it in the back of the field.
The end result was this little site; a place where you can get information on every aspect of disaster shelters.
Once the ship split in two, there would be no forces remaining that could produce the other edges.).
He is a licensed professional engineer in New York State, and has been a member of the Marine Forensics Committee (formerly the Marine Forensics Panel) for over 10 years. Do we have enough hand soap, were we able to cook for everyone, were we crowded in the house, were the bathrooms accessible,,,,,.
I'd like this site to be interactive, so if you have any questions or would like to leave a message, please feel free.

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