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Prepping can be pretty expensive, take a lot of time, and some people might think you’re just crazy.
Velasco has already collected guns, ammo, machetes, basic medical supplies, quick prep food, water storage, and is hoping to get a piece of land soon. Both Hanners and Velasco have watched the show, “Doomsday Preppers” on National Geographic, but wouldn’t compare themselves to the people the show features.
While these three men are toned down versions of “Doomsday Preppers,” they believe everybody should be taking precaution in case of disaster striking. I know a lot of folks in the Prepping community are talking about the TV show Doomsday Peppers, which is now in its second season.
That said, the people they’re profiling are always fixated on preparing for one very specific disaster (such as an earthquake on the New Madrid fault line, or an out break of smallpox).
So my question is, do shows like Doomsday Preppers help the prepping community by generally raising awareness or do they actually hurt us by highlighting people who have gone completely overboard and making us look like a bunch of nut jobs? In  my opinion, if a show like this was done right it would deliver a much more moderate view of prepping, which would bring more people into the fold. I feel this show is just a silly scam to sell more random garbage that people don’t truly need. What I can’t stand about it is the stupid amounts of money these people are putting into short term items.
I think prepping as a whole has gone completely out the window of what it really needs to be. Perhaps the old saying “even bad publicity is good publicity” is appropriate here? I reckon this series does serious harm to our credability, they are planning on showing a British DDP episode on the 28th of November and already the negative press towards preppers is growing. Equally in the US I know and have visited with quite a few heartland preppers in KS, CO, OK and NM and none of them are even remotely like the characters portrayed in the show.
I started a little late with prepping.I am hoping that I can bug out into the high mountains and lay low there until the civil unrest dies out and the new world order has taken over. If the show doesn’t do anything but bring awareness to people then I think the show has done its job. The Ouachita National Forrest and lake Ouachita would be the absolute best place to bug out in the U.S.
I worry more about my family survival and making sure we have clean drinking water and food staples for a couple weeks on hand if there is a major storm. Search and rescue cribbing exercise instructor Greg Metcalf of the Dalton Fire Department, kneeling center, instructs CERT students Christian Chadwick, Rodrick Casper, Nathan Pressley, Gary Casper and Kasha Sabanathan. A father-son duo and a husband-wife team were among the 10 people who completed Whitfield County’s Academy 11 CERT training on Nov.
The graduates, who completed the intensive training in two 12-hour sessions held at Dalton State College, learned about Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety and Fire Extinguishers, First Aid and Disaster Medical, Light Search and Rescue, Incident Command, Disaster Psychology, Terrorism Awareness, and more.

Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help.
Taking part in the search and rescue part of the final disaster exercise are Jon Wakefield, Kasha Sabanathan, and Taylor Rhodes.
The county is facing a large increase in its self-funded health insurance program, County Mayor Jim Coppinger told members of the County Commission at a budget workshop on Monday. Erlanger Health System officials on Monday announced a $1.47 million profit for the quarter, while reporting significant growth in market share.
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Aside from entertainment, low-tech living after the SHTF is going to require big adjustments in how we obtain and prepare food, wash and dry clothes, travel, heat our homes, and obtain work and money.
For people who live in colder climates, heating your home in the winter is going to be a serious issue. It’s just not sufficient for preppers to store a bunch of food and equipment, and start a garden. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – “Doomsday Preppers” are just ordinary everyday people who are also preparing for the end of the world. Charles has a five year plan to move his family and their spouses and children, to a farm away from the crowded suburbs.
We have enough trouble with those we try to talk into taking care of themselves without being tossed into the same boat as these non-OPSEC camera clowns. WHY primarily because in the UK at least no serious prepper is going to blow his privacy and opsec for 15 minutes of fame on TV. With over 1.8 million acres of prime woodland forests the foot hills of the Ouachita mountains conceal the cleanest lake in America.

He remembers all too well the two decades where officials refused to acknowledge the problem. Meet with your family and work out how you plan to communicate with one another, who's responsible for what, and where you plan to meet should you be separated.
And believe it or not, people used to sit around and talk to one another, as a form of entertainment. I’m given to understand that they use laptops or tablets and play video games and watch a lot of TV. We also road bikes, went fishing and boating, and generally entertained ourselves without much technology. So if the transportation system is disrupted, perhaps by a severe shortage of gasoline, getting to work may be impractical.
I expect that freezing to death will become one of the more common ways to die, if we ever lose electricity for a lengthy period over a large region. We have to consider the whole range of tasks needed to survive if modern conveniences or the commercial supply chain go down for the count.
Learn about pro disaster planning from the Red Cross.This Old House's Kevin O'Connor asks the Weather Channel how they stock up for severe weather in our video How to Stock Up for Severe Weather. Preppers should have a supply closet of games that can be played if the internet, TV, and power is out. Many businesses could fold because the disruption to transportation deprives them of customers, workers, and the goods they need to order.
I had it before they became popular.” Hanners is also a hunter and has a home on the property that he shares with his brother. Lake Ouachita has over a hundred uninhabited island that could in certain scenarios offer easy defense against attackers. Maybe now is the time to introduce them to a few different toys and sources of entertainment that don’t require electricity.
With the deer overpopulated in the area and world class fishing survival with regular camping gear would be cake in or around lake Ouachita. We would build a house for our family, and their family and have our own form of protection,” said Gaines.
The climate is hot in the summer although It does snow, winters are mild and very survivable.
Bottom line is that preppers and survivalists need to consider how to live comfortably in a low-tech society. When these items are in place, a 1-3 month supply of emergency food and survival gear should be the next goal.

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