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VNRC's presentation on its experience in disaster preparedness and response, and coordination mechanism in Vietnam.
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Our students are engaged in a wide range of academic pursuits that include degree programs in 160 undergraduate and graduate fields delivered by 11 different colleges.
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The program requires 60 hours of undergraduate level courses related to disaster preparedness, mitigation, planning, response and recovery.
Continued admission to this degree program is conditioned upon completion of prerequisite course(s) required, and acceptance by disaster preparedness and emergency management agencies for practicum experiences. Continued admission to this degree program is based upon acceptance by clinical agencies for practicum experiences. Some courses will incorporate didactic and practicum or hands-on experiences with agencies and professionals in emergency preparedness and emergency management. Prior learning assessment (PLA), also known as Experiential Credit, is the term used to describe learning gained outside the realm of the traditional academic environment. ADRA not only works to respond quickly and effectively to disasters when they strike, but we help vulnerable communities prepare for disasters before they strike.
Your donation will help to equip communities who are in high risk zones for natural disasters to be better prepared to cope with a disaster as well as helping to fund the recovery process afterwards. You disaster plan should include insurance, which will protect your equipment, furniture, and office space.
Here’s a link to a great list of 6 tools for preparing your law firm for a disaster (and here).
Monday the City of Long Beach released a new Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications website for residents to have a quicker and simpler way to get information on how to keep themselves and their family safe at home and at work in the event of a disaster or major emergency. As the City continues to enhance its emergency preparedness message, residents are strongly advised to prepare to be self-sufficient for at least five days in the event of a large-scale incident. With the start of the new-year, there always seem to be several articles that come out promoting guns as part of a preparedness solution. Sadly, thanks largely to movies and bloggers with little or no a€?reala€™ long-term survival experience, far too much emphasis is placed on owning battle rifles as a primary part of survival or Prepper equipment.
First of all, survival and disaster preparedness really have nothing to do with a€?battle riflesa€™ or assault weapons as they are sometimes called (AR-15, AK-47, etc.).
And unlike so many other countries, our right to own these and other firearms is protected by our U.S.
At the risk of digressing a bit further, there is another important point that I would like to make: Guns do not kill people, no more so than a€?spoons making people fata€™. If you are considering a firearm for personal defense, and you can lawfully carry a firearm in your intended jurisdiction (you may need to acquire a permit), then by all means get the training and ask a qualified firearms instructor to provide you with advice on getting equipped with a firearm that will properly suit you (easy to carry, fit your hand properly, etc.).
All of that said, when it comes to survival and disaster preparedness, most firearms, especially battle rifles, have very little utility compared to other life-supporting equipment and supplies that pound for pound have much more utility than any battle rifle made.
For those readers who feel they must have a firearm, dona€™t freak-out just yet, a little further into this article I will be discussing the one type of rifle I feel makes sense if you must have a firearm. People who are considering survival and disaster preparedness from a serious standpoint dona€™t start their planning by setting themselves up for being caught in the middle of a riot or a post-disaster thousand-man fire-fight over resources. Surviving the violence of a post-disaster scenario is not a function of firepower (unless you are a part of a regiment of U.S.
Leta€™s be clear here: this is not a discussion about a few days or a week-long hunting or hiking expedition, although these endeavors can provide the basis for very short-term immersion into what survival is about. The highest priority in survival is; placing yourself in the best possible location with all of your survival gear as soon as possible.
If your safety is compromised by being in the wrong location (too close or at ground zero) from the onset of a disaster and ensuing civil unrest, then youa€™ll find yourself in the unenviable situation of trying to make it to safety (targets in the middle of thousand-man cross-fire).

The logic of remaining in a bad location and attempting to improve the odds of survival through the use of lots of firearms and ammo is simply an obtuse strategy, especially if you have the opportunity to improve your odds for survival by relocating before any problems materialize. If you arena€™t already living off-grid, then mobility during and post-event is critical and is a function of weight: Ita€™s not wise to assume your bug-out vehicle will be useful. Most average Americans are lucky if they can run a A? mile with 25 pounds on their back before they are ready to blow a gasket!
So, as we see, the total weight of your bug-out gear is really important, especially if youa€™re on foot. Another good light-weight take-down .22 caliber rifle is the Marlin model 70PSS (a€?Papoosea€™). The problem most Preppers face is that they are strapped with the task of trying to figure out who to listen-to when it comes to preps. However, the training and tactics for battle which are orchestrated around a huge logistics effort in support of the battle are not appropriately designed for survival and disaster preparedness.
And if youa€™re an average American (physically) like most of us are, then we are likely talking about a 25-50 pound pack depending on the individual. When it comes to survival and disaster preparedness; water, food and survival gear need to make-up the majority of the load in your pack. In the case of sheltering in the aftermath of a disaster, access to food and water are important considerations for households. The overwhelming majority of owner-occupied households (95.7 percent) had access to a vehicle that could take everyone in the household to a safe place at least 50 miles away. The special set of questions included in the 2013 AHS provides a snapshot of the emergency preparedness of U.S. Join RISMedia on Twitter and Facebook to connect with us and share your thoughts on this and other topics. Copyright© 2016 RISMedia, The Leader in Real Estate Information Systems and Real Estate News. Content on this website is copyrighted and may not be redistributed without express written permission from RISMedia. Interested individuals are encouraged to seek an advisor early in their college career to ensure that all prerequisite courses are completed in a timely manner.
Learning gained through work, employer training programs,military service, other independent study, and volunteer or community based service are all examples of where knowledge may be acquired. With cloud computing services and cloud storage, there is no excuse for not having adequate data backup methods. Many law firms and insurance companies offer help to members in creating their disaster plans.
Create an emergency plan for your home and family, put together an emergency supply kit (food, water, tools, etc.,) and make sure all of your family members know how to contact one another. And ita€™s an unfortunate fact that firearms have become almost synonymous with Preppers and disaster preparedness.
Having owned and sold many of these guns, as well as many other battle rifles in a past life as a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, I have to confess that they are fun to shoot and have a certain appeal as collectable representative weapons of many past and current military engagements.
Constitution, although some states and local jurisdictions have been trying to make the ownership of battle rifles illegal.
First off, in actual battle, when it comes to firearms used to dispatch an enemy combatant, the vast majority of kills are made with rifles, not pistols. And it doesna€™t matter what guns you have, how good a shot you are, or how many people you have in your Prepper group, in a scenario such as that your odds of getting dead or seriously injured are really good!
Marines, even then good Marines die), it is however a function of already being in the right geographic location when the disaster or unrest begins. When youa€™re looking at survival for many weeks and possibly many months (years?) the equipment complement that youa€™ll need varies greatly from the gear that worked for planned short-term outings.
Ideally, being in that location at the onset of a disaster or major civil unrest is optimal. The use of a work-around that attempts to make-up for bad planning, strategies and tactics are the hallmarks of inadequate commitment and the lack of experience. People do crazy things when the going gets tougha€¦ look at the example of the life guard who swims to the rescue of the downing man only to be pulled-under and drowned himself by the non-thinking desperations of the victim.
Things happen; it can be commandeered, damaged during riots, burned, blocked-in by other stalled vehicles, rendered useless by EMP, etca€¦ then youa€™re on foot.
I am not going to go into all the stuff that should be in a long-term survival pack; this article is about firearms.

Who in their right mind wants all or most of that weight committed to a single gun and ammo? 5 Days Before The Financial Collapse Why Is The National Guard Being Trained In The Middle East? NAHB tabulations of the survey found that 86.2 percent of owner-occupied households reported having enough non-perishable food to sustain everyone in the household for three days. Once 50 miles away, 68.2 percent of owner-occupied households could count on staying with relatives or friends for a 2-week evacuation. Access to RISMedia archives and thousands of articles like this, as well as consumer real estate videos, are available through RISMedia's REsource Licensed Content Solutions.
Some practicum experiences may require the student to travel to another state for up to one week. PLA is the evaluation and assessment of an individual’s learning for college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education training. Clio, a cloud-based law practice management provider, is hosting a disaster preparedness webinar.
Further, all residents are encouraged to sign up for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. And ita€™s my personal opinion that law-abiding American citizens have the right under the U.S. And if someone wants to kill, and a gun isna€™t available, police records show that knives, blunt instruments and other items combined kill many more people than do guns! And secondly, when it comes to survival, a pistol is not good for acquiring game animals due to the very short sighting radius leading to poor accuracy at any relevant hunting range (distance), plus a very limited effective range.
In terms of survival in the woods or mountains, location is of equal paramount importance; the right location can mean difference between survival and death in a long term situation. And as we have all seen on the news, things dona€™t even need to be that desperate before people act insanely; look at all the people who have been trampled to death or crushed at the door of a variety store when there is a sale! Both of the foregoing rifles are semi-automatic; the Ruger holds 10 rounds in the magazine and the Marlin holds 7. In other cases, we have returning hero-soldiers, and their take on prepping usually involves military solutions. Additionally, a majority of owner-occupied households (57.7 percent) had access to emergency water supply of at least three gallons or 24 bottles of water for each person in the house. Just over one in five households (21 percent) would stay in a hotel or motel while 2.9 percent would stay in public shelters. Although a majority of owner-occupied households indicate a preparedness to shelter or evacuate if required, the unpredictable nature of disasters and emergencies suggest caution is in order when analyzing the survey results. The Long Beach Fire Department conducts this free program to train the public how to become self-sufficient during major disasters.
And when law-abiding citizens are deprived of their lawful possession of firearms, then, only criminals will have guns (and all the other weapons), and isna€™t that a comforting thought?
Whata€™s on your back is all you have for the foreseeable future, which could be months or more, so it better be the right mix of gear and supplies.
The special set of questions broadly covered topics that explored household readiness to shelter in the aftermath of a disaster and readiness to evacuate.
Even a simple water break, roof leak, or break-in, could have catastrophic effects on your own law practice. You’ll need to register online for the event, but this should be a great way to get started. My father served with the LAPD after WWII, and he was accurate when he said; a€?the police are not the personal body guards of citizens, you have to be able to protect yourselfa€?.
I hesitated signing up for another marketing gimmick, but after the recent tornadoes, I’m attending. I would get one, but it seems everyone is already hip to your advice, as .22 ammo is scarcer than hens teeth.

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