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The original mandate of the HPC was confined to the preparation of management plans for natural disasters only.
However, it was expanded to include man-made disasters as well in order to develop an effective plan of action that would encompass disasters of all origins and shades. The Terms of Reference of the HPC were subsequently enlarged to include man- made disasters also with the approval of Prime Minister of India. The HPC thus constituted five sub-groups to go into details of five major classifications as decided by the HPC. The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free, downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software from your PCs.
Having a virtual machine or virtualizing your computer is a key component to disaster preparedness, as it helps businesses recover when on-premise servers are struck by a physical disaster. Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home or small-business PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8 Professional was designed with SMBs in mind to deliver an experience with new levels of mobility, productivity and security, without sacrificing performance or choice. With software and services uniquely designed for SMBs users, Windows Phone makes it easier than ever before to remain productive, keep in touch and protect your information while on the go.
Windows Intune is a cloud-based device management system that helps small businesses avoid upfront maintenance costs while being able to check for updates and install software as needed across Windows and non-Windows machines and devices.
Contact TrinSoft today to learn more about how you can prepare your business for the unexpected.
Regardless of your region’s propensity for disaster—be it tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires or severe storms—the steps for preparedness and recovery largely remain the same. To facilitate this continuous process, we’ve created the infographic below, Ready to Respond: A Disaster Recovery Guide for Multifamily Communities, from guidelines established by the American Red Cross and FEMA to serve as a handy reminder of steps you can take to help your apartment community before, during and after a disaster. Share with us in the comments below what steps you’re taking to inform and involve your community about disaster recovery.

Click here for a high resolution PDF of the Disaster Recovery Guide for Multifamily Communities Infographic. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter and receive a summary of the week on Property Management Insider every Saturday.
4 Tips for Leveraging Property Maintenance to Improve Resident RetentionMaintenance teams play a critical, yet often overlooked role in the lease renewal process. How eProcurement Systems can Help Senior Living Operators Streamline PurchasingTime is valuable when running senior living communities. These efforts are aimed to conserve developmental gains as also minimize losses to lives, livelihood and property. Representation from concerned Ministries dealing with industrial, nuclear, biological, chemical disasters were ensured by way of inclusion of experts from these Ministries.
Although the North Shore Emergency Management Office tries to ensure the accuracy of all information presented here, you should confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it. As some of the information may not translate accurately, please confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it. Windows Server 2012 R2 makes desktop virtualization more accessible and affordable for small businesses. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download from Microsoft that is simple to install and easy to use and that is automatically updated to protect your PC with the latest technology. The features that promote greater productivity, mobility and security in Windows 8 will help to defend your business against potential virtual or physical disasters. If a disaster prevents you or your employees from returning to a physical office location, having a Windows Phone allows you to work no matter where you are. Small businesses can use it to make sure computers and mobile devices are up to date and delivering top performance to remote workers, while protecting business data from virtual disasters such as breaches and corruption. According to the American Red Cross, forty-five states and territories of the United States are at moderate to very high risk for earthquakes.

She is also the Digital Content Manager for RealPage, Inc., a provider of on-demand software solutions that integrate and streamline single-family and multifamily rental property management functions. It was the first attempt in India towards evolving a systematic, comprehensive and holistic approach towards all disasters. If you have children in school or elderly parents across town, you will want a plan in place to connect and know they are safe.
Traditionally, only large companies could afford a virtualization solution, but now small businesses have access to the same disaster preparedness capabilities through Windows Server 2012 R2. Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background, so you are free to use your Windows-based PC the way you want—without interruptions or long computer wait times.
She is responsible for managing the scope of web content production for the RealPage family of products and provides research, analysis, editorial content strategy and production.
If phones don't work, or some neighbourhoods aren't accessible, what will you do? Get household members together and prepare a household emergency plan.
Where links to other sites are provided, the North Shore Emergency Management Office accepts no responsibility for the content of those other sites. The National Apartment Association reported that when the EF5 tornado (receiving the highest strength rating on the damage scale) rampaged through Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011, it destroyed 8,400 residences, 18,000 cars and 450 businesses. For a 138-unit apartment community that survived the event, rehabilitation costs rose to $74,000 per unit. One right outside your home and another outside your community, such as a library, community center, or place of worship.

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